A sly grin crossed over his cunning face as he watched his emaciated workers struggle on the construction site.

       Degenerate that he was, he had never felt sorry for them nor did he ever think of providing them with any comforts of life!

       Just when he was about to leave, he saw a puppy run to its master and lick his face lovingly, who provided it with the only bread that he was left with even though he hadn't had any.

       Surprised he was as he witnessed this scene of pure love between a man and a creature as it was something he had never felt even for a fellow human being.

       'This is what it must be like to have a true companion' he thought as he longed for one!!

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PS: This post is written for Three Word Wednesday which required the use of Cunning, degenerate and Emaciated and Five Sentence Fiction the word for which was Companion.

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