Before starting this post, lemme tell you something ;) Though it has been only 2 days since I started blogging, I have been so obsessed with it that I keep observing things around me & think maybe this would make a good topic for my next post :D Its like blogging has become the most important thing in my life right now! And just like that, I got this topic while I was watching a TV show :D

         So, coming back to today's topic, all of us have set up some goals for ourselves & are working towards it. Some want to become doctors, some engineers, some lawyers & the list goes on. There is no end to the dreams we weave & the goals we set. And its a good thing. We should all have some goals in life to keep us going, else there wont be any meaning to life. Once the goal is set, we start working in that direction day & night. And we become so obsessed with it, that we forget what matters the most! The present! We live so much in the future that we forget that the time that we are losing today, we will never get it back!

        We are so busy pursuing our goals or complaining about the unfairness of life that we forget to make time for ourselves & enjoy the small things! Take a look around you; there are so many beautiful things. It might be a blooming flower in the garden or the dew drops on the leaf early in the morning; watching the rain while sipping hot coffee or talking to an old friend after a long time. Maybe simply spending some time with family, seeing someone smile, playing with your pet or maybe just trying to pick up that old hobby you gave up coz you didn't have time. The list is infinite! Its up to us to make the choice.

         There is much to life than just the monotonous routine. We are so busy going with the flow that we forget little things. We complain about the lack of time. But its never true. Coz if we love something, then we will definitely make time for it! No excuses! 

      I totally love this pic :) It gives me a happy feeling just by looking at it :) see what I mean? Happiness is not just material comforts, it is usually hidden in the little things that we ignore in our daily run!  So from now on, lets take out some time for ourselves, enjoy life, coz when we are happy, we will definitely work better towards achieving our goals :)

Until the next post,
Keep smiling :)

Swathi :)