Thursday, 31 July 2014

Where to Find Happiness?

       Today during training, one of our trainers asked "Where do you find happiness?" The answers varied widely. Many in the class started giving material reasons that make them happy. Then the instructor said, there are so many reasons that make us happy, but though they influence us, happiness is an internal factor. Now that gave me a lot to think about.

      What makes us happy? Time with our friends? Lazy time? Promotions? The list may go on. But is it really these things that make us happy? If so, then what about the time when we don't get these things? Will we stop being happy? Time changes and so does our priorities. Something that we like today might not be that important tomorrow. Someone we love today might walk away tomorrow. So does that mean we stop leading our life? Or rather lead life without zeal?

       Life goes on. It doesn't wait for anyone or anything. So it is always up to us to decide how we want to lead it. We wish to be happy or brood over the unpleasant things; it's totally our choice.Time changes, people come and go; so does hardships. But one thing remains constant - us. And it is us, who can decide how we wish to be. Happiness indeed lies within. It is our sole decision. Nothing or no one can hurt us unless we give them the power to do so. Thus, instead of giving them power to make us sad, why not give ourselves a chance to be happy? Don't even give the key to your happiness to someone else. Don't fix a range for happiness. Let yourself free and enjoy little things. Be it watching sunset or dancing in the rain, every little thing matters. Stop complaining and be happy with whatever you have. Dream big but don't forget to appreciate what you have currently. Value that one person who matters the most - yourself! Give yourself a chance to be happy everyday; you deserve every bit of it. After all happiness is an internal factor and only you have the power to take it away from yourself; no one else can!

       So what is it that is stopping you from being happy?

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

If I Weren't Afraid!

       Today I came across a Blog Carnival on Write Tribe - Do Your Fears Hold You Back? It instantly piqued my interest. Each one of us have something or other that we fear. These fears rule us more than our strengths do! It's never easy to talk about our fears but here is a small attempt. What would I do if my fears weren't holding me back?

       The first thing I will do is pick up a microphone and sing my heart out. My mom always had this dream that I would be a singer someday. But I never really was able to fulfill her dream. Though people don't dislike my voice or throw eggs when I step on the stage (In fact I get compliments that I have a very melodious voice), I get nervous as soon as I face the crowd and blank out! It's very humiliating. I wish I could overcome that fear. If I do, the first thing I will do is go give an audition for some big singing competition and fulfill my mom's dream.

       This same fear of crowd holds me back from speaking up my mind. There will be so many things running inside my mind. But I can never speak them up. I hide behind my writing skills. What will others say? What if I am wrong? What if they laugh? Fears like this always hold me back. I wish I could put such fears behind me and move on with life. It will be awesome to feel confident and speak up my mind. Maybe gathering courage to answer questions or speak about an idea that I am too afraid to say otherwise. Maybe even say someone how much I love them or do something that my heart always wanted to! All these things are possible only if I can shed that fear of rejection and the fear of being mocked at!

       Wouldn't it be awesome if we can overcome our fears and lead a confident life? I am working hard on leaving behind these fears and start afresh. I know it is not easy but one step at a time and I believe that I will gradually reach my destination. What are your fears? Are you working on overcoming them?

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Magical Reality!

       She sat in the corner, cursing her son. All she wanted was him to spend time with her. But he was busy typing away something fervently on that 'thing' he loved. She never really understood what the big deal was about it. Everyone these days were becoming its devotee. Even her grandson, who was five, loved playing with it. She sighed remembering her good old days where playing meant going out and mingling with friends. "It feels like a different life time altogether" she thought. Whatever it was, she would never go near that, what was it, ah 'laptop' she said suddenly remembering the name of that 'thing'!

       "Ma, Spoorthi says it is a baby girl" she hears her son Aditya calling out and her anger melts away instantly at the mention of the good news. She had been waiting for this day ever since her daughter had informed her that she was expecting. She had been restless that whole day as she still hadn't heard from Spoorthi and had been to talk with Aditya about the same. When she had found him busy, her temper had flared. But now, the sweet news of a granddaughter had made her forget everything. Her face broke into a toothless smile. "Shall I start packing? I so want to see her" she said, already getting up and rushing towards her room, as fast as old age allowed her. There was no reply. She turned to see Aditya standing in the hallway with his head hanging. It was a look she recognized well. She knew from experience what he would say next and without missing a beat he said "Sorry ma. I have an important meeting tomorrow. We can't go for another two days" Her face fell. The smile adorning her face slowly vanished and she left without a word.

       That night she sat alone, wishing that she could go see her daughter and her little one. But without Aditya, she couldn't make the journey alone. Her health was uncertain and the doctor had forbidden her to travel alone. She knew Aditya was busy but still her heart refused to come in terms with that. "Ma?" Aditya came and sat near her holding his laptop. "Take that away from me. That is what keeps you busy all the time" she said, pain evident in her voice. "I will Ma. Before that, look at this just once" he said and placed the laptop in front of her. She was about to scold him when the most beautiful sight caught her eyes.

       There on the screen, she saw Spoorthi holding her little one, who was fast asleep. Her tiny fingers were closed tightly in a tiny fist and her face was angelic. The child’s little frame moved steadily with each breath it took. She didn't understand how it was that she was seeing all this but she cherished it. Her eyes welled up with tears of joy. "Bless you my child" she said extending her hand, which were slightly trembling, as if to touch the child and saw her daughter smile in response. And as for Aditya, he knew he would be forgiven. He said a silent thanks to Skype for making it possible!

PS: I had written this story as a part of my internship where I had to write a story based on the positive impact of technology. 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Techno Tribute!

Sitting at my desk,
I try to write my graduation speech.
Who should all I thank?
What in my life did they teach?

I would love to thank Google,
Who answered all my questions patiently!
Without whose help and guidance
I could never have passed definitely!

I would thank dear Wikipedia,
For sharing all those information!
Little changes were all I had to make,
And my assignments were near perfection!

Whats app, Facebook and Camera,
They helped us share homework!
Oh how can I forget the Xerox machine?
It helped to reduce the pile of work!

Online notes, PDFs and class groups,
They were all I needed!
Without which I don’t think
I could have ever succeeded!

I would like to offer my hearty thanks
To this wonderful technology!
I would never have graduated,
If not for its abundant help and generosity!

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Funny Incident!

       A funny thing happened on my way to Vodafone office three days back. Well funny or not, it depends on whose perspective you are viewing the incident from! I had paid for net pack but even after three days, I didn't receive any data pack! Since semester results were to be announced soon, I was pissed off having no access to net. Having called customer care number of times and still not getting proper response, I decided to take the matter to next step. I went to the retailer who had recharged initially and he called the manager. He asked me to visit the nearest Vodafone office so that they can look into the matter and fix it!

       I was totally angry with the service they were giving. First they had made me wait for so long and now they were asking me to travel so far! I was tired of hearing their filthy reasons. So I stormed off angrily towards their office. Adding to my frustration, it rained! I usually love rains but when I reached the office, I was totally drenched and my boots were squeaking. It definitely was not a pretty sight and it only fueled my anger more. I located the office and started walking towards it.

      When I reached the place, I saw a guy on the other side who was about to come out. He would have just opened the door but since I wasn't thinking clearly, I grabbed for the handle before he could and started pulling it. He stopped and looked up from his cell and watched me struggle. Yes, I was struggling because no matter how much I pulled, the door wouldn't budge even a little! It was still raining and I was standing there, fighting with the door, swearing under my breath. It must have been quite a sight because the guy on the other side stood there watching with an amused expression on his face. I didn't know what it was that he found funny but for me, the situation was far from funny!

      After a minute, I gave up and threw my hands up in air. I saw him smirk and it was just fueling my anger. He was enjoying it more than he should! Once he saw me give up, he raised his hand and swiftly gave it a pull and the door glided effortlessly. Gosh! All the time, I had been pulling at the door that said push! The guy walked out and chuckled as he passed by me. That was so embarrassing! Blinded by anger, I had walked straight into a trap. I should have made quite a scene because I noticed two other girls shake their head looking at me! Just then my cell beeped. It was a message from Vodafone saying 'recharge successful'! If it had happened half an hour ago, I could have saved myself all the embarrassment! Sigh!

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

An Incomplete Love Story!

       I still remember the day I first saw her. It was a beautiful rainy day and the weather was so romantic. The rain had just subsided into a quite drizzle and I was playing with the dew drops that had accumulated over night. The sun was rising slowly over the horizon and the dew drops turned a brilliant golden color as the sun rays penetrated through them. I had thought the morning couldn't get any more beautiful but I was proved wrong. It was on such a lovely morning I saw her. She was fragile and small; yet her beauty was breath taking! I was charmed just by looking at her. That day I had swore I would take care of her and protect her from everyone.

       She was everything I was not – beautiful, charming. Her beauty attracted everyone. There wasn't a single person who hated her. They were just waiting for her to grow up, so that they could covet her. But I had sworn I would make sure that no one caused her any harm. I stood by her day and night as her guardian angel whom she trusted blindly. I guess she understood my love for her. We spent every minute together; enjoying the rain or the sun light or sometimes the cool breeze that tingled our senses.  

      And soon came the day when she grew up into a beautiful maiden. If she was beautiful before, now she looked enchanting. Everyone would stop by to appreciate her charm and some even tried to take her away with them. But I taught them all a lesson. After all I was her knight. Our love story was flourishing beautifully until he came by. I recognized him in an instant. He was my enemy; he had taken away the ones I loved even before and now he had come yet again. I wouldn't let him take her this time!

       I fought and I fought with all my might. I cut through his fingers and saw little beads of blood ooze out. He cursed me and took out his weapon; the one he used to kill my kind. In a swift motion of his weapon, we were separated from each other and I lay on the ground taking my last breath. I saw his victorious smile as he took her with him, leaving me behind to die. I had known all along that this would happen someday. After all, everyone wanted her, the beautiful Rose. Who wanted me, the Thorn, which would prick their fingers! I could just hope that the Rose will remain safe, for I could no longer protect her now!

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Fearless - Five Sentence Fiction

      Finally the day had come and there was nothing she could do to put it off any longer.

     She clenched her teeth and furrowed her brows in concentration as she started breathing in and out slowly!

    She tried to put an act of being fearless; after all she detested being made fun of!

     But no matter how much she had prepared herself, nausea swept over the moment she set her eyes on him, laying there all but unconscious, moving his legs slightly as she touched him.

     She dashed to the washroom fighting nausea; after all cockroach dissection was never easy!

I am sparing myself the trip to washroom fighting nausea by not putting up an actual picture of cockroach dissection!

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 1 to Day 10

      So I finally took up the challenge that is running very popular these days. Every time I open my FB account, I find two or three friends' photos for this #100happydays challenge. I had thought of taking part in this long back but being a lousy user of FB, I had dropped the thought. But when I saw a few fellow bloggers posting about it too, I just couldn't hold back. I wanted to try it. In my opinion, if we try and learn to find happiness in something each day for 100 days, then by the end of the 100th day, it will become a habit, which is more than I can ask from this challenge. So here are my #100happydays photos from Day 1 to Day 10.

Day 1: After months of gap, I had shopped for books, thanks to the voucher I got from Shop... Only to save more! activity by BlogAdda. And the books arrived on last Monday. The happiness I felt at that time was what pushed me to take this challenge.

Day 2: Next day I was ecstatic as I completed my 100th Blog Post. The joy was beyond words! I said a silent 'Thank You' to God and prayed him to guide me in the future too.

Also my post Phubbing got picked up as Tangy Tuesday Picks. I was even more happy :)

Day 3: I logged in to FB to see my Blogger friend Preethi spreading word about the Book Fair that she had visited the previous day. There were selling books at 200Rs per KG! Can you believe it? My first reaction was to book a ticket to Bangalore and leave at once. But as the initial excitement waned (which was not at all easy) and I got back my senses, I promptly called up my friend in Bangalore and pleaded with her to get me the books. And yes, she agreed :)

Day 4: I had to write a poem on Environment as a part of my internship at Tell a Tale. When I didn't get any good idea, my mom told me to have a walk on our Terrace and enjoy the weather. Oh! I absolutely loved it. Watching the sun set, birds fly, trees sway with the feel of cool evening breeze on my face; it felt like heaven. And of course, the poem was done :)

Pardon me for the poor image quality. It was clicked with an old phone!

Day 5: Received a book for review from BlogAdda. This was the first time I had applied for their book review program and getting one, I felt so happy. And to add to my happiness, the book was an author signed copy! :) You can read my review here.

Day 6: Corn! Yummy! It is the first time we brought corn this year! I absolutely love it. It brought back all the memories of school days. Me and my friends used to stop near that Bhutta shop to have the roasted corn on our way back from school!

Day 7: This might be a little surprise but I have never been to a hotel in Shimoga with family, even though I have stayed here all my life! We did go to hotels when we were travelling but not in our home town. So this Sunday on my brother's demand, we finally went to a hotel and had Masala Dosa :) Of course it was yummy!

Day 8: After six long months, I visited my grandfather, My Role Model! Had fun chatting with him and listening to stories (Yes, he still tells me stories and I love them) while having the yummy lunch cooked by grandmother. Also got pocket money, a belated birthday present :D

Day 9: Yet again BlogAdda made my day. My post Diagnosis of Study Holidays  got picked up as the Tangy Tuesday Picks. Also the post Mind Reading was WOWed! I was happy happy :)

Day 10: I had got membership at the central library four years back but had never visited it much as it is poorly stocked! But something made me go back yesterday and I am thankful for that! There I found many books that I would love to read (though it is still poorly stocked, there are a some authors which I wouldn't miss reading now). After few minutes of skimming through, I picked up these two books for this week's read.

So these were the things that made me happy in the past 10 days. Of course there were more, but this is it for now. 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Two Faced People - A Puente Poem

They smile at you with glee,
And all your worries flee!
Wiping away your tears, and
Lending you a comforting shoulder,

~They make you feel ill at ease~

But that’s not really the part of the deal,
They don’t care a bit how you feel!
All they need is the juicy gossip,
Which they will use for their own profit!


Had read about this poetry style last month at Poetry Jam but hadn't got time to experiment with it. Finally here is my try at Puente poem!

About Puente Poem:

A poetic form, the Puente (which means bridge in Spanish), uses a one line "bridge" to connect the first and last stanzas. Here's how it works:
- 3 stanzas
- Stanzas 1 and 3 contain different ideas, thoughts
- Stanzas 1 and 3 consist of the same number of lines (meter and/or rhyming up to poet)
- Stanza 2 connects meaning from first to last stanza
- Stanza 2 must be one line enclosed in tildes ( ~ )
- Stanza 2 is the last line of Stanza 1 and first line of Stanza 3

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Black - My Favorite!

       Black is the love of my life. I have always been drawn to this color which defines mystery and power! Whenever we go shopping, it is the black items that catch my eyes first. My list of favorites is so long that I couldn't finish writing about them in one post. So here is another, with the next five black things I wish to own!

1. A Book Shelf
       I love reading novels and it is not only reading that I love. I love to collect those novels and want to build my very own personal library someday. How awesome that would be! That would be a dream come true. For that I want book shelves and Black is the color.

2. Black Diamond
       Diamonds are what most of the girl wishes for! It enhances the beauty. Even though there are thousands of white diamonds, it is the black diamond that catches the attention. So next on my wish list is a pretty Black Diamond Ring.

3. DSLR Camera
       No! Hold your thoughts! Don't form the opinion that I am one of those who love photography to the core, enough to make it a part time hobby and opening up photography pages and blogs! Though I am not obsessed about it, I pretty much love to capture images of moments and things that make me happy. I love going through those pictures when I am bored. What better than a DSLR camera which can capture pictures with superior quality, making them look dignified! 

4. Microphone
       Singing is something I love dearly. I was sent to vocal classes from the age of 5 I guess! First trained as a classical singer and then to sing to the tracks of Karaoke. Of course I love both classical and rock music. The feeling I get when I hold a Microphone in my hands while singing; well you can understand the ecstasy only if you are a singer yourself. So this one is a must on my wish list!

5. Guitar
       I have always wanted to learn guitar. But never got a chance to. My mom used to say I would need to buy Guitar if I join classes and buying a guitar was out of question! So my dream remained a dream. But someday I am going to learn Guitar and rock the stage.

       I so wish I could get them all someday and wish that someday will arrive soon!

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Swathi :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Deliberate Sinner - Book Review

Title: The Deliberate Sinner    
Author: Bhaavna Arora
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
ISBN: 978-93-82665-20-5
Number of Pages: 148
Price: 120 [INR]
Genre: Fiction

Blurb on the book:

Is there an acid test to gauge the success of a relationship?
Is it right to carry on in an unhealthy relationship with no conjugal bliss, or look for an alternate path?

Rihana is an adventurous and free-spirited girl, until she marries Veer, an eligible bachelor who comes from a wealthy family. While they appear 'happily married', their strong personalities are at odds. Veer, for the most part, is insensitive to Rihanna's physical and emotional needs, straining the relationship and leaving her feeling incomplete.

Caught between the devil and the deep sea, Rihana has to now decide whether to walk out of her marriage and be a victim of society's ridicule, or compromise on her physical needs, which for her are the foundation for a healthy marital bond.

Can they work out their differences? Will Veer give her what she desires, or push her to do something desperate and scandalous?

My Review:

The Deliberate Sinner is a story about 21 year old Rihana who is from an affluent family. She is what every guy desires for! When proposed by Veer, a guy from an equally affluent family, Rihana finds herself in confusion. And before she can think through it, her marriage is fixed with Veer by her parents, who are happy to find a 'suitable' groom whose social status matches with theirs!

The story revolves around her marital life. While she finds herself totally unhappy with Veer, she tries everything in her control to make the marriage work and maintain the so called reputation in the society. A husband who is totally indifferent to her and her feelings, a mother who is more afraid of spoiling her image in the society than worrying about her daughter's happiness and a society which just points a finger at the woman in the end and judges her all the time; Rihana tries to live through it all. But how long can she withstand it?

The author has pictured the present chauvinist society in an effective manner. If a guy does something wrong, then the girl is expected to forgive him and move on like nothing happened. A mere sorry is expected to fix everything! But does the same hold for a girl? If a girl does the same mistake, will the male dominant society over look it? Apparently, no! The author has raised questions on many such issues predominant in our present Indian society. 

The protagonist is a daring woman, who knows clearly what she wants from life. She is ready to stand up for herself and fight for her rights. The language used in the novel is simple and effective. The story flows smoothly in the beginning but is a little bit stretched in the middle and then ends suddenly, with Rihana finding solution to all the problems! There are some cliches in the story like Raj's sudden appearance in the end, which could have been rectified. Also, what I didn't understand is Veer's behavior towards Rihana inspite of her being the epitome of beauty as described by the author.

Here are some of the quotes from the book which I loved:

You have to take the problem head on. Either you die, or you kill your enemy; there is no other way.

The day you stop experiencing pain or pleasure, that very day you would cease to exist.

And in the interlude between birth and death, it's your deeds alone that make the story of your life - either remarkably big or abysmally insignificant.

It is always the unseen which is more consequential than the seen.

The book definitely makes a good read. A perfect dosage of reality is given to the story. Despite of what the cover page suggests, the book isn't totally filled with sexuality; which is used only in relevant areas. The author has done a commendable job by writing about a woman's physical and emotional needs precisely without exaggerating much to make it look artificial. I would definitely suggest this book.

Rating: 3.5/5 starts

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mind Reading!

       As they sat there having coffee, she wished for the hundredth time that she could get a glimpse of his mind. There were about to get divorced in mere week and he appeared so calm on the outside! She was burning inside with everything going on. Was he really that indifferent to her feelings? Sigh! If only she could read his mind!

      "I wish she understands" I heard him saying and looked up to see what he meant. He was looking straight ahead, staring into the distance, not looking at anything in particular. He appeared to be lost in thoughts. "Did you say something?" she asked, which broke his revere. He suddenly seemed to notice his surroundings and then looked at her. "She is still so beautiful; just like when I saw her first" he sighs and says "No, I didn't say anything" With a shock, she realized that her wish had been granted. She didn't quite know what to make out of it. She tried to focus on him. His thoughts were a jumble of the events, of all the time they had spent together. She was finally understanding the depth of his feelings for her. But yet she was unsure of the decision.

       "So you think we are doing right by getting divorced?" she asked. She wanted to be sure. "Yah, sure" he replied without even making an eye contact. But she heard it all clearly; his thoughts. He so wished he hadn't lied to her that day, which was the root cause for all the misunderstanding. He wished he hadn't signed the papers at once and tried to set things right. He wished he could still ask her to stay; beg her even if that what it takes! But he knew she would just refuse it. After all, he had broken her heart and stomped over its pieces. He wished he could just tell her how much he loved her and how his world will be incomplete without her! But with every thought and pain hidden in his heart, he gives her a weak smile.

       She sat there dumbfounded realizing the intensity of his love for her. He was scared to make the move, afraid to hurt her and also afraid of the rejection. But couldn't she confess it? After all, she loved him too; with all her heart. True, she had been angry that he had lied to her. But doesn't all relationships go through this? All that mattered in the end was their love for each other, which would  help them survive all the odds. She slowly woke up and got on her knees, the way he had done when he proposed her first. She saw the shock on his face and could hear his thoughts turn into confusion but she didn't stop. She knew she had to do this. "I am sorry I made a mess out of all this! Will you forgive me and be with me forever? Just like we had promised earlier?"

       He was completely bewildered to answer her question. A million thoughts ran through his mind. "Was he dreaming? Was she really doing this? Did she love him enough to forgive him?" The list of questions was long. But there was something else; happiness. Happiness at the possibility of a new life with the girl he loved so much. He tried to speak; he knew she was waiting. But words failed him. Just tears ran through his eyes and he sat there crying like a child. But she had read his thoughts and was fully aware of how he was feeling. In an instant, she was there by his side, cupping his face in her hands and whispering to him that everything was okay. Their lips met slowly and she savored the moment, all the while listening to his thoughts which mirrored her own; happiness. She thanked the unknown source, which had given her this power and saved their dying relationship!

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Zest up Life!

       Life is a journey with so many ups and downs! These ups and downs are like the two faces of the coin. You cannot choose just one of them and ignore the other. It is common to rejoice during happy times and sulk during bad times. 

1. Friends
       I usually am a quiet person, always finding reasons to avoid any gatherings and social meetings but when it comes to partying with friends, I am suddenly the most active person on the earth! Friends are the best part of life and the time spent with them become sweet memories which we treasure for life time! I have some amazing friends who can make me laugh when I don't even feel like smiling and with friends, I always feel at ease, all worries forgotten!

2. Pictures
      Pictures are those things which will make me smile whenever I look at them. I have quite a few collection from my childhood till now and when I am bored, I sit and go through this collection. A picture depicting naughtiness, a picture showing innocence, a picture clicked when I was busy with one of my antics, school day pictures, pictures with friends on different occasions; they all have the power let me re-live those moments again and by the time I close the album, there will be a huge smile plastered on my face.

3. Writing
       Writing has always been the way to express my thoughts which I couldn't say aloud. Writing helps to clear my bad mood by venting out my feelings and then start afresh. There is also a joy in giving life to characters and seeing them grow, experience new things, exploring a new world and learn along with them. It feels awesome when you have a story in your mind that you can share with the world. 

4. Music
       No matter what the situation is, music is that one thing which can cheer me up instantly. Music has always been a constant companion since my childhood days! During leisure times, travelling hours, while reading, writing, crying, laughing, partying; every waking minute music has been there. It is an integral part of my life, never failing to zest up my mood and spirits!

5. Holidays
       When it comes to holiday, my enthusiasm is like that of a poor kid who is forced to attend school everyday by her parents and waits desperately to break away from the routine somehow! Remember the happiness we used to get when our class teacher used to announce holidays? Well I still get the same happiness on hearing this sweet word. Even if it is a half day leave or a week holiday, I enjoy them all. I eagerly look forward to them! And when I get a long one especially, the joy cannot be simply put in words! All I can do is pack my bag, and Plan a holiday!

       So these are the five things that Zest up my life greatly! What about you?

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