Sunday, 29 June 2014

Stuck in the Elevator!

       I ran into the elevator trying to hide my tears. As usual the anger had brought tears in my eyes. I don't know why, but due to some twisted logic, my anger was hard wired to my tear ducts. It was embarrassing to end up crying like this humiliating myself in front of others. So I rushed to the elevator leaving the scene, escaping from the problem as usual. After all what was my fault? All I had asked for was support from my family to fulfill my dreams but they had started dismissing the idea itself by saying its impossible. They weren't ready to see my point of view. I had lost my temper and had started screaming and had ended up getting labelled as disrespectful. I couldn't bear it anymore. I had enough of all this.

       I got inside the elevator, closing the door but then someone hurriedly opens it and gets inside. I was too busy hosting pity party for myself to notice him. I just sprinted to the corner of the lift so that whoever it was that came inside, wouldn't see me in this state. I wished he would get off soon. But suddenly the elevator jerks to a stop. A break down! "Nothing is going right today" I say and break down myself, tears flowing freely now that I had one more reason. "Hey are you OK?" asked the person who was stuck with me. "Yeah. I just thought to break down too to give company to the elevator" I snap but instantly regret it. It was my problem. Why was I taking my frustration on him! "I am sorry. Just leave me alone" I say pitying him for being with the wrong person at the wrong time. I felt his stare and lifted my head and I was in for a shock! He was none other than my idol Sandeep Maheshwari!

       How many times had I dreamt of meeting this guy but never had I thought of greeting him in such a state. I quickly wipe my tears forgetting my problem momentarily. "I have seen your videos and I am a huge fan of yours" I blurt out, my voice still husky after crying. He continued watching me intently and slowly said "I don't think so" I was confused why he was saying so. I open my mouth to explain myself but he continued. "Can I ask why were you crying?" I tell him the story briefly. He listens without interrupting and when I am done, he speaks again. And what he said, definitely changed my perspective towards life.

       "There are two barriers which stop you from achieving anything in life. One is people around you and the other one is yourself. Whenever you want to achieve something in life, there will always be people who tell you that you can't do it. I just say, ask them why you can't? 90% of them will not have a valid answer. Never pay heed to their comments. If you learn to do that, you have already achieved your goals half. Even I was told by many that I can't do it when I shared my ideas but I never heard them. And look at me today; I have achieved my dream. That is what you should do now. And when you learn not to let others stop you, don't let your doubts to stop you" he said, totally making me forget all my problems and filling me with a renewed inspiration.

       Just then the lift started moving and we arrive at ground floor. He wished me luck and told me to keep the child in me alive which would guide me in the right direction always. I thank him whole heartedly as he leaves. I walk out with new confidence coursing through my veins, which told me I can even touch skies, if I believed in myself. Those 10 minutes in the elevator had definitely changed my life.

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(This post is a fiction. But I do wish I could meet Sandeep Maheshwari once. His videos have inspired me a lot and this is my favorite one)

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Swathi :)

Friday, 27 June 2014

Birthday Bash!

        It’s strange how time flies by when we are happy and drags on when we are sad! It feels like just yesterday when I stood shyly on the dais when all my classmates sang ‘Happy Birthday’ song and I blushed furiously as they clapped and shouted my name. It was like I was the star of the class, the only one wearing a colour dress when everyone else wore the same monotonous uniform! I felt happy as I went to each bench distributing chocolates, one each to all my class mates and two to teachers. Friends were being extra nice to me so that they can earn an extra chocolate and I felt like royalty when they kept on hovering around me.

       Sigh! That was the memory of a seven year old. This was all fine when I was kid but as years passed and I grew up, all these seemed silly. I desired to celebrate birthdays with a big bash as they show on TV. Parties! Oh how I wished I could host one. But no, I never did. My parents were of the opinion that these were not how one celebrated birthday. Birthdays are meant for visiting the temple and seeking Lord’s blessings. Every year I would whine about parties but nothing changed until I finally gave up trying. I had resigned to fate, treating birthdays just as any other day.

       But that isn’t how happiness works. Its finds a way to you when you least expect it. And thus when I had finally given up the whole celebration thing, I had the best ever Birthday of my life. Yes, yesterday was my birthday and it was so far the best one. The day started with surprises with my little brother staying up till 12, wishing me with an awesome gift. I loved it. Phone calls started from 11:30pm itself with my friends competing with each other as to who would wish first. I was talking on two phones simultaneously. Of course I was enjoying the whole thing. Morning brought in more surprises with gifts from mom and grandpa, collages and a video of memories from my childhood made by friends. 

         My darling friend Nibha made my day with a sweet post which had me smiling ear to ear. She asked me to write a guest post about some memory associated with birthday but I didn’t have any. As I mentioned, I rarely celebrated them. So I wrote a post about another childhood memory instead. Read it here. Thanks a lot Nibhz for making me feel so special.

        Once the initial excitement waned, I started getting bored. Since it is exam time, my friends had declined coming over and I knew that as usual this birthday was going to be super boring. Or at least that is what I thought. Each of my friends pinged me asking when the party is and when I asked them to come by, they stared saying “I will come after exams” Seriously! What’s the point in asking if they don’t have the intention of coming? I was getting frustrated! I kept mobile aside and started watching TV.

       When I was in the middle of watching some boring serial, my brother called me. I go outside cursing him for not letting me sit in peace and I stop dead in my tracks! There were my friends, waving at me and shouting ‘Happy Birthday’ and laughing as they saw my shocked expression. I was the one who usually planned surprises and here they were surprising me. I was told that my brother and they had planned all this months before! My mom knew about it too it seems! I wondered how she had hid the secret from me! I was still in shock when I cut the cake they brought but all the shock wore off when I was given a full facial of the choco truffle! (Girls that was so bad!) Yummy chats followed the cake cutting and we sat there chatting happily without realizing how the time flew by so fast!

       Like all good things come to an end, the day ended too but I have loads of memory that will make me smile whenever I remember this day. I feel lucky for having such amazing friends. Thank you Minhoz and Sudhi for making me feel so special. Love you people :) 

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Swathi :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Earning Respect

         There is a saying which we all might have heard - ‘If you give respect, then you will earn respect!’ Though I had understood it (or rather thought I did!) I witnessed it recently, which made me believe it is true indeed.

       Few weeks back I and my dad were going to market. I was enjoying the time alone with him, chatting and sharing thoughts as I rarely get such time with him due to his constant travelling. In the middle of our conversation, he received a call and I stood listening to the conversation. I didn't know who was on the other side but dad kept addressing him ‘Sir’ and so I figured it must be his boss, calling as dad was on leave. When the conversation ended, I casually asked him who it was. I was told it was his colleague and friend. I recognized him when dad mentioned his name. I felt quite strange and I kept quiet for the rest of the time, lost in my own thoughts.

       “Why are you quiet all of a sudden?” dad asked and I couldn't hold back voicing my thoughts. “Why did you call him Sir?” I asked. “Is there something wrong with that?” he asked surprised. I didn't know how to say exactly what was bothering me but I made an attempt to describe it as best as I could. “You mention every one as ‘Sir’ and I don’t really understand why you do so. I mean its good you are respecting them but why that word? Isn't being polite enough? I am not against respecting others but dad I hate it when you bow in front of others. It’s fine during office hours but why all the time? You address everyone like that” I said, feeling totally like an idiot but still wishing to convey what I was feeling.

       A smile crossed his face as he understood my emotions. He chose his words carefully when he answered. “Every person has his own self respect. We usually recognize people based on their designation but that is not a right thing to do. Even maids and servants have as much right to be respected as we do. Have you ever thought how much important each of their work is? And about the addressing, calling someone Sir/Madam doesn't make you inferior to them. It just means you are good enough to respect them as individuals. It will only earn you respect in return, not disgrace” he said.

       I was still silent processing what he had said in my mind when one of the Shop Keeper waved at him saying “Sir, how are you? Long time, no see!” he said smiling. I had come to this shop many times and from experience, I knew that he was one of the grumpiest person in the locality. He is short tempered and is known to snap at his customers all the time. If I had any doubt about what my dad had said earlier, seeing this person smile and chat friendly with him, had cleared it all. I finally understood his message.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

A Salute to the Greatest Teacher!

     While I am detesting this phase of my life where exams are taking up all my time, there is also something I am finding pleasure in; my brother’s new college or rather my PU college. College started recently for him and he comes back in the evening daily and shares with me the whole day's experience. Hearing the stories of a place that was once dear for me (and still is) brings back a wave of nostalgia always. I long to go back to those days, which definitely were the best two years of my life.

      I still remember how I ended up in this college. There was free admission at that time for meritorious students and without thinking twice I had declared I would join there. My parents were skeptical; the college was still under construction, ours was supposed to be the first batch. They were concerned about my future but finally there was one man, meeting who, they were convinced that I was in safe hands. It was our principal Mr. K.V. Ragunath Rao who is famous as KVR amidst students.       

       As promised the college building was ready in time and all facilities were provided and more! He used to take organic chemistry for us and chemistry became fun when he taught it. Classes were fun filled and I never got bored. He never failed to help anyone when in need. If I have to describe him in one word, that would be ‘Inspiring’. There were many instances which left me in awe.

       One such instance took place when I was in second PU. During the middle of our academic year, he had some major health issue. His leg was injured and he had to undergo some operation. But he never let that reflect on his teaching. He was ever smiling. While many will be in search of reasons to escape work, he did exactly the opposite of that. He came back within days after he was discharged from the hospital and resumed teaching. Such was his dedication. How many of us actually do it? Did I say he is a senior lecturer and he was around 70 at that time? Well that should speak volumes about him! When I was facing problems with my studies, he called me to college during study holidays and he came everyday too, to help out students like me, even by giving extra preparatory exams so that we can learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves.

       Kind towards students, friendly with everyone, dedicated towards his profession, ever ready to accept any challenge and zeal to lead life to the fullest, that's how he is. He has always been an inspiration to hundreds like me. And our college which was at that time, just a new college, is now one of the top colleges of our city and even people from neighboring towns come down to join here. I witnessed the frenzy among parents to get their children admitted to this institution during my brother's admission. I must say this wouldn't have been possible if not for KVR! So when he recognized me and smiled, I was on cloud nine!

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

       I have recited this thousands of times since childhood but I realized the true meaning of it when I found a great Teacher like him. Yes, I am proud that I am his student and I hope that each and every one of us get a lecturer like him who definitely will change our outlook towards life. I salute you Sir.

       That's me, HRS and KVR in the picture. HRS is another equally great lecturer. Speaking about him would require one more post, which I will definitely write someday.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Last Day of Life!!

       It is 6 in the morning and I am still wide awake. I hadn't got even an ounce of sleep whole night. The whole excitement and the joy of carnival had worn off. The psychic reading was a bad choice; I shouldn't have went for it. I had always avoided such things; I thought they were silly but in the spur of moment and amidst friends' force, I had got my reading and it had left me shell shocked. "Tomorrow will be the last day of your life" the psychic woman had told. I had kept it to myself, not telling my friends who were waiting outside. I had tried to brush it off as unimportant, the line kept echoing in my mind and I had lost my whole night's sleep, dreading the coming day.

       I got up and decided to face it. The prediction might have been wrong, maybe it was a mistake, but if it was right, then I didn't want to spend my last day crying; I wanted to live it to the fullest. I thought of all the dreams I had.

Travelling places near and far,
Maybe signing some autographs!
Grow high and touch the sky,
And live life King size!

See my parents beam with pride,
As I become famous worldwide.
Search the planet far and wide,
And find the love of my life!

       A tear escaped my eye as I thought of these dreams and many more. But there was no time to fulfill any of these. 'I should be calm' I thought wiping away my tears. There should be something, anything that would look good in the present scenario. Well I didn't have to read for the pending exams; That should be a good thing right? I sighed. Jokes apart, I should be concentrating on important things. After all time isn't a luxury I can afford now. 'There should be something that I could do to make my last day worth while' I thought.

Spend time with the people I love,
I know for them tomorrow would be tough.
Smile and spread some happiness,
They shouldn't notice the emptiness.

I should do some good deed,
Maybe help somebody in need.
That way I will be remembered after death,
As somebody who was kind till last breath.

       I was brought out of my reverie when my best friend called.  "Hey can we hang out? I am bored to death" she says. I almost laugh at the irony. She was talking so casually about death which I was dreading. But then I thought how this could be my last chance and agreed to meet her up in the evening. I spent the rest of the day with my family. I wrote a few letters, penning down my feelings and love for them which I couldn't say out loud and kept them in my drawer where I knew my brother would find it.

       Later in the evening I leave for my friend's home. When I reach there, she appeared to be in good mood. We chatted for some time and I felt like it was just another normal day. I suddenly felt like I couldn't hold on to the secret anymore and decided to tell her about the reading. When I finished telling everything and told her how much I love her, she burst out laughing. I didn't understand her reaction. Wasn't she sad hearing the news or did she think I was kidding? "Riya its the truth" I said, a tear escaping my eye. But that only made her laugh more and slowly one by one all my friends started coming out from where they were hiding. "What is going on?" I ask confused. "Look at you!" said on of my friend still laughing. "I thought you didn't believe in those readings but figures you do!" he said. "Well..." I start but trail off not knowing what to say. 

       "Enough guys. Else she will die out of heart attack now" said Riya and she turned towards me. "Look we are really sorry but this whole psychic reading was Avi's prank. The woman agreed to give a false reading after he coaxed her but we had no idea you would take it so seriously. Now don't get angry please" she said looking at me like she was anticipating a burst out. I looked at them for few moments without speaking and after what seemed like eternity, I burst out laughing. "Oh Riya! I am so glad it was a prank and not reality" I said hugging her tight. And as for the anger, well thinking it was my last day had made me realize how short and unpredictable life could be. So I chose to laugh about it and enjoy life when I still had a chance. After all, every moment was precious!

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Swathi :)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Crimson Love - Guest Post

       Happiness is doing something you love and finding someone who shares the same love and is travelling on the same boat is like getting that extra cherry on top of the cake. It was a similar story, finding a best friend in this blogging world. When I was struggling, trying to find my foot, I met her, through A-Z challenge and ever since we have been best of friends. Right from discussing blog posts to college life, it's always fun chatting with Nibha. We are always on the same length and sometimes we wonder if the term 'Soul Sisters' is really true! She blogs at Expressions (hop over to her blog and show her some love) She loves to rhyme and one of her stories has been selected for Crumpled Voices an anthology of short stories. 

       Today happens to be a special day for her as she completes 100 posts (Finally after thinking about it for days! :D) and I am hosting her on my blog, to make it more special. Please welcome Nibha as she writes a fiction post today. Thank you Nibha for writing this one :)


       It was last Saturday when I saw her for the first time. She wore red shirt paired with old blue jeans. She was busy chirping with her girl-friends when she entered through the glass door. She saw me. Her eyes said it was love at first sight. Her friend picked up her shopping bag from the counter and they left. But I saw her turn around to look at me once more. Her eyes had determination that she will make me hers.

       She couldn't resist me for long and was back the very next day when she confessed her love for me and from that moment I was all hers. I accompanied her everywhere. She wouldn't let me out of her sight for a single second. I loved her company. Her bubbly voice was like music that spread happiness wherever she went.

       Today, she was happy beyond words. It was the most awaited day of her life; prom night. She looked gorgeous in her red knee-length dress. Red was definitely her color. Red complimented her innocence. She danced so gracefully to the rhythm that anyone who saw her would fall in love with her. Amidst the music I heard someone confessing his love for her. She too was enchanted by his persona. She took no thought to say yes. It was as if her lifelong wish has come true. It broke my heart but I knew I will always have a special place in her heart.

May I drop you home? asked the charming boy.

Yes, sure she smiled at his gesture.

       A few minutes later, we were not home. I don’t know where we were but she left me alone outside when he took her in. I was perplexed. But few minutes later I heard the door lock. I was worried. It was followed by her muffled cries. I could only panic hearing her shout for help. No one came to her rescue. I could feel her pain but was helpless. I cursed myself. Sometime later, which felt like hours to me, she escaped with me leaving behind the crimson trail. Nobody knew what had happened and who he was!

       When she reached home, she shut herself in her room and cried day and night. I was there in the corner of the room, but did nothing to pacify her wailing heart. I was hurt too. I had seen her dreams being crushed. She was devastated. She felt deceivedWhat was her fault, I thought. Just that she believed in fairy tales and prince charming and knew nothing about what trap Love was? How na├»ve of her to get her heart and soul broken, anyone would say. But I knew whatever she was, she didn't deserve this. She was nothing less than a princess. I was lost in thoughts while she drowned herself in tears when I heard the police siren.  There was a knock at the door few minutes later.  Someone opened the door.

“I’m Inspector Shekhawat and I’m here to arrest Ms. Tia Sen under the charge of attempt to murder”


      I was as shocked as her father was, but I wasn't clueless like him. What a cruel world it was!

“Yes it is. Mr. Garg, the politician has filed a complaint again her for attempting to kill his son, stabbing him with pointed red stilettos.

       Ah! My mention! But all I had done was to help her to escape from the monster! I was still thinking about what I did was good or not when the sub-inspector picked me up and suffocated me in transparent polythene. 

“Found those red stilettos, Sir”

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Swathi and Nibha :)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Soul Switch - WOW #14

       "Can't you do such a small thing for me? I am tired" said my dad when I declined to go drop my grandmother to bus stand. "You go dad, you are free. I have loads to read" I said, as usual making studies as my excuse. He was angry. He left without speaking a word. I didn't care. I was tired of reading whole day and didn't wish to go anywhere. He could relax when he came home but it wasn't the same for me. I had assignments to complete and exams to read for! How can he expect me to do more? I slept thinking how life is unfair.

       Next morning when I woke up, I was feeling uncomfortable. My whole body was hurting and I couldn't stretch as the place seemed congested. I sat up groggily and noticed I was sleeping on the sofa. Strange! I didn't remember coming here! I walk towards the wash basin still sleepy and take my brush. As I start brushing I look into the mirror and see dad. "Good morning Dad" I said and my reflection mimicked me. I was confused! I turned around and saw that dad wasn't anywhere near and when I look back into the mirror, the bewildered eyes of dad were staring back at me. "NO!!!" I let out a shriek as realization dawned upon me! I ran to my room and see myself sleeping peacefully. "Dad! Wake up!" I shook my body feeling like an idiot with the addressing! I saw slowly as he woke up wondering why I was disturbing him at such an early hour. His face (or rather mine) described a wide range of emotions from irritation to confusion to shock to disbelief. "What the" he started looking at me and then his reflection in the mirror. "Soul exchange" I completed.

       Once the initial shock wore off, his eyes twinkled with mischief as he said "Lets get on with this. I am fed up with that office anyways. You live my life today while I live yours. I am sure it will be fun" he said as he tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't believe what he just said! Well if he wanted it to be so, then I would do it. "Fine dad. Lets do it. Lets start with your first task. The book is on the desk. You better start reading as you have to attend internals today. Now you don't want your darling daughter to score less, do you?" I smiled and left the room satisfied with the chagrin I saw on his face. It's 1-0 I thought with a mental hi-5. I went back to bed thinking I would just skip his office taking sick leave. But luck wasn't with me. Dad said I had to go as his colleague was on leave and he had to complete the accounts today! I grudgingly woke up and got ready changing the score board to 1-1. "It shouldn't be difficult" I thought. Just a matter of 9 hours and I can rest for the whole day, I consoled myself as I left for his office.

       Office was hell as I didn't know what to do. So many customers were flowing in asking for details which I didn't know. Manager called me in and gave me the task of completing the accounts. He said he wanted it to be done soon. I had to send a few mails which were the only tasks I completed successfully. The account book looked like a monster that would swallow me up. So many figures and so many calculations! The sun outside was burning and the office didn't have an AC either as dad worked in a village that is at 2 hour journey from our home. And my body was hurting like hell from the travel along that poor road! I cursed dad for sleeping on the sofa and made a mental note to ask him the reason later. 

      By the end of the day, I was totally exhausted. The accounts were still pending. I had taken a few trips to the manager's cabin and one time he even scolded me for a mistake that wasn't mine! I wanted to talk back but realized that would put dad in a difficult position. I swallowed my pride and stood there listening to him without speaking a word. When you work under someone, you have no choice than to listen to them, I learnt. I returned home by 7 pm tired from standing in the bus throughout the journey as the bus was filled with people returning to their home for weekend! "2-1 dad! I lost" I thought as I entered home. I expected to see dad's victorious face seeing my condition but the situation was different.

      Dad looked as tired as me. He told waking up early and reading wasn't a good idea as he had lost that habit. Internals had took the best out of him and the lectures that followed weren't great either. He even was caught yawning and the lecturer had given him an assignment as punishment. "How could he do that! It was just a yawn" he said still not believing the absurdity of it all. It seemed that he was writing the same and now was tired of it. He wanted some rest as his head hurt from staring at the laptop whole evening. "2-2" I thought as I smiled lightly. "But dad, why were you sleeping on the sofa yesterday?" I asked. "Well it was late when I returned from bus stand. I didn't want to disturb anyone" he said and I felt my eyes turn moist. I didn't speak a word and went inside to rest, wishing this would end.

       I dreaded opening my eyes next morning! I didn't want to go through my dad's routine again! I was stalling time when dad came and woke me up. I looked at him. He was... well he was himself which meant I was back in my body! The soul switch had been reversed and I was so ecstatic. I apologized to my dad for being rude a day back when he had given me some work. He waved it aside saying he understood it wasn't easy being me either. Whatever the reason was, the switch had helped us understand each other better and I respected him even more, now that I had lived his life. "Well the assignment is still incomplete" he said sheepishly. "Oh that's nothing your daughter can't handle" I replied with a wink, glad to be back to my own self!

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Captured Moments - Bits and Bytes #3

       There are some moments which we remember forever; some because of the smile they brought and some because of the pain they caused! Though we all wish to forget the latter, happy moments are something which we wish to re-live again and again. And what's a better way to re-live them than going through old pictures! I have quite a few collection in my laptop and I absolutely love going through them whenever I am free, recalling the memories associated with each one of them.

        My mom says I was an extremely naughty kid! Oh well, I am still naughty but since I don't spend all my energy troubling her now, maybe she thinks I am decent enough! So when I was a kid, I used to create fuss all the time and if there wasn't anyone to keep an eye on me, then God save my mom that day! She especially enjoys narrating the part of the baby walker. She says, so that I don't crawl out of bed or fall somewhere and hurt myself, she used to put me in the baby walker while she finished all her work. I had been quiet for first two days but once I got the hang of it, then there was no stopping me! I dragged the baby walker with me and started going round and round through out the house, shouting loudly with joy at the same time. She says though I was difficult to stop, it was a fun sight for her to watch but in the end, the punch line remained the same - that I was a hyper active and naughty kid!

      This is the picture proof of my naughtiness. This one is my favorite and it always makes me smile whenever I see it. Oh how I wish I could go back and live in that moment again!

       The next is a recent one. This was captured by me a year back from the Perampalli railway bridge, a place near Manipal.

       The place was so serene that I wished I lived there on the shores, so that I can enjoy this beauty everyday. I had been there in the evening. If I thought this was beautiful, then I was wrong. There was more than this perfection. The sunset! I witnessed the sky grow more and more beautiful as the sun started bidding good bye, painting the sky with its last rays, just like a master piece of a renowned artist, each strokes perfected over time! It was marvellous.

        But that wasn't it. The best part was yet to come! That was a railway bridge we were standing upon. So where's the fun if there is no train? After waiting for hours the train finally arrived. My brother had told me it will be an awesome experience but nothing had prepared me for what was yet to come! The place where we stood on the bridge is not more than 2-3 meters away from the track. It was dark; around 7 pm when the train finally arrived. It was moving at a speed of 100 km/hr or more and the whole bridge beneath us started shaking due to the speed. The air blew on my face with such an intensity that the rush was maddening. I held the rails of the bridges tightly as it felt like the bridge would fall off any moment! I shouted with joy, adrenaline racing through my veins, but my voice wasn't audible to my own ears under the roar of the engine! It felt like eternity till the train finally passed us and left but I stood there motionless for minutes wondering what had just happened! That was such an exhilarating experience, nothing like I had ever experienced! That is something I will always remember.

       I feel like I am experiencing those moments all over again whenever I see these photographs. That's the power of pictures. They can bring a smile on your face anytime. So what is your favorite memory?

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wishes - Five Sentence Fiction #9

       "Look mother! The Wishing Flower!" cried the little girl as she ran through the field where hundreds of dandelions stood proudly under the sun, waiting to be wished upon.

       She picked one among them, taking extreme care as if she was afraid to hurt them if she was too harsh and closed her eyes earnestly making a wish.

       Alice stood there witnessing her daughter blow the petals after making the wish, curious as what the kid could have probably wished for.

       "What did you wish for?" she asked once she opened her eyes, unable to contain her curiosity anymore, expecting to hear about wanting toys or chocolate.

     "I wished to be a good girl so you don't send me to school as punishment while playing with my younger sister" answered the kid with an innocence that brought a smile on her face.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


In the journey of life,
Through joys and strife!
You always stood by my side,
When in need you never denied.

Silly fights and endless chatter,
We never got tired of all those banter.
It seemed like the world was ours to conquer,
With each day our friendship grew stronger.

Then the time came by,
When we had to say good bye.
Suddenly I was on my own,
Without you, I felt so alone.

Days, months and years passed by,
Without hearing anything from thy!
Cursing the fate that drifted us apart,
I lived with your memories in my heart.

Then one day you called out of the blue,
Which made me wonder if destiny is true!
Just like before smiles were exchanged,
It was like nothing had ever changed.

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Stationery Chats - WOW #13

       The whole town sleeps peacefully under the moon light. The tiredness of the day making them sleep like a log. Some are dreaming and some are snoring, unaware of the outside world. Mean while some where in the corner house of street three, under the dim light of a zero candle bulb, a muffled cry is heard.

       Seeing the new pen cry, all other stationery items get worried and they start enquiring the reason. "She bit me today" said the pen in between uncontrollable sobs. The pencil is empathetic, having gone through the same pain. "I know how you must be feeling. I totally hate her" says the pencil, wincing as it recalls the torment it had been through. "But wasn't she scolded by her mom last week for the same?" asks the pen stand, all worried. "Oh she has been scolded for that a million times but that kid is stubborn. She doesn't listen to anyone. Moreover she says, she gets ideas while biting the pen. What an excuse!" says the stapler, enlightening the new comers about the norms.

       "She is a monster" says the pen, horrified hearing the news! There is a loud cough and every body turns in that direction. "Oh poor sharpner" wails the scale seeing it covered with dust. "Ever since she has bought that new lead pencil, she hardly looks at you" The sharpner smiles faintly. "I wish she would at least keep the desk clean. Look at the amount of dust here! Such a dirty place" says the pen cringing. "Have you seen her brother's desk? There is not even a speck of dust there. Life was so good until she brought me here" sobs the stapler, remembering the good old days.

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       The pen wriggles trying to breathe. There was no space to even stand freely in the pen stand. It was filled with lots of unused items. Empty pens, old pencils, sketch pens, markers. "She doesn't have the right to treat us this bad. We have to stand up against her! Else she will continue this way forever" says the pen who could no longer contain the frustration. "Look at her sleeping peacefully, leaving us like this! It's time for pay back. Lets attack her" says the pen, the nib shining under the faint light coming from the bulb, as if mirroring its zeal. "How do you plan on doing it?" asks the eraser. "Oh that's easy. The compass can give me a ride. And the scale and erasers can form a see-saw with the help of which we can go there and pierce her. Let her taste pain and she will understand our position" answers the pen with a wicked edge in its voice.

       "Quiet kid" a loud voice says and every one turns towards the source. The diary that lays in the corner which was a silent observer till now speaks. "Just because you had a rough day, doesn't mean you have to get all worked up like this. Poor girl, she is having a hard time with exams nearing and so little time left to read. She even had a fight with her friend today because of which she is upset. You don't have the slightest idea of what she going through. So just keep quiet and learn to endure" it says, a ring of authority evident in its voice. "Yeah. She is not that bad. I am sure life will turn to normal once her exams are over. And you will find out what a coolest person she is" chirps the paint brush remembering the fun it had painting. All the stationery items feel ashamed for having forgot all those happy moments and joining in with the pen in its insane mission. They thank the diary for reminding them the truth. 

       Meanwhile the alarm rings and I wake up. Oh God! What a dream it was! I go to the desk, to pick up my book and find all the items exactly like I had seen them in the dream. Was it really a dream? Gosh!! Do they really hate me? I hug my diary tightly, thanking it for being on my side and make a mental note to clean the desk that evening.

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Friday, 6 June 2014


        I sit on my bed watching photographs of me and Sameer. I had been doing it from the past few days, re-living every moment captured in those pictures once more - a photograph taken in the park where he was swinging me, our birthday parties, a snap from my cousin’s marriage where I was looking somewhere and he was sneaking a peek at me when my friend had clicked the picture, the walk on the beach where he had proposed to me… That brought a fresh wave of tears. I knew without as much as a glance in the mirror that I looked horrible, eyes swollen and kohl stained cheeks from non-stop crying.

       It was 2 am and I longed to drift into sleep’s oblivion where I could escape from all this pain but sleep wasn't an option. It had been days since I last slept peacefully. My days were filled with a constant internal turmoil. I was on the verge of breaking down but I still smiled on the surface, acting like I was fine in front of others; and no one noticed! I wonder if I was that good of an actress or people just didn't give a damn to observe closely and to figure out how lonely I was. I would break down as soon as I reached the familiarity of my room, the pent up emotions flowing out at once, all pretense vanishing in thin air.

       I look at my cell hoping to see messages from Sameer saying he missed me and scolding me for being so irresponsible. I almost smiled imagining how he would scold me if he saw the state I was in. I was sure he would frown more if I laughed when he was scolding. Ah, I was so desperate to hear his voice once. But I knew I couldn’t. I close my eyes wishing to escape from this all but the images from that night started to flash before my eyes.

       Images of him smiling as he said a bye to me as we returned from the beach. I was beaming with happiness after the proposal. I was smiling as I saw Sameer's name flash on my cell. I had received it thinking how it was just minutes before he had left and he already was calling me; only to be greeted with a news that shook the ground beneath my feet. "Madam the person has died due to an accident. The car driver was drunk and it was a hit and run case. We are calling you as your number was last dialled from this cell. Do you know this person?" I hadn't been able to respond to his questions; I was numb from shock! I couldn't believe how the day had turned out. My Sameer had paid an irrevocable price for someone else's fault; and I still was paying for the same! Memories from that fateful night haunted me as loneliness gripped me hard, enveloping me inside the black void. I cried for my loss, for the twisted joke destiny was playing on me. These days Music is my refuge. I can crawl into the space between the notes and curl back to my loneliness. The only escape I have found from this misery. I knew this memory would haunt me for a life time but for now, I tried to find solace in the music for I knew Sameer hated it when I cried.

PS: This story is fiction and is written in response to Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt 2014 #18.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Power of Trying - Bits and Bytes #2

       From childhood till now, I have never took up anything seriously. I pick a hobby randomly and practice it until I either achieve something or till I fail, the latter being the majority! Once I fail, I used to give up completely, never trying to do it again. I never believed in the power of trying. I was reckless and it showed in the work I did. But there was an incident that changed my view.

       I used to go for summer camps every year and once I had been to drawing class, probably in class 5. I thoroughly enjoyed sketching. It came to me naturally and I used to bring home beautiful sketches (well as beautiful as a class 5 student could!) and my mother used to beam with pride. My sir used to praise me and I used to bask in it completely.

       Everything was fine until I was made to hold a brush and try my hand at painting. You would think I aced in it as well but no; I was terrible at it! I used to spoil every sketch as soon as I tried to paint on it. This went on and I was growing frustrated increasingly! One day I was scolded by my sir for not paying attention and that was it. I had stopped going to classes! I know it was very stupid but I hadn't understood it then! At that time, I dropped out of the camp and no matter of convincing could make me go back.

       I had completely given up sketching until class 11 where I had to draw in my Biology record. Interest grew once again and I kept on drawing even in my spare time. I joined for the same drawing class once again and started honing my skills. It felt heavenly, to do something I loved so dearly. "It's time you learn painting. Colors speak so much more than these grey sketches" said my sir. I denied till I could but finally had to give in. It was difficult and as expected, my paintings turned bad. "Try" he used to say every time my face fell.

        There was one painting I loved very much, something I had seen a girl do. I wanted to try it but I knew I couldn't do it. Sir saw the dream in my eyes and he gave me the painting and said "You have 4 days until next class. You can try if you want to. You never know what you can do until you try!" I took it home and I don't know how many papers I tore until I finally managed to do it. Here is how it turned out at last.

       It's pretty good isn't it? No, I am not boasting. You will understand it yourself if you see my first try of the same. Here it is

       That is how I learnt that giving up was easy but it did no good. If I had tried this hard all those years back, I would have probably learnt a lot by now. Well, I guess its better late than never. So next time you encounter a failure, just remember, it indeed is a small step in the way of success and as they say "Keep on trying until you succeed" :)

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