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The Bestseller She Wrote - Book Review

Title: The Bestseller She Wrote 
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: Westland
ISBN: 978-9385152382
Number of Pages: 392
Price: 295[INR]
Genre: Romance

The Blurb:

He was a bestseller… She wanted him to make her one.

Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor’s life is straight out of a modern man’s fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak.

Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful, and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author.

What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained?

Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protégé.

The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption.

My Review:


       Meet Aditya Kapoor, author of many bestsellers. His life looks like a dream to many. With a job he loves, a wife who loves and supports him endlessly and his books continuously hitting the bestsellers list, there is nothing that he doesn't have. 

       Meet Shreya Kaushik, an aspiring author who wants to write a bestseller. She is beautiful and cheerful. She speaks her mind or so it seems in the beginning. Shreya is a go getter and she knows how to turn any situation in her favor.


       Aditya's life is perfect until that fateful day when he visits to his college as a guest. What started as a hate relationship between Aditya and Shreya, soon turns into that of a fan following. Shreya is smitten by Aditya's writing and his charms. Aditya who loves attention, is floored by this development and he isn't the one to let go of a golden opportunity like this. Soon starts the clandestine romance of Aditya and Shreya, which poor Maya has no idea about. Aditya seems guilty about his deeds but he is in no control of his life anymore. He thinks Shreya is in love with him and does so much for her only to find out much later that she was just using him to get her book published!
Things I Disliked:
  • There really wasn't much I liked in this book. Coming from a renowned author like Ravi Subramanian, I expected a much more polished story. I was hugely disappointed.
  • The story line is pretty normal. There was nothing that kept me interested in finishing the book.
  • Aditya Kapoor seemed much like an alter ego of some famous author. It was really annoying to read the way he carried himself.
  • The story is pretty much predictable. 


       I would definitely not suggest it. It was a huge let down for me. It could have been much much better than this.

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My Rating:

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