Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real Togetherness

       Few months back, when I was home, my brother often used to complain that I use my phone too much and don't give him enough time. I never paid much attention to it. I was having fun chatting with friends, reading what people are up to on Facebook, reading books on my e-reader and blogging about things that caught my fancy. That was my life style until recently before hostel life changed it all.

       Having never stayed out of home, hostel life was altogether a different experience for me. I was nervous and excited about living away from home with friends. I had heard many tales about hostel life from my friends which made me want to experience it once for myself. Excited, I set out for this new journey but as soon as I moved in to hostel, I realized there was no network in that place. Thus began a new life, without any network. At times, I felt like I was living in a jungle, without any contact with the real world. 

       As the initial shock of having to live in that place for nearly a year wore off, I began to wonder what people do actually in spare time! That is, when they don't have their nose glued to their smart phones. What did people do before smart phones took over our lives? 

       The answer came pretty soon. They set out to meet in real instead of chatting over text messages. And that is exactly what I did. I planned on making the most of my free time and the first thing on the list was to meet my Blogger friend Nibha who has been my friend for more than a year now. We wanted to do this real soon but things weren't in our favor as we lived miles apart. Moving to Bangalore presented this opportunity as she too was posted there, though temporarily. We decided to meet up for real finally after all the Whatsapping and Facebooking for one year. It was the first time I was meeting a friend after I don't know how long! And what an awesome day it was! We roamed around talking over anything and everything. There was so much to share! We didn't understand how and when time flew and soon it was time to say goodbye. Those smiles, those laughter which brought tears to our eyes, that feel of 'hi-fi'ing each other when we agreed on something and the joy of hanging out with a friend, nothing can match the happiness it brings. Whatsapp smileys and phone calls can never replace the joy of 'Real Togetherness'

        So, when was the last time you met someone in real? What are your thoughts about Real Togetherness?

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