Saturday, 29 March 2014


    Just a moment of anger was all it took to shake the foundation of a friendship that was built over years of trust.

    Though I didn't think at first it was my mistake, once the anger subsided, I realized how wrong I was in doing so.

    I was already missing my friend.

    I was tempted to call her and know if she was all right.

    Finally I could no longer hold back the guilt and apologized.

    Though reluctant at first, slowly she felt her heart begin to heal as she happily forgave me as we laughed over the whole issue.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014


       A sly grin crossed over his cunning face as he watched his emaciated workers struggle on the construction site.

       Degenerate that he was, he had never felt sorry for them nor did he ever think of providing them with any comforts of life!

       Just when he was about to leave, he saw a puppy run to its master and lick his face lovingly, who provided it with the only bread that he was left with even though he hadn't had any.

       Surprised he was as he witnessed this scene of pure love between a man and a creature as it was something he had never felt even for a fellow human being.

       'This is what it must be like to have a true companion' he thought as he longed for one!!

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PS: This post is written for Three Word Wednesday which required the use of Cunning, degenerate and Emaciated and Five Sentence Fiction the word for which was Companion.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


       The day had started normally with no signs of the adventure that would continue later! It was during the first year of our engineering probably. Same classes and same routine. I and Sadiya both were bored by the end of the day. And to top it up, we had to stand an hour long in the queue to pay some fees (I don't remember what it was but the wait was frustrating!) And by the end of the day, we were totally exhausted. No energy left what-so-ever.

       That's when the crazy idea popped up. Cooking! Recently we both had caught the 'cooking-tasty-dishes' virus and always looked up for something new to try. So we decided to give Kachori a try. If anyone had told me an hour ago that we would be doing something like this in some time, I would have laughed at them. But here we were, on this crazy mission of cooking Kachori.

       Since Sadiya's house was nearest to college, that's where our crazy plan started taking shape. The first challenge was recipe. But that was simple. We got it from here, the site I usually refer. The   next task was ingredients collection. There were many things that was on the list but not available at that time. Still not willing to give up, we took Sadiya's Dio and went for shopping. After roaming for a long time, we finally managed to collect every item on the list. Hurrah!!

       Being amateur cooks, we needed some help. And Sadiya's mom was more than willing to help. But we two desperately wanted to try our cooking skills, and so, we were reluctant to take help. Finally aunty settled down in guiding us and we happily took over the kitchen. It took nearly two hours for us to complete everything. And that two hours probably one of the craziest and fun filled time we had in our college life! Here is how the product of our efforts looked (The credits of garnishing goes to our craze for Master chef Australia series)

       So Kachori was ready and the next question was who would taste it first!! That was a topic we fought over for sometime before aunty finally agreed to do the honors (By the way we weren't fighting for taking the first bite. We both wanted the other to do it! you know, just in case!!) Turned out it was awesome and just like that, before we knew, the bowl was empty just leaving the memories of that evening behind! (I hope Sadiya won't mind me making this incident into a post!)

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Sunday, 23 March 2014


She smiles when I’m happy
And cries when I’m sad
Her joys lie with mine,
My success and my smiles!

Gentle as the evening breeze,
When my deeds are good.
But fierce as a storm,
When I do something wrong

I have hurt her million times,
But she never fails to forgive!
She always believes in me,
My constant support all time!

Heart pure as Gold,
And patience so divine!
She can sacrifice her dreams,
Just so I can have mine.

Is there any love
That’s as pure and selfless?
Nothing can beat Mother’s love,
It’s greatest of them all!

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       "Didi look, she doesn't know how to eat with a knife and fork!" screamed a girl and everyone at the table started laughing. They mocked at her like she had done some crime. Poor Anagha sat there, with her head bowed, not knowing what to do. It was the first time in her life she was attending such a huge gathering. She had never been to these big towns where people laughed at each other more than helping them. Life was easy back in the village where she had lived with her grandparents till now when her dad forcefully brought her to Mumbai for her further studies.

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       It had been too much of a cultural shock for Anagha! The first ever social party she had attended was now becoming a pure nightmare. People were laughing at her, looking down on her as a piece of entertainment. They were mocking her way of dressing, her so called table manners! She instantly developed a hatred towards these cruel people. She ran away from the table. She wanted to hide. "The more you fear, the more will they make fun of you", said a voice from behind. Anagha turned around to see a girl around of her age standing near her, wearing a concerned expression. "I am Shruthi", she said noticing Anagha's confused expression. "Don't let those people get into your head. Just enjoy your life without bothering about others".

      Anagha and Shruthi became the best of friends. Anagha slowly learnt about the etiquettes that so called people of high society followed. She learnt that once you were confident enough, nobody dared to make fun of you. But the parties always remained at the end of her list! The first experience she had was enough to leave a scar for life time. She sometimes longed to go back to the peace of her village. Whenever it got difficult for her to take the change, Shruthi was there for her, as her constant support. 

       Seven years down the lane and now she was a doctor. Graduation party! Though graduation sounded like music, the latter sent a chill through her spine. "It will be alright Anagha. Nobody is going to laugh at you. You have come way longer and its time you let go of the past. Parties are fun. You will love them once you learn to look past your prejudice" 

       So here was Anagha, at the party, after a lot of coaxing from Shruthi. She waited for people to look at her and make fun of her. But to her surprise, she was rather received warmly. She began to enjoy the ambiance. And when the time came for dinner, Anagha smiled as she held the fork and knife. When someone asked her why she was looking at them and smiling so fondly, she said, "These knife and fork have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life. Everybody isn't the same. There will be people who can make you feel vulnerable and also just like this pair of knife and fork, there are people who stand by you throughout your life, good and bad times alike. It's up to us to decide who is worth our time and energy!"

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Saturday, 22 March 2014


       "This is just a piece of junk dear!", said her hubby looking at the old bicycle that once belonged to her father.

       All the images of her childhood started flashing before her eyes, where this bicycle, which lay in its ruins now due to the recent accident, was a prized possession to her dad.

       "When we can buy a brand new two wheeler now, I don't understand why you still want to hold on to this", he said, not even once understanding how much that bicycle meant to her.

       She slowly went near the it, remembering all those difficulties they had faced to buy it, all those errands they had made for selling things, by going house to house, to meet their daily requirements and all those memories which were more than mere money!

       Taking in a deep breath and wiping away the tear that had escaped her eyes, she slowly said, "I wouldn't sell this, not even if someone offers me a million, because even in it ruins, this is still my most valuable treasure!"

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PS: This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction and the prompt word this week is RUINS.

Friday, 21 March 2014


       And here comes the most awaited day.. The 'Theme Revelation' day for the A-Z Challenge 2014. This is the first time I am taking this challenge and I am super excited about the whole thing.


       I had read so many people mention this and was curious to see what it meant. I loved what I found out. Blogging with a specific letter everyday for one whole month (Challenge accepted!), getting to know fellow bloggers, increase of traffic to your blog and by the end of the challenge, making friends. Sweet! It sounded as pleasant music to my ears! I couldn't wait to sign up for it.

       And then came the next challenge; picking up a theme. At first I decided I would blog without any particular theme. But what is life without a little challenge? So after searching for days and striking out almost every theme on my list, either because it was too difficult or because I couldn't connect much with the topics in that theme, I decided to go easy on myself as it's been only 21 days since I started blogging (Yeah you read it right!). So am a newbie in this massive blogging world, trying to find my footing amongst millions!

       It's time to reveal the theme I have come up without creating anymore suspense. I Call it 'The Flavors of Life' (Thanks Sadiya for helping me out with this one) It's all about the emotions. There are hundreds of emotions in our life. Life becomes boring without these! And what better theme could I find other than this to aid me in this first ever challenge. So I have decided to pick up one emotion a day beginning with the letter for that particular day and write something about it - a story, poem or maybe some real life incident. This is how it's going to be in the next month. Good? Awesome? Boring? How do you think is the theme? Do let me know!

       Hoping I can stick to this challenge till the end and write all the 26 posts required on time! Fingers crossed!!

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


It's time, she thought!
To give up the boring routine
And start something new,
Where she can feel alive. 

She looked up the mountain,
Where the sky divers climbed!
And watched with awe,
As they kissed the sky.

She wished to feel the rush,
And the joy of flying alike!
But the phobia hit her hard,
Making her wonder if she can!

I will do it, she said out loud,
As she enlisted herself for the task.
There is nothing to be afraid of,
Its just a matter of fact!

The ground felt authentic; sky unsure,
As she steadied herself for the fall.
It's foolish to try, just give up!
Whispered a small voice inside!

Eyes closed, she took a leap of faith,
And jumped without thinking twice.
Exhilarating was how it felt,
As adrenaline rushed through her heart.

Oh the joy, the feeling of being alive,
She had never felt so all her life.
She looked down and smiled again,
As the wind kissed her eyes.

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PS: This post is a part of Three Word Wednesday's 3WW CCCLXX  prompt and this week's words are Authenticate, Enlist and Phobia.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


       Someone asked me today, “Why do you write blog?” I quite didn't understand the question. I had to ask again to be sure what they meant. So the question was re framed as “What made you write the blog? Do you write because you like to or do you write for people to read and praise you?”

       The question was pretty simple. It was just a casual chat and my friend asked the question out of curiosity. But for me, it was very difficult to answer in just few words. There was a long story behind it. My love for writing goes way back in time; as far as I can remember. Being a shy girl, I always used to detest speaking in front of people. I tried a lot but every time I was made to face the crowd, I used to go blank. Trust me, it wasn't like I was short on ideas or I didn't have anything to say. I did have a lot of things running on my mind and I wanted to express them but the crowd made me forget it. Demo phobic, you can say! I used to make a fool of myself every time and slowly I stopped trying.

       That’s when I found the love of my life, my diary! Being someone who didn't like to speak much, I developed a bond with my diary. Slowly we became the best of friends and as our friendship progressed, I discovered that I could write easily what I feared to express in front of people. I kept on scribbling each night. That’s how the journey began. Though it wasn't about anything in particular, I wrote. People tend to share their joys and sorrows with their loved ones but for me it was always my diary. Not that there weren't people to listen to me but I had a problem saying out loud.

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       My love for writing made me an avid reader too. I started reading novels. And every time I read something good, I dreamt of writing like that. I wanted the world to read my ideas too! So you get the picture of where my love for writing comes from. It was the only means for me to vent out my feelings. And then Blogger happened! I wonder why I didn't stumble on this before. It was a year and half back when I first learnt about this wonderful place where people write for the sheer joy of writing (Well most of them). 

       It sounded like a paradise to me. To someone who was crazy about writing, the idea of meeting similar people with whom I can probably connect sounded exotic. But what took me so long to start blogging was that same old enemy, fear! I wasn't sure of myself. There were many questions like what will I write? What if I can’t? Then I came across a blogger, probably the first blogger that I read and still read, Gayu Di, as I call her fondly (Hop over to her blog. You will love it) Her writings were always an inspiration and I slowly started to believe in myself. She always spoke her mind and in many ways, it touched my heart. Everytime she posted something inspirational, it felt like she was speaking to me. Till date I follow her blog and Facebook page regularly.

       I got the final push I needed when our college conducted a creative story writing competition. I had refused to participate in the initial days thinking I couldn't do it but on the final day of submitting the entries, I couldn't hold back anymore and decided to give it a try. Guess what? I got a positive response and just like that I started the blog without thinking twice because I knew, if I didn't start soon, then my mind would come up with 1000 more escape plans! And now here I am! Finally into the blogging world!

     Coming back to the question, “Do I write because I want to be read?” Well that’s not my sole purpose. I write because I love it, it gives me a soothing feeling. It makes me happy. And thought it hasn't been long since I started blogging, I have started to regain the long lost confidence. I am a little braver than before because I have finally recognized my strength. I have tried my hands in many fields but this is one thing that has remained with me over time and been my constant companion. That is what writing means for me and that is why I write. Though praises are not what I write for, I don’t mind people reading my blog ;) who doesn't love to be read? Feedback always gives the necessary encouragement to keep going.

       So what is that you write for? 

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Monday, 17 March 2014


            Recently I and my friend got into a debate about our education system. It all started when our university results came out. "Our Education system is so corrupted", she said with anger. I didn't understand the reason behind her anger. She had scored 73%, that means a FCD! I felt she had no reason to behave this way. But what she said set my mind to thinking..

      "I have every reason to behave this way! Don't you see it? These days marks are the only things that matter. How you scored it, whether by cheating or by hard work doesn't even matter! There is no value for talent! And these corrections, I don't understand what gives them the right to take it so lightly. I should have got more than this!" she huffed.

     I could see what she was pointing at, but I didn't agree completely with her. There was always revaluations if your results are wrong. And marks surely aren't everything. These days interviews are conducted such that only people with real talent get a job. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry who has mugged up the whole syllabus for exams and poured it on the day of exams or who copied from his neighbor can get a job.

           But my friend wasn't ready to agree. She went on saying "Do you like to apologize for something you didn't do? It's like that when it comes to revaluation. You pay for some one else's mistake! And what about the people who can't afford it? Have you ever thought how difficult it will be for them if they fail because of someone's negligence? And talking about real talent, there is nothing as such. Marks is the measure of potential. No one asks about what you know, they ask about how much you scored!"

       I was beginning to slightly understand what my friend was saying. And I partly agreed with her. Though marks aren't everything, they sure has become a way to gauge you in most of the places. The first thing any relative would ask you would be "Beta, how much did you score this time?" Even parents compare their child's performance with their neighbor's child. It is like a matter of prestige for them to have their child perform better than the neighbor.

         But there are many good things about our education system. There are a lot of IITs, medical colleges, CA coaching centers and much more to encourage students in different fields. Scholarships are given to students who are in need to aid them, free schools are set up. There are many good things. But after the debate with my friend, I had to agree, there were some loop holes. Sometimes students are getting overly stressed. There is a slight lack of practical education.

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               We never reached to an agreement. Both were defending our sides. I guess like the old saying goes, good and bad are the two sides of a coin. They always come together. It's up to us to select the good things while staying aware of the bad things.

PS: This post is written as a part of Project 365 program and today's prompt was 'Bone of Contention'

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       Who doesn't love shopping? I absolutely do! Having a bad time? Shopping is the solution. Feeling low? Again shopping is the answer. No matter how sad I am, a shopping spree can always lift my mood and make my day. So it is with most of us I guess.

           I always used to hate shopping earlier. Don't get me wrong. I did love buying things. But what followed after at the billing counter was the real pain. "No madam, this is the price everywhere. Actually it's even higher. I am giving this to you at this price because you are our regular customer" says the cunning shopkeeper, who absolutely knows we aren't his regular customers but playing a pretense anyhow, fooling us by his sweet talk. We used to keep playing along the line and bargain a little more and come out triumphantly paying a little less to what the price was quoted, only to find out later that, the price we had paid was still higher than the usual price, the shopkeeper had started quoting the rates more than the market price.

           So you get the picture. It was like going for shopping and getting cheated most of the times. Bargaining wasn't my forte. And slowly I started detesting the whole idea of shopping.Until the online stores came into existence. Shopping became a whole lot easier. And fun too. How good it is to sit at home and shop whatever you want? You don't have to go shop to shop in search of the one thing that fits your taste, you don't have to pay the unreasonable price the shopkeeper quotes because there is a board saying fixed rate, you don't have to stand their bargaining for a discount all along receiving dirty looks from the fellow customers and the shopkeeper.

          Life has become so easy. The search that used to takes hours, now just takes minutes. Everything you need, may it be electronic products, books, accessories, appliances, furniture or clothes, you can get them all in one place. You can shop till your heart's content. And instead of getting a heart attack as the bill comes, you realize that you have actually saved more. There is no fear of having spent more than you could afford and having to suppress the urge to shop for months. 

         And the best part is yet to come. The coupons. Whenever you shop, you are actually getting a whooping discount on the products and along with that, you are actually getting an additional amount to shop more. And the products get delivered to your doorstep within a matter of few days. Oh yes! You don't have to carry the heavy shopping bags now! How cool is that? And in case, you didn't like the product when it gets delivered (which I doubt!), there is always a cashback policy to aid you (Unlike the traditional shopping where there will be a board saying 'Goods once sold will not be exchanged or taken back')

      I used to download ebooks before to read novels. It was uncomfortable. I missed the feel of the book in my hands. But now thanks to the online shopping stores, I have a mini library in my room! Life can't get any easier. Shopping has become fun. I don't need any occasion now to shop. Have a party, no tension. A friend's birthday and you need to buy a gift? Again no worries. There is a solution for everything at the online stores. Buying books, gifts, everything has become a whole lot easier. And without getting bankrupted.

            So what are you waiting for? Bring out the shopaholic in you. Grab that most awaited thing you wanted from so many days. Shop.. Only to save more!!

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


          She smiled as she recalled the events that took place a few moments ago. The day which started with a sad note had now become a memorable one. It was the day she had married Nihal, the day she cherished the most, even more than her own birthday, for she didn't think she could have got a better husband than him. Nihal was everything she had ever dreamt of. A slight blush colored her cheek as she smiled inspite of herself.

         Nihal was on a business trip to New Delhi. Doing overtime at office, the chores at home, shopping, reading.. Aaliya was doing everything she could to keep herself busy but there didn't go a single waking second that she didn't think of Nihal. It had been almost 10 months now. Aaliya was heart broken. And today was worse as it was their day! She had never been this desperate. She decided to spend the day as she would have spent it, if Nihal was there. She dressed in blue, for she knew Nihal loved that color on her. She even wore that ear ring he had gifted her, his very first gift. She baked a cake too! But then she started missing him even more. "If only Nihal was here", she sighed.

         That's when Nihal had surprised her by paying a visit out of the blue! "You are looking beautiful dear" she turned around and was shocked. Aaliya couldn't believe her eyes. She had to pinch herself to make sure that it was all real and not a hallucination that her desperate mind was creating. "Nihal!" cried Aaliya as tears of joy started filling her eyes. She wiped it away frantically as she didn't want tears to cloud her vision of Nihal, her Nihal. And now he was here, with her, smiling lovingly at her.

          The day went perfect. There was celebration, cake, music, dance and most importantly Love. Aaliya had never been this happy in the last ten months. She wished she could pause time at this very moment. But it seldom happens as we wish and Nihal said exactly the thing of which she was afraid of. "I have to go", he hung his head as he said those words for he couldn't bear to see the hurt in her eyes. Before she could protest, he continued, "I promise I will be back in Bangalore very soon and we could be together again"

        Aaliya held on to that line as she bid goodbye to him. She knew he would keep his words. And till then she would hold on to this day dearly. She watched as Nihal left in a hurry to catch his flight. She smiled as she walked inside. She was already missing Nihal. She sat there for a long time recalling how they had first met, how they had fallen in love and how they had broken the odds together.

        She didn't know how long she sat there like that. She finally turned on the TV as she couldn't bear the silence anymore. She made herself busy with the chores. The cake was still lying on the table, unfinished. She started removing the ear ring, all the while smiling. No matter how many gifts she had received, this still was the one that she held close to her. Simple, yet so precious! Smiling, lost in thoughts, that's when she received the shock of her life. "The fight from Bangalore to New Delhi crashed and all the passengers died" announced the news reader as pictures of the crash were displayed.

         Aaliya felt like someone had hit the life out of her. The ear ring fell on the table. Tears started flowing endlessly as she tried to get a grip. She felt like the ground beneath her was shaken. Her legs gave away and she fell on the ground, crying hard. She couldn't believe it was just an hour ago she had thought that the day couldn't have got any better. Now everything was over. Her Nihal was no more.

          The phone started ringing continuously where it lay on the table. Aaliya didn't have it in her to get up and answer the phone. She was so lost in her grief. She wished whoever was calling, would stop trying. After three or four attempts they did stop. Aaliya sat there with tear stricken face watching as they showed the footage on the TV. She wished she could turn it off but she couldn't even get up. The blow was too much.

           The doorbell was ringing but Aaliya was numb. She didn't answer. "Aaliya!" shouted the voice. That broke her train of thoughts. The voice sounded familiar. She longed to hear it one more time. "Aaliya! Open the door for God's sake! It's me Nihal" shouted the voice. She couldn't believe her ears. She ran towards the door. It was indeed Nihal. Aaliya couldn't believe her eyes. The day itself was filled with surprises for Aaliya. "But Nihal, you were going to catch the flight for Delhi" she asked still shocked of all this. "I missed it Aaliya. That damn driver was drunk. Forget about reaching the airport, I am glad I could make it out of the cab alive" replied a frustrated Nihal walking inside, completely oblivious to all that had happened. "Why didn't you answer your phone Aaliya? I was worried" said Nihal picking up the phone from the table.

          Later when they picked up the celebrations from where they had left off, Aaliya closed her eyes and said a sincere thanks to the almighty and to the driver who prevented Nihal from reaching the airport on time.

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Friday, 14 March 2014


"But this is not the latest model" I cried when my dad bought me a new smartphone for I wanted the best.

How much had I wanted to be the first one to buy the latest smartphone that had just arrived in the market and flaunt it in front of my friends.

I walked out dejected wanting to be alone for sometime, to nurse my wounded heart.

That's when I saw two children, one of them handicapped, both crying out of hunger and begging for alms.

A lump formed in my throat when I realized how lucky I was to have been blessed with comforts of life and decided to overlook just the material comforts to be happy in life.

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PS: This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction word prompt which required to write a five sentence story based on the prompt word LUCKY.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


                Thousands of words, thousands of emotions,
                Goes through her mind, rips her apart.
                She wants to be heard by someone who cares,
                By someone who can understand her heart.

                She cries at night, unheard by the world,
                For she couldn't bear the hurt anymore!
                A decrepit soul had she become from within,
                She knew no more to laugh!

               She wore a mask in front of the folks,
               And she smiled though she cried inside.
               For she knew they wouldn't care anyhow,
               How credible her thinking was!

               She wished someone would come by someday,
               To end her sufferings and redeem her heart.
               A pensive look crossed her face,
               When she dreamt inspite of the past.

                I will believe, I will hope,
                She tried to convince herself.
                She longed to smile for real one day,
                By letting go of her wounded self.


PS: This poem is written for Three Word Wednesday prompt 3WW CCCLXVIII which required the usage of 3 words Credible, Decrepit and Pensive.

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Sunday, 9 March 2014


        I finally had got the much needed break I longed for from so many days. But that wasn’t free of cost! I had traded this freedom with one of the events I wanted to take part in Techzone (Well what Techzone is, is for another post) I finally got to spend Sunday morning lazing around without having much to do. Well I did have assignments to complete but that was for later. All I wanted was some lazy time. But things seldom go as you wish and soon I got another work to do. To get my voter ID card corrected. I wanted to get it corrected from so many days but didn't have time for it. And today they had come near my home and mom wanted me to get it corrected when I had a chance. There goes my lazy Sunday!!!

        So I started filling form. My grandpa had warned me to pen it down elsewhere first and then to copy to the form. But since I was on the lazy mode, I directly started filling form and being the absent minded girl that I am, I wrote it wrong! Trying not to bring this to my parents’ notice for the fear I might be chided for my over confidence, I slowly tried applying the whitener. But that damn thing had stopped working. I tried, tried and tried but it was of no use! Still not willing to give up I slowly opened the nozzle and turned the whole thing upside down. Since it wasn't working, I had assumed that thing to be empty but for the love of God, it started spitting whole fluid on my hands! I was lucky that there was a waste sheet of paper I was experimenting with earlier to shield the form from this or I dare not imagine what the outcome would have been!

        By this time, my disastrous experiment caught my mom’s attention and she called out my brother to help me out while removing the form and keeping it in a safer place. My brother was very careful not to touch the ink spilled for he didn't want to get his hands stained where as my left hand had totally turned white, like I had got painted my hand with a white paint. I slowly went to the sink and started washing both my hands. I was just thinking how silly I was to have done such a thing when my brother screamed “Are you out of your mind?” At first I didn't understand what he was talking about but when I followed his eyes, I was equally appalled! Both my hands were now White as the snow! And I had a function to attend in the evening where I would be receiving prize! Whitener fluid isn't something that can be washed off easily! I imagined going up the stage with these hands and shuddered at the thought! I thought I was doomed…

        That’s when my brother stared taking action. He brought a bottle of kerosene, an old brush and started to wipe off the marks slowly by frequently dipping the brush in kerosene. He kept saying that he wouldn't have done it if I didn't have a function to attend. It took him nearly 10 minutes to wash off all the stains. When he was done, it was his turn to panic. In the process of helping me, he had completely stained his hands. And I couldn't help but laugh at the expression. But having seen how I had messed up, he was careful not to spread the stain further and washed it off effectively unlike me!

         When both of us were done, we came back inside where I found mom washing her hands. When I asked what happened, she said she was trying to help us by putting the nozzle back and now she too had stains on her hands which refused to go! I and my brother looked at each other for a second and then both burst out laughing. It was a fun filled time, all thanks to the whitener (or probably to my absent mind!) And yes! I am never going to open the nozzle of a whitener ever again in my life!!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014


          Nature is God's greatest gift to mankind. Sometimes just a walk through the greenery is enough to uplift your mood and refresh your soul.

         A painting I made some time ago. This painting does hold a special paint in my heart as its the first ever acrylic painting I did :) Would like to know your opinion about it :)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


             I hate it absolutely when I have full day classes! When I come home, my mood will be totally grumpy and I will not be in a position to talk with anyone. If you know me personally, then you will know that I am basically a friendly person but on days like this, all of my friendliness will vanish! Especially between the time I come home and the time till I have had enough rest.

              Yesterday was one such day when I had full day class. I had lab in the noon & it was 6 pm when I came home. Needless to say, I was very tired.  While entering home, I had my cell phone in hand and I was chatting with my friends. The first thing my mom said was "Is it necessary to use your mobile even when you have just arrived home?" But there was some fun discussion going on in our group on whats app; so I refused to keep my cell down. This went on and on. I was chatting while having food and even after that. My mom was trying to talk to me sitting beside me, she was curious about my day but I was only giving vague replies to her queries. She took it as long as she can but there is a limit to every person's patience and in the end, I ended up testing it to the extreme. My mom got angry and started yelling at me. Not thinking why she was angry, I shouted back saying she always just scolds me no matter what, she just needs a topic to scold me! 

                 Having said that, I stormed off from that room and sat in isolation listening to music. And for some reason, tears started rolling down my eyes. Music always has a soothing effect on me and eventually, I calmed down. Once I regained my senses, I started reflecting on my earlier outburst. I tried to view the whole incident from my mother's point of view. This is how it might have looked for her:

      I was waiting for my daughter to come back from college. She usually comes by 1 pm but today she is late. She didn't even come home in the noon for lunch! She must be so tired. I have cooked her favourite dish. Ah! Here she comes finally. But she is walking looking at her cell. I wonder what is so important that she always keeps texting. I asked her to stop chatting but she didn't listen. I am curious to know how her day went. Did something good happen to her? Oh I would love to hear it. Did she face any difficulties?  Or maybe had a bad day? I hope that wouldn't have happened. I wonder how the food is.. She didn't even notice I have cooked her favourite dish! She is so busy with her cell; she isn't even listening to what I am saying! Wish she could talk with me a little more. I don't think I could get more time like this once she moves out next year for further studies. The thought itself brings tears to my eyes! I ask her again to tell her about her day at college but she just says 'Ummm' and I lost my patience. I spend whole day alone at home and when she comes home, I think I finally can have a break from the monotonous routine I have whole day. But she doesn't even give me enough time. The thoughts bothered me and I ended up shouting at her. She was hurt. She said I would always find a reason to shout at her but only if she knew how much I loved her! She even started crying. I Wish I could have been a little easy on her...

            The thoughts made me feel so ashamed of myself! How could I have been so selfish, that I thought only about myself without even realizing that I was hurting my mom through my actions. I immediately went to her and apologized. She was happy to forgive me and overlook my misbehaviour. Later we sat there talking for a long time. I answered everything she wanted to know and yes, this time, without the cell!

               I guess we are all so self obsessed that we always think about ourselves! We assume whatever we do is correct most of the times and hate to give in to other! But often, its important to step into other people's shoe and see how it might have felt for them. Then we will get to see a whole new scenario!  

   This post was for the We post daily prompt. Today we were required to write about the last disagreement we had with a friend or family member, from their perspective.

Until the next post,
Keep smiling :)

Swathi :)