Saturday, 31 May 2014

Super Heroes and Super Powers - WOW #12

        Everyone dreams of having some super powers. And especially during our childhood, these dreams are firmly rooted in our minds either due to a particular story we heard or due to a fancy movie we saw! They do influence a great part of our imagination. And just like everyone else, I too had few dreams where I wanted to possess super powers; powers that would make me cool!

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       It all started with the Potter craze! I was in class two I guess. I loved this game 'Dave' and was addicted to it. But I had to wait till my dad was free so that he could take me to his friend's home where I would play with his son (let me call him M) when they both chatted away happily. That was the first time I saw Harry Potter movie. M was totally crazy about HP and he made me watch the movie with him. That did it. I was glassy eyed all through the movie and signed in for life time potter fan club. We used to play potter games all the time. M set the rule saying he is HP and I can be Hermoine throughout the game, whenever we play it! That was cheating! I wanted to be HP! But he would take none of it! "I am the guy and I get to be HP" he said and that was final!

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       So that's how started my first dream of super powers. I wished I had powers like Harry; magical powers. I used to wait for postman hoping I would get acceptance letter from 'Hogwarts' where I could learn magic. I wished I could battle evil just like Harry did and help my friends, earning points for 'Gryffindor' I even had memorized all the spells and cast it on appropriate occasions using my wand (yes, I had prepared one for myself) Of course they never worked! I even wished I could play 'Quidditch' and was caught by M trying to kick the broom off the floor! It was hilarious sight for him and little embarrassing for me every time he talked about it in front of anyone!

       Then there was 'The Winx Club' which I saw on Cartoon Network. The girls looked ordinary and they went to school but it wasn't just a school. It was a school where they taught Magic. They grew wings when they were in trouble and fought with the evil. I wished I was that cool! Then came our very own Indian movie 'Koi Mil Gaya' where the alien granted super powers to Hrithik! How I wished it happened with me! One thing common in all my dreams was 'Magic' and I always wished I had it in me. I wanted to fight the evil and save the world. Of course I believed that 'With great power comes great responsibilities' and I was ready to take it.

       Those were the dreams I had as a kid. But as years passed, my dreams became more self centered. The novels I read influenced my idea of super powers a lot and I had a different perspective. I had read 'The Immortal Series' and I wanted to read minds like the female protagonist. She could memorize the whole book just in one glance! She could even pick thoughts from others' brain! How cool is that! Life would have been so much easier with no need to stress over studying for exams or worrying what the other person is thinking! I would know it all! I so wanted to have that power!

       Likewise the dreams kept changing all the time. Sometimes I wished I could see the future and prevent bad things from happening and some other times I wished I could be invisible according to my wish so that I can sneak on some people. Oh the dreams never ended and I never was able to decide which was that super power I wanted to have.

       Now if I think about it, the answer might probably vary! If some one would really grant me 'one' super power according to my wish, then I want that power to be 'Strength'! Strength to protect the ones I love, strength to persevere even when things get difficult and fulfill my dreams, strength to walk on the right path and strength to make the right decisions. After all, these are the things that really matter; at least for me, they do! So that is the super power I wish to have :)

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Friday, 30 May 2014

A Project Demo! - Bits and Bytes #1

       Recently I have been writing so much for prompts that I am writing either fiction stories or poem; free write completely forgotten until yesterday I was writing my dear diary and realized how much I missed it! So here is a new concept 'BITS AND BYTES' that I came up with the help of my dear friend Nibha Gupta, under which there will be a free write every week starting from today.

       It is the exam season and this week I had lab exams. I am so glad that I am done with it! Though it should have been easier than theory, it definitely is not and we despise these a lot! A major credit of this hatred goes to the Viva Voce that will be conducted during these exams. I swear these are the only times when I feel so helpless and oh yes, clueless too! Though this time we didn't have viva, we had an even more challenge! Demo!

        I had finished executing the program and I sit there waiting for my turn to be slaughtered. Finally the external calls me and my project partner and asks us to give a demo of the game we have designed. He sits there staring at the screen, his expression assures the already scared mind of ours that we are in for trouble. So we start with the demo. We aren't even halfway through when he decides to interfere. 

Examiner: "Stop! How does this work?"

I don't know why but during these times, my speaking ability goes weak and my inner voice becomes dominant! 

Inner Voice: You would have learnt it if you had paid attention to what I said till now! 

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       But of course I don't say it aloud. I explain him the concepts again. Once he nods his head indicating he understood, I resume with further explanations and he doesn't take long to interject! 

Examiner: "Where did you get inspiration to work on this?"

Inner Voice: Inspiration? Please! I was forced to do this. If not for the syllabus, I would never have done this. So the question of inspiration is a moot point! 
Me:"We used to play this game online and when we were presented with an opportunity to design one, we knew it had to be this!"

Examiner: "So how did you like working in OpenGL platform?"

Inner Voice: I definitely would ban it from syllabus if I could! What's the use of struggling with something which isn't of much use for us!
Me:"It was an awesome experience sir! We got to learn so much about graphics and the concept of designing a game"
Inner Voice: aah! How I hated the whole lame process!

Examiner: "So why did you stop? Continue with your explanations"

Inner Voice: I would have finished it by now had you not thought it necessary to interject at every point!
Me: Sorry sir! I will complete it now.

       So I and my partner finished explaining the whole thing and he did look intrigued. He asked us questions about how it worked again and once he got it, he turned scornful!

Examiner: "So what's special about this? I think its pretty simple and I am sure I can finish it for the first time only"

       And he starts playing. And he lost :D Oh how I loved it! 

Examiner: "Well that was because I was a little confused and I didn't know it right. I will do it this time"

Inner Voice: That is what first time is all about! If you are well trained at it, then it wouldn't be called your first time!

       We didn't speak a word and just watched his attempts at figuring out the game, which he did eventually and with a smug expression he continued.

Examiner: "See. It was as simple as that! I don't understand what was so special in that. Tell me why do you think I will accept this?"

       Though he looked intrigued by it few minutes back, now he was calling it simple! And was threatening us about the validity of it! We didn't know what to answer and over time we have learnt that, the more you answer, the more questions follow! So we just kept fidgeting in our seats waiting for the punch line, which soon followed.

Examiner: "I will give you some modifications. If you can incorporate those in your game, I will accept it. What say?"

Inner Voice: Have you left us an option to say no! 
Me: "Definitely Sir. We will do it"

       He was having fun, more than he should! He gave us some changes to do and left to see the demo of another group whom we watched with pity! We could hear the same conversation continuing there. After half an hour of efforts, we finally figured it out. Phew! He came to check it further and his reaction was incredulous!

Examiner: "Hmmm... This is what you did! I see! Oh well that's fine I guess. Okay I will think about your project!"

       He definitely was teasing us now enjoying every bit of it. He didn't talk any further and just said we could leave! We were waiting for it and escaped from there without as much sparing a glance in his direction, for we feared he would start all over again! We heaved a sigh of relief once we were out of lab. That was one such experience.

       Phew! Thank God it ended! At least I can breathe freely for next six months before another such encounter! That was my experience. Did you have any similar experience? Do share them here.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

My Role Model

       I often hear in news about female foeticide and abandoning of the new born baby if it turns out to be a girl! There still are many places in India where this act happens but thankfully I live in a slightly developed town where these things occur less. Even so, I have been told that when I was born, there was certain disappointment among some people; they were expecting a boy, who would take ahead the glory of family to new heights. As if a girl couldn't do it!

      And there even were some people who pitied and blamed my maternal grandfather for his luck! He had 4 daughters and no son and I have heard my mom telling me stories of her childhood; how they were bullied by their cousins and how people would look down on him and pity him. Some even said that he might have committed some sin in his previous birth for which he was being punished now! Nonsense!! But he never paid heed to them; not then and certainly not now! He was happy and indeed counted us as blessings.

       I was his first and only granddaughter, the rest being grandsons; so I obviously was pampered a lot. I remember awaiting summer holidays so that I could visit him. He has inspired me in several ways ever since then. He is a man of divine patience and he believes in finding good in everything and everyone. He had a provision store until few years back and that was pretty famous in the whole town. He is respected by everyone and I feel proud saying I am his granddaughter. From narrating stories to me amidst his busy schedule to teaching me coping up with different situations, he did it all.

       I clearly remember an incident from my childhood. When I had been to Bhadravati (his place), I badly wanted to buy a sweet from the shop in front of our home. But I was sure that would earn me a little lecture about how that shop is not good and how he would get me something good later! No, I didn't want something good but I wanted the same thing I was eyeing, the white sweet which promised delight! So I slowly sneaked into my grandpa’s shop and took a rupee from the cash counter slowly. Right then he turned! I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw his eyes narrowing; there were a lot of people and I was becoming red in face thinking of the scene that would continue. But within a fraction of second, the smile returned and I was let go. I had rejoiced that I was successful in fooling him but I was wrong. Later that night I was chided for stealth. He had seen it but he had let me go for he didn't want to put me to shame in front of everyone.

       That day I had learnt the biggest lesson of my life – "If you are praising someone, then do it in front of everyone and if you have to scold someone, make sure you do it alone!" I have seen so many people shouting at others but my grandpa was a man of patience. And more over, just a disapproving from him look was enough to make you realize your mistake; there was no need for him to raise his voice. Whenever I visited him, I used to sit in his shop all the time, so I got a pretty good chance of knowing him. People used to call him ‘Anna’ (meaning brother) fondly. They loved talking to him and he always used to give chocolates to their kids. Oh they adored him!  I had seen him giving away goods to some people on credits and when I voiced my thoughts about how it’s a bad idea, he had said “Trusting is my choice. Proving me right or wrong is in their hands. Moreover, what goes around comes around. If you were meant to lose something, you will lose it anyhow”

       Now that all his daughters are married, he and my grandmother stay by themselves. I often see my mom worrying about it and I am worried too but he just brushes off any pleas of coming down to stay with us saying it isn't a big deal! Even at the age of 75, he gets up early at 4, does yoga, walks for 6 kms, completes daily chores at home and then runs his shop! Yes, he runs a steel shop on his own. He never sits idle; he says sitting idle is the only thing he hates! We even at this young age complain about work load being too much or days going bad but seeing him, I feel inspired. He always is enthusiastic when it comes to learning new things and never thinks twice before helping some one in need. 

       He was there for me all along; right from my first cycle to my first mobile, he was the one bought them for me and the one who shared my joys. Some people give you free advice for every problem of yours without even knowing half of the things but he is a man of knowledge and he practices what he preaches. Whenever I used to complain about the unfairness of life when something bad happened, he used to assure me everything had a purpose and good and bad are indeed two faces of a coin! So many of my life’s lessons I have learnt from him and I still continue to look up to him whenever I need guidance. He truly is a role model for me. His patience, his ease with which he handles things and the kindness are something which I wish I can learn.

       I so wanted to take a selfie for this activity but couldn't as we live in different places! Still I didn't want to miss adding his photo here.

My lovely grandfather - Sheshgiri Bhat
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Sunday, 25 May 2014


The heat of the summer,
Becoming unbearable everyday!
All the fun and laughter,
Seems to have evaporated as well!

The joy of watching the rain,
Sitting curled up near the window.
Or maybe going out for once
And enjoying the dance in the rain.

That lovely smell of mud,
And the hot cup of coffee.
The relief as the heat fades away,
Putting an end to our torment!

The beauty of mother earth
As she blossoms with joy!
It definitely is a sight to see,
Oh how I miss them all!

I look up at the sky longingly,
And wish it would rain soon.
Washing away the unbearable heat
And bringing smiles again.

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Magic! - WOW #11

        "But mumma just one more story please and I promise I will sleep like a good girl" chirped Rose, pleading her mom, eyes filled with enthusiasm. "Fine! Just one" sighed Jane who had been reading stories to her ten year old from past one hour, one after the other for Rose never got tired of listening to it. It had been difficult to cope up with Dave's death but Jane had been working hard keeping Rose oblivious to all the grim happenings.

       Rose was used to hearing fairy tales every night. She was fascinated by them. Snow white, Rapunzel, Fairies and Pixies, she wished they all existed. "Do they exist in real mumma?" she asked her eyes full of hope as her mom tucked her in bed. "They do, as long as you believe in them" said Jane kissing her good night and switching off the lights. Rose lay awake for a long time imagining life with friends. Children of her age didn't like to play with her. They laughed at her when she talked about prince and horses with horns. They thought she was mad. She sighed. Somewhere in between thoughts she fell asleep, wishing fairy tales were real!

       She was woken up in the middle of the night by some noise outside the window. She could see a light shining faintly in the distance. She was curious and tiptoed silently to the window. There she saw a brilliant silver, coming from behind the tree. She didn't know what it was coming from, for the source was hidden behind the tree near the lake but it was so beautiful that she couldn't stop herself. She tried climbing down the window and fell with a low thud. She had little scratches on her hand but she didn't care. She moved towards the tree with lithe steps. The light got brighter and brighter as she moved nearer. Her heart beat fast as she reached the lake. She held her breath as she turned to see the source and almost screamed in excitement and shock! It was a unicorn!!

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     She couldn't believe her eyes. Standing there beside the lake was a beautiful unicorn. She had thought unicorns would be beautiful but how wrong she was! They weren't just beautiful, they were beyond beautiful! The sight was pure magic. She didn't know how long she stood there admiring the beauty of the creature. Suddenly she had an urge to touch it and she slowly started moving towards it. She held out her hand tentatively afraid of scaring away the creature but her fears were vain; the creature bent forward placing its muzzle in her palms. It was so soft that Rose wanted to keep caressing it. "I can take you for a ride if you want. Hop on my back" said the unicorn to a very startled Rose! She knew Unicorns were magical creatures but she hadn't expected them to talk! The night was filled with surprises!

       She climbed on the unicorn quickly, afraid it will vanish in thin air! She didn't want to miss this opportunity. She had dreamt of this all her life when she sat alone watching other kids play. She was excited to see where the magical creature would take her. She held on tight but it wasn't necessary. The creature glided smoothly on the river. If not for the changes in her surroundings, Rose couldn't have made out that she was moving. All the images she had picturized about the magical world started flashing before her eyes but the imaginations of a ten year old were far from reality. She had never made justice to the beautiful fairy world.

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       The land was sheer brilliance. Everything there screamed 'Magic'. Mountains stood high majestically as if kissing the sky. The valleys were deep, beyond her vision could see. It appeared as if the land was floating in the middle of no where! The lake was crystal clear, smooth like ice and as it flowed down the valley, it appeared as if milk. Trees stood like dancers welcoming to the land. Grass spread out covering the entire place and beautiful flowers bloomed everywhere. The castle stood amidst this magical land, from where Rose could envision prince charming walking out. She lost track of time. She didn't know how long she was there exploring the 'Magical Kingdom'. She had never been so happy in her entire life!

       Like all things come to an end, it was finally her time to leave. She wished she could live there forever. But she knew she had to leave, for her mom would be worried if she finds her missing. She looked around one last time trying to etch these in her mind, remembering every single thing and held on to those memories tightly on her way back. She reluctantly climbed down the unicorn in front of the lake where all this magic had begun. She caressed its muzzle again and planted a soft kiss on it as she thanked it. Everything around her went blank and Rose felt sleepy all of a sudden.

       "Rose wake up! It's late" She heard her mom say waking her up. She was confused as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. She wasn't sure how she came back; maybe she had dreamt about it all. "Mom I had a beautiful dream last night" said she in all her excitement. "A Unicorn came by and granted me a wish" she went on and on as her mom bathed her. "Oh dear! What happened to my princess's hand?" asked Jane seeing the scratches on her hand! Rose stopped her blabber, shocked for once! It wasn't a dream after all! She truly had seen the Unicorn and the 'Magical Kingdom' last night. Had she? Had the unicorn really granted her a wish? She couldn't believe it! "Mom do you think magic exists in real" asked she again. "It does darling. As long as you believe in it" came the reply. She said it not wanting to break her daughter's dream but little did she know what had happened!

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Friday, 23 May 2014

He Wished He Knew!

copyright: erin leary
Standing in what was once their favorite spot of park brought back memories of the past.

He had avoided coming here all these years. He had tried pushing all the memories to the back of his mind but seeing her smiling face today had been too much.

He knew it was his mistake; he had never understood her love and had always taken her for granted.

He wished he knew then what he knew now. Then he wouldn't have had to see his love smiling jovially in the arms of someone else; a smile that should have been for him!

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chain Awards!

       Few weeks back probably, I received a chain of awards from Sunday Visitor. I am extremely happy to be receiving this and I humbly accept it. Thank you :) But I couldn't write about it sooner as I was pretty busy in the past few days.

♥ The Versatile Blogger ♥

♥ The Most Creative Blogger ♥

♥ Reader Appreciation Award ♥

♥ Most Influential Blogger ♥

Here are few random facts about myself
  • I love chocolates.
  • I like to read novels of supernatural genre.
  • Classical music attracts me more than rock!
  • I hate being left out.
  • I wish someday I get a chance to attend some art school.
  • I love to cook delicious food.

Here are my nominees:


I hope you people will accept the award :) Congratulations folks :) Happy blogging :) 

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Password - WOW #10

       I was in 10th standard when I had created my first ever email ID! I know its pretty late comparing how even kids have mail IDs now-a-days and several for that matter! I didn't have net connection at home at that time and I had never visited to cyber till date except for getting print outs of information for school projects.And also I had never felt the need of having one!

       It was the time of summer holidays and I had joined for a computer course, more out of boredom rather than out of interest! The only thing I was interested was creating my own account which was the last part of a month long course! It seems silly now remembering how I was all worked up over something so trivial! So the day finally arrived and I was allowed to access net and create my own ID!

      I clearly remember how exciting it was! I had the feeling of being all grown up. It felt like I was doing something of high importance. Then started the problem. What would be the password? I had no idea what or how I should choose it. The instructor who was watching like a hawk suggested something but I was skeptical. Isn't password meant to be secret? Why should he know it! 

       The first possibility that occurred to me was my name. Nah! That would be too easy for anyone to guess. So I brushed it off. My birth date? Well not that either! Mom's name? Dad's name? Place of birth? But those were all easy to guess and I had seen how in movies these were the first tries you go for when you want to hack into someone else's account! So I had to think of something only I knew! Then I remembered my list of favorites. But this list is something that never stays constant. It keeps on changing. What if I forgot my password! I certainly didn't want that to happen.

       That day I had come back without creating any account. I thought and thought whole evening but there wasn't anything in particular that appealed to me. Finally I got something that night when I was watching a serial. Those were the days when 'Miley Jab Hum Tum' was pretty popular among teens and I was no different. While watching that I decided to set my password as the name of my favorite character Mayank's real name along with my last name, which at that time no one knew other than my family! Perfect combo. 

       I was smiling ear to ear at my accomplishment. I was so excited that I couldn't wait till next evening! So the time came and I finally created my account, logged on to yahoo messenger as well and had a little chat. Everything was fine. Of course I was on cloud nine. With that my course ended too and I couldn't go online for the next few days. I made sure I remembered the password. But the funniest thing happened when I went to cyber next week to access my dear account and realized that in the process of remembering password, I never really paid much attention to my mail ID! I perfectly remembered the password but what was the use when I didn't know the ID! I had come back dejected feeling like the world was about to end!

       Of course it didn't end and nor did I ever remember that ID again! But I do know the password even now :D and whenever I remember this incident, I smile sheepishly wondering how could I have been so naive!

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Different Types of Students in a Class!

       Everybody isn't the same. People are different from each other - their habits, their likes and their ways are different. Even in a small group of people, you can find variety of traits. The first time we get introduced to these diversities is in schools. Confused we will be, but slowly we try to find the person of our kind and become best friends with them. This has been the age old ritual that takes place in almost all schools and colleges; because we feel more comfortable with the person of our own kind. What is this kind you might ask! So here are a few different kinds of people you can find in almost every classroom!

1. The Queen Bee:
       Or you can call her the heroine of the class. She is the one every guy in the class secretly has a crush on and can do anything to get in her good books. And so naturally, the one most of the girls hate! Is it a case of sour grapes? I never understood! She is always concerned about her looks and is the style icon of the class. Half of them go to her for beauty tips!

2. Sketcher:
       This person is obsessed with sketching. They think that when there is any occasion or celebration in the classroom, it is their duty to sketch on the board and make it look presentable. They can decorate the boards for occasions ranging from New Year to Teacher’s day. While this was about one type of sketchers, there is another category, a major one – The desk artists. They create a wide range of designs and arts on the desk mostly during boring classes to pass time!

3. In Love Couple:
       There is always that ‘in love couple’ in class who is the object of talk for the rest of the class. But they rarely notice! They obviously are busy noticing each other. From exchanging love filled glances to notes in classes, they are totally oblivious to their surroundings! And for others, looking at them is some sort of treat; they pass time commenting on them.

4. Singers/Musicians:
       These are the entertainers in the class. Have a free period or feel like listening to some melody, they are always available. These necessarily not are singers in true sense, with the complete knowledge of music! There are also people who pretend like they know it all when in reality, you wish you wouldn't cross paths with them when they feel like performing that day!

5. Copying Machine:
       This category is most common and can be found in all the classes! Creative at the most, they can manage to invent different ideas during every exam. From writing answers in dupatta/sleeves to penning it down on their foot, they do it all! Anything that can get them the marks they desire, except reading! If you get to sit near these people during exam, then God bless your patience!

6. Sports Guy:
       The athletes or that tall volleyball/football player or even the cricket player! Teamed with perfect attitude, girls love them! Most of the times they are out for some inter college championship but their attendance is perfect! Because they bring glory to the college and thus in return they get to bunk and attend various meets held!

7. Different:
       Mr/Miss different! When all the class has one opinion, they have something else! Never in sync with anybody! Their actions, their behaviour, dressing style and their way of thinking is different! Sometimes you get a feeling whether you see the same thing as them or is there something different only visible to them! They seem like people from a different planet!

8. Back of Class Crew:
       The Back Benchers!! Hated by teachers and front benchers but loved by rest of the class. They always come up with something fun and are never short of answers or excuses for that matter, when they are caught doing something they shouldn't! The favorites of all lecturers when it comes to asking questions because they know these people, however are not listening!

9. Stressed Out:
       These people act like the weight of the whole world is placed on their shoulders. Any assignment or internal, they see it as a threat, like the world will end if they err!

10. Gossiping Machines:
       New couple in campus or someone broke up! Someone had a fight or someone got scolding from a lecturer, they will know it all! Anything you want to know, the latest and the spiciest news, these are the people you should contact! But beware, people who gossip with you will gossip about you too!

11. Hyper actives:
       Any contest or any work to be done, they are always ahead in the line. Right from cleaning the board when lecturers leave to picking up their things for them! Teachers’ pet for the same reason. They are in for any activities conducted!

12. Out of the earth:
       Or you can call them dreamers! Physically present but mentally absent! They act like they are listening to you but in reality they will be somewhere in their own little world! Even if you dance beside them, they will not know!

13. Hard Workers:
       They are the obedient students. They meticulously plan everything ahead of time and never fail to stick to it. And also due to their hard work and punctuality, they are the source of assignments to the whole class!

14. Bullies:
       When they don’t find anything else to be in the lime light, they start picking up on other weaker students and make fun of them! Some lame jokes and some laughter earned, they believe themselves as the coolest person of the class! Not the brave ones but the one who hides behind their charade!

15. Class Bunkers:
       You hardly see them in class! You might have seen them a lot in the campus frequently but never in class! And when they do show up once in a new moon, you begin to doubt if they are from the same class as you!

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        So these were the different types of students you could find in a class. Though sometimes it could be irritating, all other times this is what makes student life fun! After all, what is life without a little fun?

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Truth

    He was tensed from morning, searching for the document throughout the house! He was sure he had kept it in his study room but they were nowhere to be seen. 

       As she watched her dad tensed, she realized that she could no longer hide the truth. She went forward slowly and held out the paper.

       Anger surged through him as he saw the clumsy drawings across the sheet. He chided her for spoiling his document.

image source:
       A tear escaped his eyes later when he saw the picture of father with “love you dad” written for him by his five year old!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Mom - My Best Friend

       I sat for a long time wondering what I could possibly write about this topic - mother's day! People are setting up status all over Whatsapp and FB to wish their mom's as I struggle to find words to express my thoughts about it. And finally I decide to scribble everything that comes to my mind when I think of my angel!

       People usually say, daughters are close to their dads and son to mother. But it was reverse in my case; mommy has always been my favorite (I love you too dad, but this one is for mom!) and I don't mind the slightest being called mommy's daughter. Mother is that person sent to us by God as he can't be present everywhere and not even for a single split second do I doubt that saying! She loves us right from the time she hadn't set her eyes on us and no length of time can ever shimmer her love even for a tiny bit! It was always the same bright and brilliant light that has enveloped me with love and care, gently guiding me towards the right path.

       When I was in primary, I had been a hyper active kid and I used to participate in everything - every single event and competition announced had my name in it! It required someone to drop and pick me from various places they were conducted. Unfortunately, dad was working in some other town and he used to leave as early as 5 am and return late at midnight. This left my mom with no other choice but to do it herself. While this doesn't seem like that big task to anyone, it was, for her! The environment she was brought up in, she had never set a foot out alone and she never had been anywhere on her own! She never had the courage to do it, as she says. But for me, and for the fulfillment of my dreams, she did it. She came everywhere with me as situation demanded and stood there as my pillar of support, finding solace in my happiness.

       It still wasn't as easy! My grandparents are still of the idea that it isn't good for a girl child to go out much. I remember them saying me just to concentrate on studies; these extra curricular activities weren't meant for me, they were just distractions! I had cried hearing those words for my dreams were at the verge of shattering but they didn't; for my mom was there, standing with me, helping me face all the odds and nudging me towards my dream. She never let me realize how difficult it was for her to do this; looking back now, I realize it must have been pretty difficult, with everyone opposing her. But she took it all quietly just so that it doesn't affect me in anyways!

       Growing up, I have had my share of fights with her. The transition to a teenager was when I was very stubborn. I used to throw fits, make a fuss of everything and I never listened to her patient words! I was a real pain to deal with during my high school years. Now when I look back and think about those days, it aches my heart to realize how much pain I might have caused her. But she never complained. She was patient while seeing me go through it all and still she was my guide in every step I took, making sure I never wavered from the right path!

       She is the best of a friend I could ever get! She has seen me at my best and also at my worst. She has rejoiced whenever I won and wiped my tears when I failed. We have laughed and cried together. She listens to me when I wail about my fears, my insecurities and never ceases to help me find hope when everything seems to be going wrong. The person who loves the most when I write, is her. Though she has difficulties reading long posts in English as she read in Kannada medium, she still sits in front of computer and earnestly reads everything I write and beams with happiness.

       She is that one person for whom I would do anything; my teacher, mentor, guide, inspiration, friend and my love. Mother's day isn't enough to thank her! Everyday is mother's day for me. Wishing her smiles and happiness always :) Love you Amma :)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)