How many of us actually have the courage to speak up our minds? How many of us actually take up all the opportunities that life offers us? Not many I guess. There is always a fear of being wrong, fear of being criticized that keeps holding us back & prevents us from taking chances & speaking our mind. The fear of making mistakes!

        Has it ever happened to you that you know something but you are afraid to present your idea for the fear that it might be wrong? Then someone else says the same thing & gets all the credit while you sit there, regretting, wishing that you had enough courage to say it first! You watch people succeed, get into the limelight & keep cursing your fate or blame God for not giving you an opportunity to prove yourself, not realizing that every time you hesitate, you are actually giving up the opportunity you had got?

         Never be afraid to speak your mind. Its OK to make mistakes. No one is gonna eat you (Come on! Don't be the prey. Be the predator). People might talk behind your back, sometimes they might even laugh at you but ignore them. Coz that's what they are best at. They will make fun of you anyhow, not only when you are wrong but even when you are right! They just need a reason. So why ruin your golden opportunities just for the sake of someone unimportant. Always remember the saying "Barking dogs seldom bite"

         Next time you get an opportunity, don't hesitate. Be brave. Step forward & give your best. Remember that you will learn only when you try. Hard work never goes vain. Knowing you gave your best is always better than regretting, wondering how it would have been if you had made a different choice. At least you will have the satisfaction that you gave your best.

          So face your fears, take chances, make mistakes & learn from them. After all mistakes are the stepping stones for success. Yes, there will be hurdles but who said it will be easy? The road to success is never easy! But remember, it isn't impossible! Keep this in mind & give your best in whatever you do and surely one day, you will soar high :) 

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Swathi :)

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