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When Only Love Remains

My theme for this year's A to Z Challenge is A Reader's Take, where everyday I will be picking out a novel title corresponding to that day's letter and write my post based on it. To make it more challenging, I have decided to write a serial story. The novel I have selected for today is 'When Only Love Remains'

Leave Me Never

Chapter 23

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Ayaan waited till he saw Kayra walk out of the house. He didn’t want to confront her yet. He knew he had been unfair during his last visit and he didn’t expect her to forgive him with a simple apology. She deserved more than an apology. So he had thought everything carefully. As Kayra walked out, Ayaan slipped in and rang the bell of Mrs Iyer’s home. A furious Mrs Iyer let him in after he pleaded with her to listen to him. Though it was a hard task convincing her, he felt happy seeing the concern and love this lady had for Kayra. He felt ashamed thinking about his behaviour. A small chat with Ritwik the previous night at the club had cleared all his misunderstandings. He refused to believe that he had spoilt the one chance he had to convince Kayra. So here he was, trying desperately to set things right.

“I won’t sugar coat the truth for you young man. The way you left had Kayra in tears. She has cried her heart out. It was difficult enough for me to see it once. If you are going to do that again, I am not going to spare you this time” A smile played on Ayaan’s lips as he heard of Mrs Iyer’s threat. “Believe me ma’am, it wasn’t easy for me either. I was just hurt beyond words when I thought she got married. I had lost her once. Thinking that I have lost her forever made me behave like that. But I was wrong. I should have let her speak before jumping to conclusions. I am sorry” he spoke earnestly. Suddenly, he felt like a teenager speaking with his girlfriend’s parent, trying to get approval. Once Mrs Iyer was certain about him, she led him towards Kayra’s home.

“Since it is Saturday, it is a half day at school and Ansh should be here any moment” Even as Mrs Iyer spoke this, the boy ran up the stairs and straight into her arms, throwing the bag on the couch. Mrs Iyer laughed as she fondled him. Yet she was quick to chide him “Didn’t I tell you not to throw your bag like that? Now go pick it up and keep it properly” Ayaan stood at a distance watching the scene unfold. The chubby little boy, as if suddenly realizing the presence of someone else, turned to him. He was quick to recognize Ayaan. “You are the one who made mumma cry” he accused. Ayaan was shocked but before he could react, Mrs Iyer intervened. “You shouldn’t say like that Ansh. He is mumma’s friend. They had a little fight just like you fight with your friend Mithun. He is here to say sorry. Won’t you let him do that?”

Ayaan stood there holding his breathe as Ansh contemplated what she said. He so wanted the approval of this little fellow. “Have you not brought any flowers?” Ansh spoke up suddenly. “Flowers?” Ayaan asked, confused what the boy was talking about. Ansh shook his head in disapproval. “Don’t you see TV? Boys always give flowers to girls when they say sorry. Don’t you want to fight to end soon?” This time Ayaan didn’t stop himself as he laughed. “How stupid of me! No one told me this before. Will you help me?” he asked, even as he hoped Ansh would agree. The cute little boy had already won his heart. “Only if you promise to buy me chocolate” Ansh was quick to reply.

Mrs Iyer could see the bond forming between the two. She sent a silent prayer to the almighty that things turn out well this time. Ayaan lifted Ansh in his arms and they went out to bring the flowers as directed by Ansh. Ayaan felt happier than he had in years. He asked Ansh about his school and friends. Ansh talked animatedly as he told him how he had won first place in running race and how he liked Mrs Iyer’s homemade cookies. He told him about his best friend Mithun and how they say sorry to each other when they fight. “Momma tells me one should always say sorry and forget the fight. You will do that too right?” he asked and Ayaan couldn’t help kissing Ansh before answering. “Yes. With the flowers” he said and winked.

By the time the two reached home after buying flowers and chocolate, Kayra was standing at the door, waiting. Ayaan slowed down as she saw her fuming. “Don’t worry. She will always forgive once you say sorry” Ansh whispered and ran towards his mother. “Momma, I like this uncle. He bought me chocolates and flowers for you” Kayra ushered him in towards Mrs Iyer, who stood watching the whole scene unfold. “Up” she said to Ayaan and marched towards her home with a silent Ayaan following her. “They will say sorry na aunty? I don’t want mom to cry again. And the uncle is nice too. I like him” Ansh said looking up to Mrs. Iyer with hope filled eyes. She tussled his hair and watched the retreating figures. “We will make them do it if they won’t” she said as Ansh’s face lit up with happiness.

To be continued...

About today's novel: When Only Love Remains is a novel by Durjoy Datta. Read more about the novel here.

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  1. Thank God! I see light at the end of the tunnel now. :)
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  2. Ah, I see that things are falling into place. Now only we need to see the end of Sameer for his horrendous deed. Also loved the way little Ansh bonded with Ayaan :)

  3. Wow...things are falling in place so nicely... its a good feeling!!

  4. Oh relief! Thank goodness! I am glad to hear that things will work out well...but what about what's his name....oh dear...oh NO! Please let this end well, please, pretty please! <3

  5. Thank God! Finally things are looking up for Kayra :)

  6. ohh finally!!! I can start breathing again!! waiting to hear what Kayra has to say

  7. Poor Ayaan - damage control is never easy!! Ansh sounds like a sweetie pie!

  8. A lovely build up indeed :) Keep it up
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  9. Loving it, Swathi. I got to read 3 parts together and it was the best. :)

  10. Gathering speed :) Happy ending seems near...I'm hopping to the next one :)

  11. Finally.. all the pieces seem to be in place.. loved this one.. :)



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