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       Happiness is doing something you love and finding someone who shares the same love and is travelling on the same boat is like getting that extra cherry on top of the cake. It was a similar story, finding a best friend in this blogging world. When I was struggling, trying to find my foot, I met her, through A-Z challenge and ever since we have been best of friends. Right from discussing blog posts to college life, it's always fun chatting with Nibha. We are always on the same length and sometimes we wonder if the term 'Soul Sisters' is really true! She blogs at Expressions (hop over to her blog and show her some love) She loves to rhyme and one of her stories has been selected for Crumpled Voices an anthology of short stories. 

       Today happens to be a special day for her as she completes 100 posts (Finally after thinking about it for days! :D) and I am hosting her on my blog, to make it more special. Please welcome Nibha as she writes a fiction post today. Thank you Nibha for writing this one :)


       It was last Saturday when I saw her for the first time. She wore red shirt paired with old blue jeans. She was busy chirping with her girl-friends when she entered through the glass door. She saw me. Her eyes said it was love at first sight. Her friend picked up her shopping bag from the counter and they left. But I saw her turn around to look at me once more. Her eyes had determination that she will make me hers.

       She couldn't resist me for long and was back the very next day when she confessed her love for me and from that moment I was all hers. I accompanied her everywhere. She wouldn't let me out of her sight for a single second. I loved her company. Her bubbly voice was like music that spread happiness wherever she went.

       Today, she was happy beyond words. It was the most awaited day of her life; prom night. She looked gorgeous in her red knee-length dress. Red was definitely her color. Red complimented her innocence. She danced so gracefully to the rhythm that anyone who saw her would fall in love with her. Amidst the music I heard someone confessing his love for her. She too was enchanted by his persona. She took no thought to say yes. It was as if her lifelong wish has come true. It broke my heart but I knew I will always have a special place in her heart.

May I drop you home? asked the charming boy.

Yes, sure she smiled at his gesture.

       A few minutes later, we were not home. I don’t know where we were but she left me alone outside when he took her in. I was perplexed. But few minutes later I heard the door lock. I was worried. It was followed by her muffled cries. I could only panic hearing her shout for help. No one came to her rescue. I could feel her pain but was helpless. I cursed myself. Sometime later, which felt like hours to me, she escaped with me leaving behind the crimson trail. Nobody knew what had happened and who he was!

       When she reached home, she shut herself in her room and cried day and night. I was there in the corner of the room, but did nothing to pacify her wailing heart. I was hurt too. I had seen her dreams being crushed. She was devastated. She felt deceivedWhat was her fault, I thought. Just that she believed in fairy tales and prince charming and knew nothing about what trap Love was? How naïve of her to get her heart and soul broken, anyone would say. But I knew whatever she was, she didn't deserve this. She was nothing less than a princess. I was lost in thoughts while she drowned herself in tears when I heard the police siren.  There was a knock at the door few minutes later.  Someone opened the door.

“I’m Inspector Shekhawat and I’m here to arrest Ms. Tia Sen under the charge of attempt to murder”


      I was as shocked as her father was, but I wasn't clueless like him. What a cruel world it was!

“Yes it is. Mr. Garg, the politician has filed a complaint again her for attempting to kill his son, stabbing him with pointed red stilettos.

       Ah! My mention! But all I had done was to help her to escape from the monster! I was still thinking about what I did was good or not when the sub-inspector picked me up and suffocated me in transparent polythene. 

“Found those red stilettos, Sir”

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi and Nibha :)

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