Captured Moments - Bits and Bytes #3

       There are some moments which we remember forever; some because of the smile they brought and some because of the pain they caused! Though we all wish to forget the latter, happy moments are something which we wish to re-live again and again. And what's a better way to re-live them than going through old pictures! I have quite a few collection in my laptop and I absolutely love going through them whenever I am free, recalling the memories associated with each one of them.

        My mom says I was an extremely naughty kid! Oh well, I am still naughty but since I don't spend all my energy troubling her now, maybe she thinks I am decent enough! So when I was a kid, I used to create fuss all the time and if there wasn't anyone to keep an eye on me, then God save my mom that day! She especially enjoys narrating the part of the baby walker. She says, so that I don't crawl out of bed or fall somewhere and hurt myself, she used to put me in the baby walker while she finished all her work. I had been quiet for first two days but once I got the hang of it, then there was no stopping me! I dragged the baby walker with me and started going round and round through out the house, shouting loudly with joy at the same time. She says though I was difficult to stop, it was a fun sight for her to watch but in the end, the punch line remained the same - that I was a hyper active and naughty kid!

      This is the picture proof of my naughtiness. This one is my favorite and it always makes me smile whenever I see it. Oh how I wish I could go back and live in that moment again!

       The next is a recent one. This was captured by me a year back from the Perampalli railway bridge, a place near Manipal.

       The place was so serene that I wished I lived there on the shores, so that I can enjoy this beauty everyday. I had been there in the evening. If I thought this was beautiful, then I was wrong. There was more than this perfection. The sunset! I witnessed the sky grow more and more beautiful as the sun started bidding good bye, painting the sky with its last rays, just like a master piece of a renowned artist, each strokes perfected over time! It was marvellous.

        But that wasn't it. The best part was yet to come! That was a railway bridge we were standing upon. So where's the fun if there is no train? After waiting for hours the train finally arrived. My brother had told me it will be an awesome experience but nothing had prepared me for what was yet to come! The place where we stood on the bridge is not more than 2-3 meters away from the track. It was dark; around 7 pm when the train finally arrived. It was moving at a speed of 100 km/hr or more and the whole bridge beneath us started shaking due to the speed. The air blew on my face with such an intensity that the rush was maddening. I held the rails of the bridges tightly as it felt like the bridge would fall off any moment! I shouted with joy, adrenaline racing through my veins, but my voice wasn't audible to my own ears under the roar of the engine! It felt like eternity till the train finally passed us and left but I stood there motionless for minutes wondering what had just happened! That was such an exhilarating experience, nothing like I had ever experienced! That is something I will always remember.

       I feel like I am experiencing those moments all over again whenever I see these photographs. That's the power of pictures. They can bring a smile on your face anytime. So what is your favorite memory?

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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