Stuck in the Elevator!

       I ran into the elevator trying to hide my tears. As usual the anger had brought tears in my eyes. I don't know why, but due to some twisted logic, my anger was hard wired to my tear ducts. It was embarrassing to end up crying like this humiliating myself in front of others. So I rushed to the elevator leaving the scene, escaping from the problem as usual. After all what was my fault? All I had asked for was support from my family to fulfill my dreams but they had started dismissing the idea itself by saying its impossible. They weren't ready to see my point of view. I had lost my temper and had started screaming and had ended up getting labelled as disrespectful. I couldn't bear it anymore. I had enough of all this.

       I got inside the elevator, closing the door but then someone hurriedly opens it and gets inside. I was too busy hosting pity party for myself to notice him. I just sprinted to the corner of the lift so that whoever it was that came inside, wouldn't see me in this state. I wished he would get off soon. But suddenly the elevator jerks to a stop. A break down! "Nothing is going right today" I say and break down myself, tears flowing freely now that I had one more reason. "Hey are you OK?" asked the person who was stuck with me. "Yeah. I just thought to break down too to give company to the elevator" I snap but instantly regret it. It was my problem. Why was I taking my frustration on him! "I am sorry. Just leave me alone" I say pitying him for being with the wrong person at the wrong time. I felt his stare and lifted my head and I was in for a shock! He was none other than my idol Sandeep Maheshwari!

       How many times had I dreamt of meeting this guy but never had I thought of greeting him in such a state. I quickly wipe my tears forgetting my problem momentarily. "I have seen your videos and I am a huge fan of yours" I blurt out, my voice still husky after crying. He continued watching me intently and slowly said "I don't think so" I was confused why he was saying so. I open my mouth to explain myself but he continued. "Can I ask why were you crying?" I tell him the story briefly. He listens without interrupting and when I am done, he speaks again. And what he said, definitely changed my perspective towards life.

       "There are two barriers which stop you from achieving anything in life. One is people around you and the other one is yourself. Whenever you want to achieve something in life, there will always be people who tell you that you can't do it. I just say, ask them why you can't? 90% of them will not have a valid answer. Never pay heed to their comments. If you learn to do that, you have already achieved your goals half. Even I was told by many that I can't do it when I shared my ideas but I never heard them. And look at me today; I have achieved my dream. That is what you should do now. And when you learn not to let others stop you, don't let your doubts to stop you" he said, totally making me forget all my problems and filling me with a renewed inspiration.

       Just then the lift started moving and we arrive at ground floor. He wished me luck and told me to keep the child in me alive which would guide me in the right direction always. I thank him whole heartedly as he leaves. I walk out with new confidence coursing through my veins, which told me I can even touch skies, if I believed in myself. Those 10 minutes in the elevator had definitely changed my life.

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(This post is a fiction. But I do wish I could meet Sandeep Maheshwari once. His videos have inspired me a lot and this is my favorite one)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)


Swathi :)

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