Last Day of Life!!

       It is 6 in the morning and I am still wide awake. I hadn't got even an ounce of sleep whole night. The whole excitement and the joy of carnival had worn off. The psychic reading was a bad choice; I shouldn't have went for it. I had always avoided such things; I thought they were silly but in the spur of moment and amidst friends' force, I had got my reading and it had left me shell shocked. "Tomorrow will be the last day of your life" the psychic woman had told. I had kept it to myself, not telling my friends who were waiting outside. I had tried to brush it off as unimportant, the line kept echoing in my mind and I had lost my whole night's sleep, dreading the coming day.

       I got up and decided to face it. The prediction might have been wrong, maybe it was a mistake, but if it was right, then I didn't want to spend my last day crying; I wanted to live it to the fullest. I thought of all the dreams I had.

Travelling places near and far,
Maybe signing some autographs!
Grow high and touch the sky,
And live life King size!

See my parents beam with pride,
As I become famous worldwide.
Search the planet far and wide,
And find the love of my life!

       A tear escaped my eye as I thought of these dreams and many more. But there was no time to fulfill any of these. 'I should be calm' I thought wiping away my tears. There should be something, anything that would look good in the present scenario. Well I didn't have to read for the pending exams; That should be a good thing right? I sighed. Jokes apart, I should be concentrating on important things. After all time isn't a luxury I can afford now. 'There should be something that I could do to make my last day worth while' I thought.

Spend time with the people I love,
I know for them tomorrow would be tough.
Smile and spread some happiness,
They shouldn't notice the emptiness.

I should do some good deed,
Maybe help somebody in need.
That way I will be remembered after death,
As somebody who was kind till last breath.

       I was brought out of my reverie when my best friend called.  "Hey can we hang out? I am bored to death" she says. I almost laugh at the irony. She was talking so casually about death which I was dreading. But then I thought how this could be my last chance and agreed to meet her up in the evening. I spent the rest of the day with my family. I wrote a few letters, penning down my feelings and love for them which I couldn't say out loud and kept them in my drawer where I knew my brother would find it.

       Later in the evening I leave for my friend's home. When I reach there, she appeared to be in good mood. We chatted for some time and I felt like it was just another normal day. I suddenly felt like I couldn't hold on to the secret anymore and decided to tell her about the reading. When I finished telling everything and told her how much I love her, she burst out laughing. I didn't understand her reaction. Wasn't she sad hearing the news or did she think I was kidding? "Riya its the truth" I said, a tear escaping my eye. But that only made her laugh more and slowly one by one all my friends started coming out from where they were hiding. "What is going on?" I ask confused. "Look at you!" said on of my friend still laughing. "I thought you didn't believe in those readings but figures you do!" he said. "Well..." I start but trail off not knowing what to say. 

       "Enough guys. Else she will die out of heart attack now" said Riya and she turned towards me. "Look we are really sorry but this whole psychic reading was Avi's prank. The woman agreed to give a false reading after he coaxed her but we had no idea you would take it so seriously. Now don't get angry please" she said looking at me like she was anticipating a burst out. I looked at them for few moments without speaking and after what seemed like eternity, I burst out laughing. "Oh Riya! I am so glad it was a prank and not reality" I said hugging her tight. And as for the anger, well thinking it was my last day had made me realize how short and unpredictable life could be. So I chose to laugh about it and enjoy life when I still had a chance. After all, every moment was precious!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)


Swathi :)

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