Stationery Chats - WOW #13

       The whole town sleeps peacefully under the moon light. The tiredness of the day making them sleep like a log. Some are dreaming and some are snoring, unaware of the outside world. Mean while some where in the corner house of street three, under the dim light of a zero candle bulb, a muffled cry is heard.

       Seeing the new pen cry, all other stationery items get worried and they start enquiring the reason. "She bit me today" said the pen in between uncontrollable sobs. The pencil is empathetic, having gone through the same pain. "I know how you must be feeling. I totally hate her" says the pencil, wincing as it recalls the torment it had been through. "But wasn't she scolded by her mom last week for the same?" asks the pen stand, all worried. "Oh she has been scolded for that a million times but that kid is stubborn. She doesn't listen to anyone. Moreover she says, she gets ideas while biting the pen. What an excuse!" says the stapler, enlightening the new comers about the norms.

       "She is a monster" says the pen, horrified hearing the news! There is a loud cough and every body turns in that direction. "Oh poor sharpner" wails the scale seeing it covered with dust. "Ever since she has bought that new lead pencil, she hardly looks at you" The sharpner smiles faintly. "I wish she would at least keep the desk clean. Look at the amount of dust here! Such a dirty place" says the pen cringing. "Have you seen her brother's desk? There is not even a speck of dust there. Life was so good until she brought me here" sobs the stapler, remembering the good old days.

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       The pen wriggles trying to breathe. There was no space to even stand freely in the pen stand. It was filled with lots of unused items. Empty pens, old pencils, sketch pens, markers. "She doesn't have the right to treat us this bad. We have to stand up against her! Else she will continue this way forever" says the pen who could no longer contain the frustration. "Look at her sleeping peacefully, leaving us like this! It's time for pay back. Lets attack her" says the pen, the nib shining under the faint light coming from the bulb, as if mirroring its zeal. "How do you plan on doing it?" asks the eraser. "Oh that's easy. The compass can give me a ride. And the scale and erasers can form a see-saw with the help of which we can go there and pierce her. Let her taste pain and she will understand our position" answers the pen with a wicked edge in its voice.

       "Quiet kid" a loud voice says and every one turns towards the source. The diary that lays in the corner which was a silent observer till now speaks. "Just because you had a rough day, doesn't mean you have to get all worked up like this. Poor girl, she is having a hard time with exams nearing and so little time left to read. She even had a fight with her friend today because of which she is upset. You don't have the slightest idea of what she going through. So just keep quiet and learn to endure" it says, a ring of authority evident in its voice. "Yeah. She is not that bad. I am sure life will turn to normal once her exams are over. And you will find out what a coolest person she is" chirps the paint brush remembering the fun it had painting. All the stationery items feel ashamed for having forgot all those happy moments and joining in with the pen in its insane mission. They thank the diary for reminding them the truth. 

       Meanwhile the alarm rings and I wake up. Oh God! What a dream it was! I go to the desk, to pick up my book and find all the items exactly like I had seen them in the dream. Was it really a dream? Gosh!! Do they really hate me? I hug my diary tightly, thanking it for being on my side and make a mental note to clean the desk that evening.

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