In the journey of life,
Through joys and strife!
You always stood by my side,
When in need you never denied.

Silly fights and endless chatter,
We never got tired of all those banter.
It seemed like the world was ours to conquer,
With each day our friendship grew stronger.

Then the time came by,
When we had to say good bye.
Suddenly I was on my own,
Without you, I felt so alone.

Days, months and years passed by,
Without hearing anything from thy!
Cursing the fate that drifted us apart,
I lived with your memories in my heart.

Then one day you called out of the blue,
Which made me wonder if destiny is true!
Just like before smiles were exchanged,
It was like nothing had ever changed.

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PS: Linking this post to the Lost and Found prompt of Poetry Jam.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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