Earning Respect

         There is a saying which we all might have heard - ‘If you give respect, then you will earn respect!’ Though I had understood it (or rather thought I did!) I witnessed it recently, which made me believe it is true indeed.

       Few weeks back I and my dad were going to market. I was enjoying the time alone with him, chatting and sharing thoughts as I rarely get such time with him due to his constant travelling. In the middle of our conversation, he received a call and I stood listening to the conversation. I didn't know who was on the other side but dad kept addressing him ‘Sir’ and so I figured it must be his boss, calling as dad was on leave. When the conversation ended, I casually asked him who it was. I was told it was his colleague and friend. I recognized him when dad mentioned his name. I felt quite strange and I kept quiet for the rest of the time, lost in my own thoughts.

       “Why are you quiet all of a sudden?” dad asked and I couldn't hold back voicing my thoughts. “Why did you call him Sir?” I asked. “Is there something wrong with that?” he asked surprised. I didn't know how to say exactly what was bothering me but I made an attempt to describe it as best as I could. “You mention every one as ‘Sir’ and I don’t really understand why you do so. I mean its good you are respecting them but why that word? Isn't being polite enough? I am not against respecting others but dad I hate it when you bow in front of others. It’s fine during office hours but why all the time? You address everyone like that” I said, feeling totally like an idiot but still wishing to convey what I was feeling.

       A smile crossed his face as he understood my emotions. He chose his words carefully when he answered. “Every person has his own self respect. We usually recognize people based on their designation but that is not a right thing to do. Even maids and servants have as much right to be respected as we do. Have you ever thought how much important each of their work is? And about the addressing, calling someone Sir/Madam doesn't make you inferior to them. It just means you are good enough to respect them as individuals. It will only earn you respect in return, not disgrace” he said.

       I was still silent processing what he had said in my mind when one of the Shop Keeper waved at him saying “Sir, how are you? Long time, no see!” he said smiling. I had come to this shop many times and from experience, I knew that he was one of the grumpiest person in the locality. He is short tempered and is known to snap at his customers all the time. If I had any doubt about what my dad had said earlier, seeing this person smile and chat friendly with him, had cleared it all. I finally understood his message.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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