Super Heroes and Super Powers - WOW #12

        Everyone dreams of having some super powers. And especially during our childhood, these dreams are firmly rooted in our minds either due to a particular story we heard or due to a fancy movie we saw! They do influence a great part of our imagination. And just like everyone else, I too had few dreams where I wanted to possess super powers; powers that would make me cool!

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       It all started with the Potter craze! I was in class two I guess. I loved this game 'Dave' and was addicted to it. But I had to wait till my dad was free so that he could take me to his friend's home where I would play with his son (let me call him M) when they both chatted away happily. That was the first time I saw Harry Potter movie. M was totally crazy about HP and he made me watch the movie with him. That did it. I was glassy eyed all through the movie and signed in for life time potter fan club. We used to play potter games all the time. M set the rule saying he is HP and I can be Hermoine throughout the game, whenever we play it! That was cheating! I wanted to be HP! But he would take none of it! "I am the guy and I get to be HP" he said and that was final!

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       So that's how started my first dream of super powers. I wished I had powers like Harry; magical powers. I used to wait for postman hoping I would get acceptance letter from 'Hogwarts' where I could learn magic. I wished I could battle evil just like Harry did and help my friends, earning points for 'Gryffindor' I even had memorized all the spells and cast it on appropriate occasions using my wand (yes, I had prepared one for myself) Of course they never worked! I even wished I could play 'Quidditch' and was caught by M trying to kick the broom off the floor! It was hilarious sight for him and little embarrassing for me every time he talked about it in front of anyone!

       Then there was 'The Winx Club' which I saw on Cartoon Network. The girls looked ordinary and they went to school but it wasn't just a school. It was a school where they taught Magic. They grew wings when they were in trouble and fought with the evil. I wished I was that cool! Then came our very own Indian movie 'Koi Mil Gaya' where the alien granted super powers to Hrithik! How I wished it happened with me! One thing common in all my dreams was 'Magic' and I always wished I had it in me. I wanted to fight the evil and save the world. Of course I believed that 'With great power comes great responsibilities' and I was ready to take it.

       Those were the dreams I had as a kid. But as years passed, my dreams became more self centered. The novels I read influenced my idea of super powers a lot and I had a different perspective. I had read 'The Immortal Series' and I wanted to read minds like the female protagonist. She could memorize the whole book just in one glance! She could even pick thoughts from others' brain! How cool is that! Life would have been so much easier with no need to stress over studying for exams or worrying what the other person is thinking! I would know it all! I so wanted to have that power!

       Likewise the dreams kept changing all the time. Sometimes I wished I could see the future and prevent bad things from happening and some other times I wished I could be invisible according to my wish so that I can sneak on some people. Oh the dreams never ended and I never was able to decide which was that super power I wanted to have.

       Now if I think about it, the answer might probably vary! If some one would really grant me 'one' super power according to my wish, then I want that power to be 'Strength'! Strength to protect the ones I love, strength to persevere even when things get difficult and fulfill my dreams, strength to walk on the right path and strength to make the right decisions. After all, these are the things that really matter; at least for me, they do! So that is the super power I wish to have :)

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Swathi :)

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