Different Types of Students in a Class!

       Everybody isn't the same. People are different from each other - their habits, their likes and their ways are different. Even in a small group of people, you can find variety of traits. The first time we get introduced to these diversities is in schools. Confused we will be, but slowly we try to find the person of our kind and become best friends with them. This has been the age old ritual that takes place in almost all schools and colleges; because we feel more comfortable with the person of our own kind. What is this kind you might ask! So here are a few different kinds of people you can find in almost every classroom!

1. The Queen Bee:
       Or you can call her the heroine of the class. She is the one every guy in the class secretly has a crush on and can do anything to get in her good books. And so naturally, the one most of the girls hate! Is it a case of sour grapes? I never understood! She is always concerned about her looks and is the style icon of the class. Half of them go to her for beauty tips!

2. Sketcher:
       This person is obsessed with sketching. They think that when there is any occasion or celebration in the classroom, it is their duty to sketch on the board and make it look presentable. They can decorate the boards for occasions ranging from New Year to Teacher’s day. While this was about one type of sketchers, there is another category, a major one – The desk artists. They create a wide range of designs and arts on the desk mostly during boring classes to pass time!

3. In Love Couple:
       There is always that ‘in love couple’ in class who is the object of talk for the rest of the class. But they rarely notice! They obviously are busy noticing each other. From exchanging love filled glances to notes in classes, they are totally oblivious to their surroundings! And for others, looking at them is some sort of treat; they pass time commenting on them.

4. Singers/Musicians:
       These are the entertainers in the class. Have a free period or feel like listening to some melody, they are always available. These necessarily not are singers in true sense, with the complete knowledge of music! There are also people who pretend like they know it all when in reality, you wish you wouldn't cross paths with them when they feel like performing that day!

5. Copying Machine:
       This category is most common and can be found in all the classes! Creative at the most, they can manage to invent different ideas during every exam. From writing answers in dupatta/sleeves to penning it down on their foot, they do it all! Anything that can get them the marks they desire, except reading! If you get to sit near these people during exam, then God bless your patience!

6. Sports Guy:
       The athletes or that tall volleyball/football player or even the cricket player! Teamed with perfect attitude, girls love them! Most of the times they are out for some inter college championship but their attendance is perfect! Because they bring glory to the college and thus in return they get to bunk and attend various meets held!

7. Different:
       Mr/Miss different! When all the class has one opinion, they have something else! Never in sync with anybody! Their actions, their behaviour, dressing style and their way of thinking is different! Sometimes you get a feeling whether you see the same thing as them or is there something different only visible to them! They seem like people from a different planet!

8. Back of Class Crew:
       The Back Benchers!! Hated by teachers and front benchers but loved by rest of the class. They always come up with something fun and are never short of answers or excuses for that matter, when they are caught doing something they shouldn't! The favorites of all lecturers when it comes to asking questions because they know these people, however are not listening!

9. Stressed Out:
       These people act like the weight of the whole world is placed on their shoulders. Any assignment or internal, they see it as a threat, like the world will end if they err!

10. Gossiping Machines:
       New couple in campus or someone broke up! Someone had a fight or someone got scolding from a lecturer, they will know it all! Anything you want to know, the latest and the spiciest news, these are the people you should contact! But beware, people who gossip with you will gossip about you too!

11. Hyper actives:
       Any contest or any work to be done, they are always ahead in the line. Right from cleaning the board when lecturers leave to picking up their things for them! Teachers’ pet for the same reason. They are in for any activities conducted!

12. Out of the earth:
       Or you can call them dreamers! Physically present but mentally absent! They act like they are listening to you but in reality they will be somewhere in their own little world! Even if you dance beside them, they will not know!

13. Hard Workers:
       They are the obedient students. They meticulously plan everything ahead of time and never fail to stick to it. And also due to their hard work and punctuality, they are the source of assignments to the whole class!

14. Bullies:
       When they don’t find anything else to be in the lime light, they start picking up on other weaker students and make fun of them! Some lame jokes and some laughter earned, they believe themselves as the coolest person of the class! Not the brave ones but the one who hides behind their charade!

15. Class Bunkers:
       You hardly see them in class! You might have seen them a lot in the campus frequently but never in class! And when they do show up once in a new moon, you begin to doubt if they are from the same class as you!

image source: forum.xcitefun.net
        So these were the different types of students you could find in a class. Though sometimes it could be irritating, all other times this is what makes student life fun! After all, what is life without a little fun?

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