A letter to Sun God!

      It was another tiring day and I was dying for the much needed sleep but there was so much work to be done! I hadn't got even an ounce of sleep previous night. So this noon, when I finally finished all my work and was about to sleep, there was power cut! Aah the scorching sun!! It was so hot! The sun seemed like unleashing its pent up anger on us.

       I couldn't sleep at all! I was so irritated, I started cursing the sun. Not knowing what else to do, I started writing a letter to the sun, hoping somehow it would be read and justice would be delivered!

Dear Sun God!

       I hope everything is alright over there! Well even as I write this, I don't think that is the case! If everything was alright, then why would be burning so much! Maybe there is something troubling you too! Someone or something has made you angry and now you are taking it all on us!

       But let me tell you my side of the story. Lets go back a few years back in time. Remember the days when we used to go out and play with friends during summer vacation? It used to be so much fun. We used to look forward for the summer days! While parents still used to warn us not to play in the heat, we didn't mind your friendship; rather we reveled it. We were happy to let you be a part of our group and have fun with us. Good old days, weren't they?

       Now coming back to the present, I don't think we can have the same comradeship anymore! I no longer have summer holidays and I know it isn't your fault. While you can do nothing about it, it would be very helpful if you stop trying to add more to the already existing list of troubles! Life has become miserable lately. Listening to a lecture itself is difficult enough but now with you showing so much anger and spreading wrath, concentrating on anything has become impossible! Life has become lethargic. I have lost interest in everything! Exams are fast approaching, there are assignments to be written, internals to be read for, project deadline to be met, events to attend and challenges to complete. The work load is increasing. As if the pressure from lecturers and parents isn't enough to suck out every drop of enthusiasm from us, now why are you joining their side too?

       You have such an awesome life. No lecturers or managers to report to; you are the only one in your field and you rock! We all know how important is your presence in our life but that doesn't give you the right to toy with us like this! Whatever the problem you are facing, we all hope you find a solution to it soon. We truly do because we are tired of the affect it is having on us! Didn't anyone tell you that troubling others just because you have some problem is a bad habit? There, I said it now! So please stop the wrath you have brought upon us. Take some anger management classes if necessary but please hurry up and get back to your older, gentler self. And when you do so, lets be friends like before and enjoy the summer. Can we? Please? 

       Hoping you will soon come with a solution to your problem and ours as well. Wishing you lots of luck and success in controlling your anger. Have a cool day and in turn grace us with the same.

A girl frustrated from the heat!

       The ice cream that I had kept on the table had already melted away! I longed for the end of this hot summer!

       The power came and I fell asleep forgetting the letter. When I woke up, it wasn't there. I wondered who might have taken it after searching for a long time and still not finding it! It rained heavily last night and today its a little cooler. By any chance, did my letter reach the proper recipient to whom it was addressed?? Aah I hope so!

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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