Magic! - WOW #11

        "But mumma just one more story please and I promise I will sleep like a good girl" chirped Rose, pleading her mom, eyes filled with enthusiasm. "Fine! Just one" sighed Jane who had been reading stories to her ten year old from past one hour, one after the other for Rose never got tired of listening to it. It had been difficult to cope up with Dave's death but Jane had been working hard keeping Rose oblivious to all the grim happenings.

       Rose was used to hearing fairy tales every night. She was fascinated by them. Snow white, Rapunzel, Fairies and Pixies, she wished they all existed. "Do they exist in real mumma?" she asked her eyes full of hope as her mom tucked her in bed. "They do, as long as you believe in them" said Jane kissing her good night and switching off the lights. Rose lay awake for a long time imagining life with friends. Children of her age didn't like to play with her. They laughed at her when she talked about prince and horses with horns. They thought she was mad. She sighed. Somewhere in between thoughts she fell asleep, wishing fairy tales were real!

       She was woken up in the middle of the night by some noise outside the window. She could see a light shining faintly in the distance. She was curious and tiptoed silently to the window. There she saw a brilliant silver, coming from behind the tree. She didn't know what it was coming from, for the source was hidden behind the tree near the lake but it was so beautiful that she couldn't stop herself. She tried climbing down the window and fell with a low thud. She had little scratches on her hand but she didn't care. She moved towards the tree with lithe steps. The light got brighter and brighter as she moved nearer. Her heart beat fast as she reached the lake. She held her breath as she turned to see the source and almost screamed in excitement and shock! It was a unicorn!!

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     She couldn't believe her eyes. Standing there beside the lake was a beautiful unicorn. She had thought unicorns would be beautiful but how wrong she was! They weren't just beautiful, they were beyond beautiful! The sight was pure magic. She didn't know how long she stood there admiring the beauty of the creature. Suddenly she had an urge to touch it and she slowly started moving towards it. She held out her hand tentatively afraid of scaring away the creature but her fears were vain; the creature bent forward placing its muzzle in her palms. It was so soft that Rose wanted to keep caressing it. "I can take you for a ride if you want. Hop on my back" said the unicorn to a very startled Rose! She knew Unicorns were magical creatures but she hadn't expected them to talk! The night was filled with surprises!

       She climbed on the unicorn quickly, afraid it will vanish in thin air! She didn't want to miss this opportunity. She had dreamt of this all her life when she sat alone watching other kids play. She was excited to see where the magical creature would take her. She held on tight but it wasn't necessary. The creature glided smoothly on the river. If not for the changes in her surroundings, Rose couldn't have made out that she was moving. All the images she had picturized about the magical world started flashing before her eyes but the imaginations of a ten year old were far from reality. She had never made justice to the beautiful fairy world.

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       The land was sheer brilliance. Everything there screamed 'Magic'. Mountains stood high majestically as if kissing the sky. The valleys were deep, beyond her vision could see. It appeared as if the land was floating in the middle of no where! The lake was crystal clear, smooth like ice and as it flowed down the valley, it appeared as if milk. Trees stood like dancers welcoming to the land. Grass spread out covering the entire place and beautiful flowers bloomed everywhere. The castle stood amidst this magical land, from where Rose could envision prince charming walking out. She lost track of time. She didn't know how long she was there exploring the 'Magical Kingdom'. She had never been so happy in her entire life!

       Like all things come to an end, it was finally her time to leave. She wished she could live there forever. But she knew she had to leave, for her mom would be worried if she finds her missing. She looked around one last time trying to etch these in her mind, remembering every single thing and held on to those memories tightly on her way back. She reluctantly climbed down the unicorn in front of the lake where all this magic had begun. She caressed its muzzle again and planted a soft kiss on it as she thanked it. Everything around her went blank and Rose felt sleepy all of a sudden.

       "Rose wake up! It's late" She heard her mom say waking her up. She was confused as she sat up, rubbing her eyes. She wasn't sure how she came back; maybe she had dreamt about it all. "Mom I had a beautiful dream last night" said she in all her excitement. "A Unicorn came by and granted me a wish" she went on and on as her mom bathed her. "Oh dear! What happened to my princess's hand?" asked Jane seeing the scratches on her hand! Rose stopped her blabber, shocked for once! It wasn't a dream after all! She truly had seen the Unicorn and the 'Magical Kingdom' last night. Had she? Had the unicorn really granted her a wish? She couldn't believe it! "Mom do you think magic exists in real" asked she again. "It does darling. As long as you believe in it" came the reply. She said it not wanting to break her daughter's dream but little did she know what had happened!

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