This One is for Mom - WOW #9

       "Any person in particular that you want to thank for your success?" the young author who had the second consecutive best seller under his name was asked by the interviewer.

       "There are many people who have helped me in realizing my dream but there is one lady who has to be mentioned, for she stood with me during all the odds!

       Uneducated she was, but she made sure I got the best education so that I could make a great name in the society and wouldn't face the same difficulties that she did!

       Though there were so many problems at home, she never let them affect me; instead she used to tell me stories of dreams and hopes which always influenced my life in great ways!

       Today whatever I am, it is because of my mom, my guide and my inspiration, without whom this feat wasn't possible and a mere thank you can never sum up the deep gratitude and love I feel for her" said the young man looking at his proud mother seated in the audience.

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