Password - WOW #10

       I was in 10th standard when I had created my first ever email ID! I know its pretty late comparing how even kids have mail IDs now-a-days and several for that matter! I didn't have net connection at home at that time and I had never visited to cyber till date except for getting print outs of information for school projects.And also I had never felt the need of having one!

       It was the time of summer holidays and I had joined for a computer course, more out of boredom rather than out of interest! The only thing I was interested was creating my own account which was the last part of a month long course! It seems silly now remembering how I was all worked up over something so trivial! So the day finally arrived and I was allowed to access net and create my own ID!

      I clearly remember how exciting it was! I had the feeling of being all grown up. It felt like I was doing something of high importance. Then started the problem. What would be the password? I had no idea what or how I should choose it. The instructor who was watching like a hawk suggested something but I was skeptical. Isn't password meant to be secret? Why should he know it! 

       The first possibility that occurred to me was my name. Nah! That would be too easy for anyone to guess. So I brushed it off. My birth date? Well not that either! Mom's name? Dad's name? Place of birth? But those were all easy to guess and I had seen how in movies these were the first tries you go for when you want to hack into someone else's account! So I had to think of something only I knew! Then I remembered my list of favorites. But this list is something that never stays constant. It keeps on changing. What if I forgot my password! I certainly didn't want that to happen.

       That day I had come back without creating any account. I thought and thought whole evening but there wasn't anything in particular that appealed to me. Finally I got something that night when I was watching a serial. Those were the days when 'Miley Jab Hum Tum' was pretty popular among teens and I was no different. While watching that I decided to set my password as the name of my favorite character Mayank's real name along with my last name, which at that time no one knew other than my family! Perfect combo. 

       I was smiling ear to ear at my accomplishment. I was so excited that I couldn't wait till next evening! So the time came and I finally created my account, logged on to yahoo messenger as well and had a little chat. Everything was fine. Of course I was on cloud nine. With that my course ended too and I couldn't go online for the next few days. I made sure I remembered the password. But the funniest thing happened when I went to cyber next week to access my dear account and realized that in the process of remembering password, I never really paid much attention to my mail ID! I perfectly remembered the password but what was the use when I didn't know the ID! I had come back dejected feeling like the world was about to end!

       Of course it didn't end and nor did I ever remember that ID again! But I do know the password even now :D and whenever I remember this incident, I smile sheepishly wondering how could I have been so naive!

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