My Mom - My Best Friend

       I sat for a long time wondering what I could possibly write about this topic - mother's day! People are setting up status all over Whatsapp and FB to wish their mom's as I struggle to find words to express my thoughts about it. And finally I decide to scribble everything that comes to my mind when I think of my angel!

       People usually say, daughters are close to their dads and son to mother. But it was reverse in my case; mommy has always been my favorite (I love you too dad, but this one is for mom!) and I don't mind the slightest being called mommy's daughter. Mother is that person sent to us by God as he can't be present everywhere and not even for a single split second do I doubt that saying! She loves us right from the time she hadn't set her eyes on us and no length of time can ever shimmer her love even for a tiny bit! It was always the same bright and brilliant light that has enveloped me with love and care, gently guiding me towards the right path.

       When I was in primary, I had been a hyper active kid and I used to participate in everything - every single event and competition announced had my name in it! It required someone to drop and pick me from various places they were conducted. Unfortunately, dad was working in some other town and he used to leave as early as 5 am and return late at midnight. This left my mom with no other choice but to do it herself. While this doesn't seem like that big task to anyone, it was, for her! The environment she was brought up in, she had never set a foot out alone and she never had been anywhere on her own! She never had the courage to do it, as she says. But for me, and for the fulfillment of my dreams, she did it. She came everywhere with me as situation demanded and stood there as my pillar of support, finding solace in my happiness.

       It still wasn't as easy! My grandparents are still of the idea that it isn't good for a girl child to go out much. I remember them saying me just to concentrate on studies; these extra curricular activities weren't meant for me, they were just distractions! I had cried hearing those words for my dreams were at the verge of shattering but they didn't; for my mom was there, standing with me, helping me face all the odds and nudging me towards my dream. She never let me realize how difficult it was for her to do this; looking back now, I realize it must have been pretty difficult, with everyone opposing her. But she took it all quietly just so that it doesn't affect me in anyways!

       Growing up, I have had my share of fights with her. The transition to a teenager was when I was very stubborn. I used to throw fits, make a fuss of everything and I never listened to her patient words! I was a real pain to deal with during my high school years. Now when I look back and think about those days, it aches my heart to realize how much pain I might have caused her. But she never complained. She was patient while seeing me go through it all and still she was my guide in every step I took, making sure I never wavered from the right path!

       She is the best of a friend I could ever get! She has seen me at my best and also at my worst. She has rejoiced whenever I won and wiped my tears when I failed. We have laughed and cried together. She listens to me when I wail about my fears, my insecurities and never ceases to help me find hope when everything seems to be going wrong. The person who loves the most when I write, is her. Though she has difficulties reading long posts in English as she read in Kannada medium, she still sits in front of computer and earnestly reads everything I write and beams with happiness.

       She is that one person for whom I would do anything; my teacher, mentor, guide, inspiration, friend and my love. Mother's day isn't enough to thank her! Everyday is mother's day for me. Wishing her smiles and happiness always :) Love you Amma :)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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