Doors - Five Sentence Fiction #7

       Amar dragged his feet through the streets, keeping his ear to the ground as he tried to unearth the mystery behind the explosion from the gossips of the people!

       He had got a real kick in teeth when he heard about the accident and though he had been preparing himself ever since, he had a gut feeling that it wouldn't be easy to face the truth!

       People were eye to eye saying "The poor couple lived alone; wonder where their son was instead of looking after them at such ripe age" and Amar felt an egg on his face hearing those accusations, which he knew he deserved!

       He remembered the phone calls his old mother used to make, asking him to come back, for they longed to see his face and the excuses he used to give, for he didn't want to return to the village leaving the comforts of The States!

       A tear escaped his eyes as he walked through the broken doors of the house, reminiscing the time he had spent here with them and wishing he had flew back when he still had a chance to make them happy!

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