The heat of the summer,
Becoming unbearable everyday!
All the fun and laughter,
Seems to have evaporated as well!

The joy of watching the rain,
Sitting curled up near the window.
Or maybe going out for once
And enjoying the dance in the rain.

That lovely smell of mud,
And the hot cup of coffee.
The relief as the heat fades away,
Putting an end to our torment!

The beauty of mother earth
As she blossoms with joy!
It definitely is a sight to see,
Oh how I miss them all!

I look up at the sky longingly,
And wish it would rain soon.
Washing away the unbearable heat
And bringing smiles again.

image source: eofdreams.com
PS: Linking this poem to the Poetry Jam prompt and the word for this week is 'Rain'

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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