Need for 4G Speed!

       Today we live in a world of speed. Anything that takes longer than necessary becomes too irritating. It might be a jam that is taking too long to clear or some person who is working too slow for our liking. Patience has become a word of the past and all people crave today is speed. They expect everything to be over within the blink of an eye. No one likes the waiting part and I am no exception to this.

       Last month, our broadband had connection had failed. And it took almost 1 month to get it fixed. There is no doubt that it was one hell of a month! With no broadband to rely on, I was totally dependent on my mobile data. But as speed as the 3G data pack claims to be, it was never enough. I had started watching a TV series before the broadband failed and I still had to download 2 seasons but downloading it using my 3G data pack was out of question. So I had to plead and persuade my friend for days before she finally agreed to download it for me. The wait had finally killed the enthusiasm with which I was watching the series.

       Every little work in today's world requires internet connection. Right from paying bills to booking tickets, everything is done online. And even a little delay could make you miss on your favorite things. And the worst torture is when you have to download a movie. It takes hours for a single movie to download and the net becomes so slow at that time that you can't do any other work except wait for the download to complete. Or you would have to opt for the overnight download ritual.

       Well, not anymore! The wait is over with the arrival of Airtel 4G - The fastest network ever. You can download movies within minutes and you will never be frustrated like before. The buffering problem will be solved and the scowl that had taken a permanent place on the face due to the irritating wait will soon disappear. Just imagine having that high speed internet!

       And what is more unbelievable is the price at which you can avail all these benefits. Yes, the Airtel 4G data pack is available at 3G price only! I am most definitely going for it. Are you?

PS: This post is written for Airtel 4G.

Until the next post,
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Swathi :)

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