100 Happy Days - Day 21 to Day 30

      I have been lagging behind again. Final year of engineering is keeping me busy. But I have been successful in finding small things which make me happy. These things help me keep going when I want to quit everything and go sleep! Here are the next 10 days of the #100DaysHappiness Challenge:

Day 21I finally convinced dad to take me to the Book Fair in Bangalore and it was a treat! Surrounded by lakhs of books and book lovers, it was an awesome feeling. Finally bought these books for 1K. Fair enough right?

Day 22Tired from too much travelling, I woke up to see this amazing news that my poem on Writer's Ezine has won the 'Exceptional Poem' for the month of July. They sent me a voucher of 500/- for the same.

Day 23: My phone used to hang a lot. So I decided to install the new updates and finally, its working better now. Most of my irritation was eased by this fact!

Day 24: Most of the classes this semester starts at 7:30, which requires me to get up by 6 am! I absolutely loath it! Thankfully, when lab batches were announced, I found that I don't have lab on Fridays which meant I didn't have classes till 10.45! Now that was a treat.

Day 25: It always feels great to receive an author signed copy. Received this book as a part of review program by BlogAdda.

Day 26: Recently I fell in love with this video 'Unbreakable' by Kim Hyun Joong and I can't get enough of it. Happiness is watching a video you love.

Day 27: Happiness is being a Back Bencher! I always was one but this semester, it has become tough to get that last bench as competition has significantly increased for it! I was happy to have been early enough to get it that day!

Day 28: Happiness is having a brother whom you love a lot! And when you have one such brother, Rakshabandhan means all the more special to you. I absolutely enjoyed this day.

Day 29: BlogAdda announced the winners for Mardaani activity and I was shocked and delighted when I saw that I am one of the runner ups of this amazing contest! I was on cloud nine!

Day 30: Happiness is shopping! Bought this new dressing table for my room. I was happy happy.

      There! I finished the list of next 10 days again i.e 3rd August to 12th August. Stay tuned for more.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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