Re-Doing my Paradise - 2

       Isn't it amazing how things around us influence our mood? If there are things we love around us, our mood will be positively affected and our spirits will be uplifted. On the other hand, if the things are not according to our wish, then it is quite obvious that it results in a bad, grumpy mood which will remain with you whole day. Though we cannot change everything, at least we can re-do our home according to our tastes and make it look like we wish. This way, there will always be one place that you will love spending time at. 

       I already wrote a post saying how I would love to re-do my home in ethnic style. And of course I loved the idea. But in this changing world, nothing is constant. Change is a way of life. So there is one more style that I would love to adapt in re-doing my home - Contemporary. While I love ethnic style, contemporary has its own charm. 

       Here are the things that I would love to have in my home

1. Wonder Arts 3D Effect Wall Decal:

      I don't like things which are too much bright. I love simple things. Thus there is no doubt why I loved this particular product. Though it looks simple, it is quite appealing and adds a certain charm to the place. And if kept in right place, with right background, it gives the home a classy look.

2. The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner:

       Going with my theme, here is another prop that I would love to use. This oil burner has an elegant look to it. I loved the pattern it forms on the wall. It looks like a golden pot, which is radiating some divine light! Awesome, isn't it?

3. Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope Gift -157

       I love the night sky. I love sitting by the window and watching the stars. I have always felt a pull towards the mysterious sky and the secrets that lay hidden there. I would love to unravel them with the help of this telescope. It's always been a dream to own a telescope and get lost in the secrets of a world that seems so far yet so inviting. Who knows, may be someday I will discover something great? This telescope will be my partner in the discovery.

       So these were my favorite things with which I want to decorate my home. What is your favorite?

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)


Swathi :)

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