Learning to be Self-Reliant

       The one thing that my dad has always taught me is to be self reliant. Right from when I was a kid, he made sure I learn to do my things without depending on anyone's help. Be it standing in the queue to pay school fees or going to a class which was far from home; he wanted me to do them on my own. Whenever I asked him to do something for me, he used to ask me "And why can't you do it on your own?" His mantra was "If you want your work to match up to your expectations, then do it on your own. Others' involvement will only complicate things"

       During middle school, I signed up for sports classes in the evening. As the classes were after the school time, I would always miss the auto which was how I travelled. Other students' class would end and our auto uncle would leave at 5. But I had classes till 6. I asked dad to pick me up. But he had office. He asked if I was sure I wanted to join these classes. I remember how pissed I was at that time. I had seen parents coming to drop and pick up their children. I wished my dad was like that too. I had cried a lot trying to melt my dad's heart but that wasn't helping. Finally I decided I would give up trying to convince dad and find a way on my own.

       I started walking back home initially. After few days, I made a demand for new cycle. Once I got cycle, I started using cycle to travel back and forth. I was also assigned the simple tasks like going to market to buy things for mom. I was happy. I could go wherever I want without having to depend on anyone. After classes, when my friends waited for someone to pick them, I could go on my own. That was the first step towards becoming self reliant.

       When we went for tours and we ha to enquire someone about the direction or anything similar, he used to push me to do the task. I hated talking to strangers. I used to have tears in my eyes when I made the enquiry. But that never stopped my dad from pushing me forward. Oh, how I used to hate him for making me do the things I didn't want to do! Little did I know then that he was training me hard so that I can fight my battles on my own!

      But now, I know it. Due to the lessons he gave me them, I can do my work without depending much on others. I don't have to wait anyone to come forward and help me. I know how to be my own helper and my own master. That one lesson of being self reliant has played a great role in moulding my personality. I used to wonder why I can't have someone to take care of me at every step like my friends had but now, they wish they knew how to be on their own like I am! Because, no matter if someone is there for you are not, you can always rely on yourself to be there for you! I can never thank my dad enough for this valuable lesson!

A salute to all those great dads who, instead of pampering and spoiling their children, teach them to be self reliant.

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Swathi :)

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