Buying a New Car

       I went to my friend's home jumping with excitement after completing my seminar. I was stressed from a lot of days and now that I was free, I wanted to spend some time relaxing. What better way than spending it with your best friend? But when I went to her home, I saw her busy chatting with someone. Being the curious cat, I peeked to see who it was she was chatting with. "It is nothing that can give fodder for gossip" she said seeing me peeking. "So you tell me who it is then" I asked her. "I don't know" she replied. Okay. I wasn't falling for that. "You are chatting with someone you don't know because you have nothing better to do?" I asked. "Oh God! You and your sarcasm" she chided me. "I am chatting with someone because we are buying a new car" she exclaimed, barely containing her excitement.

       I was happy for her. I thought maybe she was asking opinion of someone about which car to buy. But when asked, she clarified it by saying she was chatting with the seller. "What kind of buyer chats with the seller?" I voiced my confusion aloud. "The ones who use Quikr NXT" was her prompt reply. She explained me that Quikr NXT is the new feature of Quikr where buyers and sellers can chat instead of calling each other. This feature is for the convenience of both and there are a lot of benefits from it, which is why users are getting more attracted to it each day.

       "So why are you buying through Quikr NXT? I mean you can walk in to a showroom, see the car, maybe take a test drive and then buy a new one" I said. But she looked amused. "Not everyone can afford a brand new car these days" she said. I was looking at her like she had spoken Latin. She sighed. "Is it that difficult to understand? The way prices are rising these days, not everyone can afford a car. Especially we middle class people. Car has become a necessity for us as grandmom and grandpa can't ride pillion. It is very difficult for them. So dad has planned to buy a new car. Well, new for us. Because buying a firsthand car is out of question for us" she said.

       I was still processing whatever she had said when she suddenly jumped in excitement. "Look!! The seller has just sent few more photos of the car. I had liked it so much and had asked him to send few more photos and I have just received them" I took the phone from her hand and checked out the photos. They looked great. And from the look of my friend's face, there was no doubt this will be the car they would by. Quikr NXT had just given her a reason to be happy. It was easy yet effective for both seller and buyer. I left, totally impressed with this feature.

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