Mangalore Memories #1

       I had one interesting tiring day today. My day started with excitement as I was leaving for my cousin's home in Mangalore and at the end of the day, I am happy that I have reached. But what happened in between is a different story! One that taught so many lessons to me; of course embarrassing me in the process.

      If things are supposed to go wrong, then they will most certainly go so! There is nothing or no one that can stop them from happening. I guess that is the reason I stopped my mother from coming to bus stand to see me off. If she had come, then I would have boarded the right bus and saved some embarrassment. But as I said, things were supposed to go wrong and I told mom that I would go alone. And thus started the series of events I could have otherwise avoided. Here is what happened.

       I took an auto from home till bus stand and as soon as I got off from the auto, I saw a bus leaving for Mangalore. I boarded it hurriedly and the conductor asked 'Where to?' I said Mangalore and there was a slight shock and smirk on his face. I chose to ignore it and took a window seat in a three seat row as soon as he gave me my ticket. The bus started in five minutes. My uncle had asked me to call and inform him by which bus I will be coming and so I did. He asked the bus name and I just said 'No name. It's a government bus' I could sense his hesitation when he said "Oh! Then maybe you will reach late" I just said I will inform him and sat watching the scenery outside the window. I have been to Mangalore many times, so I knew the route. That is why when the bus took a different route, I started panicking.

       The route was that of Bangalore. I asked my brother who was chatting with me on Whats App whether this was the right route. He had left a week before and when he said it wasn't, I started to panic. I checked my ticket and sure enough, it said Shimoga to Mangalore. Then what was wrong? Mom called at that moment, reading the message I had sent saying I have boarded a government bus. As soon as I picked the call, she started shouting. "Don't you know it takes a detour? You will have to sit for few extra hours before you reach! And the ticket amount is more too! Ask the conductor and tell me what time you will reach!" So that was the reason for the different route! I asked what time we would reach Mangalore and the conductor said 3:30 pm! Two hours more than that of a private bus! It was just a beginning of the dreadful series of events that would follow. I braced myself and looked out of the window, trying to find at least something positive in the whole situation.

       What happened next? I will tell you tomorrow ;) Right now, all I can tell you is it will be fun to read!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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