Friends are Forever

       I was irritated after a busy day. Seminar, project, classes and more work! I definitely was having the worst time. My mood was a mess and anyone who dared to talk to me at that time, regretted it instantly. Because, all I could do was take out my frustration on anyone who dared to interfere in my routine and try to waste what little spare time I managed to get. When I was in such a mood, I got a call. If it was from anyone else, I would have just ignored it, busy that I was. But it was from a dear friend, that too after months! I stopped whatever I was doing and took the call. I walked up to the terrace so I could chat with her in peace.

       "Swathiiiiiiiii" she shouted as soon as I picked the call. I could already feel my mood lightening. "You remembered me now? After all these days?" I complained. Don't get me wrong. I was obviously happy to get a call from her. I was just pulling her leg and she knew it. "If you don't stop complaining, I will disconnect the call" she made an empty threat. I knew she would do nothing of that sort. I could sense she was excited about something and that is why she had called me. So, I decided to stop pulling her leg and let her spill the beans. "So, tell me what is that you are dying to tell me?" I asked and laughed when she complained how I already knew what she was about to say before she could even put it in words.

       It took me back to our college days. We used to have so much fun together. We always used to stick together -  in bus, or sitting in the last bench and making fun while the lectures went on. Playing pranks, scribbling on the last page of notebook, gossiping or going on a shopping spree, it was always the best time when we were together. Friends are like that. They make your life worthwhile. They add color to your boring days and make you laugh when you don't even feel like smiling. In short, they are the angels sent by God to accompany us on earth. Blessed I am to have few such precious angels in my life. It was difficult when we joined engineering in different cities but we had kept our friendship alive through constant messages and 'get together's.

       "Are you even listening to me?" my friend shouted on the phone. That pulled me out of my wool gathering and I murmured a 'Sorry' on the phone. "You were saying?" I asked. "I was saying that I am coming over to Shimoga this weekend and we are having a night out at your place" She almost shrieked it and I had to keep my cell a little away from my ear. Of course, I was excited now. We chatted for few more minutes before disconnecting the call reluctantly with promises to catch up in the weekend. By that time, my mood was already refreshed. 

       I was smiling after a long time. It was definitely a memorable time, chatting like this with your best friend and forgetting your worries. All the complaints of not having time amidst my busy schedule were forgotten. I was already feeling optimistic of finishing my assignments on time to make time for my friend's visit. I had already started making plans for the weekend. After all, what is life if we cannot spend some quality time together with our loved ones.

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Swathi :)

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