Starting a New Life

       Sometimes it is so difficult to move on. Everything will be going on normally and when you think life cannot get any better, it takes a drastic turn and you end up being hurt. Same thing happened with me few years back.

       M was my best friend during school. We always used to be together. No matter what, we used to stay together, pull each other's leg, fight for silly reason and then patch up sooner. There was nothing that could come between our friendship. Our classmates used to envy our friendship and teachers used to praise it. In short, we were the best of friends. But everything changed one fine day.

       There was a certain someone who, jealous of our friendship, did everything to destroy it. We never used to fall prey for her tactics but don't know when it changed. Maybe we started taking each other for granted or maybe our bond grew weak over time. But the damage was done. Due to one small misunderstanding, our beautiful friendship was ruined. I tried to make up for it, tried to clear the misunderstanding but M would take none of it. Her mind was set and there was nothing I could do to change it. In her view, I was the one at fault.

       After trying my best, I decided it was time to move on. I had did everything in my power. Now it was up to her to believe me or not. I embraced the change. It was difficult in the beginning. I was used to having her by my side all the time that without her, life felt incomplete. But slowly, I accepted the fact. She was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. When I accepted that, life became a little easy. Each day was a challenge. Whenever I saw friends hanging out together, I used to remember her and I would feel weak again. But over the course of time, it just became a dull throb at the back of the mind.

      Initially, I was reluctant to make new friends. When you are hurt once, it is difficult to trust on anyone again. I started keeping to myself. But soon I realized it was not going to help. Life is nothing if you don't have friends by your side to share all the little happiness. I slowly started coming out of my shell and began to interact with people again. I made new friends and life started getting beautiful. 

       Now when I look back, I don't regret my friendship with M. Instead, I am glad that it lasted for that long. Because when it did, it was the most beautiful time of my life. Yes, it was difficult to cope up with the change when we stopped talking to each other but still, it was totally worth it! Some changes are good because they teach you so many important lessons of life.

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