First Blogiversary!!

       I am barely someone who gets excited over birthdays. I am known to forget even my own birthday. But when it is about my blog, I can hardly forget it! I am all excited and my happiness knows no bound!

       Exactly one year back, on this day, I had opened this blog. It was a happy as well as scary moment. Happy because I wanted to write one from a long time and scared because I had no idea what I would write! What if I ran out of topics? That was one of my biggest fear! But I set all my worries aside and listened to my heart for once. And I am so glad I did that!

       It has been an eventful year and I have learned so many new things. I have discovered the hidden story writer and poet in me. I have learnt how to make new connections. I have gained so many new friends, online as well as offline. In this one year, I have read, written and learnt more than I have done in my entire lifetime! And now when it is time to celebrate my Blogiversary, I can hardly believe my little baby blog has completed a year already!

       But completion of a year also signifies many things. It means I am no longer a newbie. Now I have an experience of a year and that definitely raises the expectations. So, on this day, I have decided to make some changes. Here is how it is going to be from today: Concentrate more on quality writing and post fiction and poems often (Some of my readers have started complaining they miss my old writing style!) I also wanted to revamp my blog and give it some cool look on this day but due to my busy schedule, I couldn't do it. But that will be done within this week.

       As for the reviews, I have developed quite a liking for reviewing books. So I am opening a new book blog EscapeReality, dedicated for reviewing books, where I will be posting reviews regularly. This way I can concentrate both on fiction and reviews.

       Looking forward to learning more and making new friends this year too. A big Thank You to everyone who took time to read and comment on my blog. You people have helped me grow :)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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