A Backpack of Regrets!

       Life is too short to spend our time regretting. But as much as we like to deny it, we all carry with us, a bag of regrets. For some, it might be heavy and for some it will be light; but the backpack of regret exists all the same. For some, the regret is about something they have done in the past and for others, it is about something they didn't do. But as much as we think and wish, all we can do it regret about those things. Nothing can be done to change the past. That is exactly why the wise people say it is foolish to carry regrets. Though true, practically it is very difficult to follow! Rare and blessed are those who do not have any regrets in their lives.

       I am not perfect and I carry with me a bag of regrets too. I have put off so many things in my bucket list to do them in the future, when I have free time. Now when I think of it, I regret doing so. What is the guarantee that the future will be all rosy and everything will be laid out in my favor? For all I know, there might be more difficulties than now and I may never get to tick off the things on my wishlist. Wouldn't that be horrible? I never want that to happen! There are already a few things which I have been postponing for later and wish to do them now.

1. Stop Existing and Start Living:

      Many a times, I have put off things I badly wanted to do either because of busy schedule or because of fear and hesitation. As a result, I have denied myself a lot of fun in life. There are so many things I love, which have taken a back seat in my life. I have been so busy running to ace in the life's race, I have forgot there are other things too; things like fun. I feel like I am merely surviving, not living life to the fullest. Every time I think of doing something creative, I have put the thought aside due to my academic schedule, saying I can always do it later. I have a quilling kit lying around begging for attention, there are paints which are almost dried up, sketches waiting to be made, songs to be learnt, books to be read and ideas waiting to be penned down. Its not only hobbies; I have missed out on many occasion, where I could have enjoyed, thinking I wouldn't fit in! And by doing all this, I have confined myself to a mere monotonous routine. When I think of it now, I regret holding back myself. How much have I missed out in life because of that! Now that I have realized it, I want to change it. I want to stop existing and start living! 

2. Travel around the World:

       Travelling has always been something I loved and I have always dreamt of travelling around the world. Knowledge is abundant. There are two ways of acquiring this knowledge - one is to read a lot and the other is to travel a lot. When you travel to different places, you meet different kind of people, get to learn their lifestyles, see many new things and have many first time experiences that will enrich your wisdom. Also, there is that rush of happiness you get seeing all the exotic places, which you definitely cannot ignore. I always wanted to break out from my monotonous life and experience this kind of fun. During college days I used to think of travelling during holidays and during holidays, laziness would stop me from even going out of my home. Thus, I have missed many opportunities to travel. But I don't want to do it anymore. I want to stop putting off the plan for later. I just want to pack my bag and go on a long vacation.

3. Spend more time with People I Love:

       Being an introvert, I have always loved being alone for most of the times. Though I interact with people, I don't talk much. Even at home, I speak only when I am in a good mood. But for the majority of the time, I lock myself in my room and refuse to let anyone in even for a chat. Recent demise of a friend made me realize how less time we all have! Our days are numbered and our lives, uncertain. The person whom you expect to be around all the time may not be there when you next need them. Before you know, it might be too late. So, I want to break out of this shell I have built around me and spend more time with people I love. I want to create happy memories which, when I remember later in my life, will make me smile.

       So many wishes unfulfilled! Sigh! Well, I have decided. From now on, I will never postpone things for later. I will quit living in the future and start living in the present. That, I have realized, is the best gift I can give for myself.

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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