Compassion in Day-to-Day Life #1000Speak

       Sometimes seeing the tragic happenings around the world, I have a strong urge to believe that the word 'Compassion' is just that - a word and it belonged to the past. But I am proved wrong every single time by something or the other and I am glad for that. After all, what is a world without compassion. I wouldn't dare to imagine that!

       We always look at the bigger picture and thus we often tend to lose our belief. But when we look at the little things that happen around us, that we so carelessly shrug off as normal incidents, we tend to find more acts of compassion than we can imagine. Here are some of the incidents that I came across recently in my life.

       I was travelling back to home from my Granny's home. I was listening to music on my mobile and looking out of the window. In the next stop, an old woman got in the bus and seeing that i got up and let her have my seat. She smiled gratefully and blessed me. I was happy helping.

       We friends visited an NGO last month to spend time with the deaf and dumb children of that school. The very fact that my friend came up with such a noble idea instead of planing some trip proves that compassion exists. We didn't just donate money, instead we spent our time with the kids there. It always counts more than charity!

       Whenever we are going through difficult times, we friends lean on each other for help. Lecturers are ready to help us whenever we are facing some difficulties. We stand as a team when we have to complete any task for a good cause. It is because we still believe in helping out each other.

       The other day, I saw a guy helping a vegetable vendor place the basket on her head. She couldn't lift it and wanted someone to lend her a hand. He was a random stranger but when asked for help, he agreed readily.

       My mom offered to look after my neighbor's daughter as our neighbor had to go to her native urgently owing to her mother's sickness and she was worried about leaving behind her daughter who had exams and couldn't accompany her.

       Few months back my granny fell sick and we had to admit her to the hospital. She couldn't feel her legs, let alone walk and we were clueless how we could do shift her to the ambulance as dad wasn't home. But when our neighbors saw the ambulance, they all came in and helped us out even before we asked them. 

       Even the dumb animals show compassion. There are many articles in the newspaper which says an animal of one species fed the animal of another species and showing the highest order of compassion.

       If I go on listing, the incidents are numerous. There is no lack of goodness in this world. Just as good and bad are two sides of a coin, compassion too co-exists with the violence. We just have to focus more and more on the good. That way, when we all try to find something good, however small it maybe, there will be no room for the bad. 

       Look around people. See the good in others. Don't just underestimate everyone. Praise when someone does something good and gently correct them when they do something wrong. Teach the kids about compassion because the lessons are to be learnt from the childhood. When you plant a seed of goodness when the kid is still young, it will grow into a strong tree as the kid grows. When the foundation is strong, the person will never waver. 

       Believe in the good and never give up hope. Do your bit. Have a smile on your face when acknowledging someone you know. If someone has done a great job, let them know it. If you are thankful for something, say so. Share your lunch with someone hungry. Help people in anyways you can. However small the gesture might be, it will always make difference. You never know how much difference a small act of kindness can create. So never hesitate to show compassion and someday, someone else will help you when you are in need. After all, what goes around, will definitely come around!

PS: I am participating in #1000Speak movement where 1000 Bloggers are simultaneously writing about compassion on this day.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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