A Near Death Experience

       She clutched the wheel like her life depended on it. Well, maybe it did! Wait, there was no maybe. Her life was in danger and the wheel was all she had to hold on to, if she wanted to remain alive. It was her anchor to safety. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand but it was becoming difficult with each passing second. One small mistake and it would all end. Whatever was she thinking before taking up the task! 

       She saw someone approaching fast from the other direction and her heart started beating wildly. The person approaching didn't seem to read her fear or the helplessness. He seemed ruthless. What would happen now? Fear gripped her and only one question stood out. Would she survive? 

       She started praying to all the Gods that she knew and then some other which she didn't but trusted would pardon her lack of knowledge and hear her out. The person was too close now. "This is it" she thought as her hands slipped and she her grip on the wheel faltered.

       A low oath made her aware of another person's presence near her. His able hands snaked out even as he was hurling profanities at her. She flinched at his words but his presence made her feel safe nonetheless. She wanted to say sorry but the hysteria building up inside her warned her that it wasn't good to open her mouth!

       She watched as he steered the car away from the approaching vehicle and brought it to a halt. She could feel the anger emanating from him. "I am sorry Bhai" she apologized meekly. "Whatever was I thinking when I let you coax me into teaching you drive" he shook his head frustrated!

PS: This story is inspired by my experience in driving class, which I will be posting soon. No, I didn't have this horrible experience there. It was rather fun. So relax and watch out for my next post ;)

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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