My Bucket List

       It was a night of confessions. The long drive was exhilarating and we were still high with excitement. It was the first time I was staying over at my friend's home and we had decided to enjoy to the fullest. After doing every thing we could, like going on rides, playing stupid games, dancing to the tune of rock music, we were exhausted but our mind wasn't. Sleep was a far call and we started looking for more things to do. We started watching TV to pass time and saw this advertisement.

       After we watched this, turned little more serious and we started talking about life in general. Student life was fast approaching the end mark and the professional life would begin. There would be many responsibilities to shoulder and life would be more serious. Though I didn't resent that life, I was still unsure how much freedom I would have.

       As the discussion progressed, we started talking how it would be if we didn't have anything to worry about. "What would you like to do if that was the case?" asked my friend. "Wouldn't you love to know?" I teased her, prolonging the confession time. "Come on! Out with the truth" she chided, feigning all the seriousness, which she could manage. I smiled at her expression before getting serious. There were many things on my bucket list.

       "I want to be a writer" I said the first and the more important wish I had. She rolled her eyes saying "That you already are!" I smiled. "Not just a blogger. I want to explore beyond blogging boundaries. I want to take up writing as a profession" I confessed something that I had been thinking for quite a time now. There was shock initially in her eyes but then she nodded. "I sort of expected that. I had thought you would say that someday but it happened sooner than expected. Go on, say what's next" she prodded.

       "I want to go explore the world. I want to travel far and wide" "This one was expected but what is new in that?" she asked. "I want to travel alone! Around the world and leave a mark wherever I go" I said dreamily. She laughed. "Go on. Say whatever comes to your mind" she added when I frowned. "I want to learn salsa" Okay! That was unexpected. I hadn't thought about it but it kind of tumbled off my mind. But when I thought more about it, it made sense. I had wanted to learn dance all my life. Though I didn't join classes, it never stopped me from learning. But now, I wanted to learn more. Get trained by a professional. "Hmm, now that one was unexpected" replied my friend, who didn't have an inkling about this passion of mine. "So, what's next miss dancer?" she teased.

       I refused to take the bait and continued. "I want to do something adventurous" I have always yearned for something exciting in life. Maybe I can go doing something adventurous and feel that rush which I have just read and heard people talking about. "Is that all?" she asked, pretty sure I had said everything. But I wasn't done yet. I had one more wish. My hesitation hinted her that there was more and she wasn't the one to let it go. "Tell me no" she pleaded.

      "I want to do something good. Like helping people in need" There, I had said it. Since I had visited 'Taranga', the school for deaf and dumb children last month, I had this wish. I had witnessed the joy they felt and I wanted to re-live that over and over again. She smiled knowingly. She had been with me too that day and she knew exactly what I meant. 

       Just then she started yawning. I laughed, finally relieved. "No more questions. You are sleepy and so am I. Lets call it a day" I said glad to escape the inquisition. Tired, she agreed and thus ended the night of confessions.

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