The Pimple Saga

       This incident happened few months ago. It was the month of celebration. My cousin's wedding was fast approaching and I was having a gala time shopping and celebrating with my cousins. Wedding seasons are always fun time and if there happens to be someone to enjoy with, the fun multiplies in magnitude. It was the same with me. We were a group of teenagers having the most awesome time of our life. Our days passed shopping, selecting the best for the occasion and the nights were spent partying, watching movies, playing pranks and pulling the groom's leg.

       All was fun and happening until the traitor made its appearance. One day we woke up to the shrill voice of my cousin sister who was shouting like the entire house was set on fire. As I woke up and sat straight with a jerk, everything was looking normal to me. At first, I couldn't find anything that could explain my cousin's behavior. She was standing in front of the mirror, looking sad and angry at the same time. It looked as if she was about to cry or punch someone if need be. Confused, I kept staring at her. Slowly, I understood what had brought out the drama and when I did, I burst out laughing, much to her irritation. There, sitting majestically on her forehead was a pimple, which was the root cause of all the drama.

       Everything changed soon. Our shopping trips were cancelled as my fashion lover, Ms Perfect cousin hid in her room. She didn't agree to go out, for she didn't want to show her pimple clad face to anyone. "What would people think?", "How would I face anyone with this pimple on my face?", "What happens to my image?" the endless questions made her sulk even more. As it happens always, when someone is suffering, people start offering free advises. Everyone assumes the role of a doctor as they start suggesting remedies and the same happened in my cousin's case too. "Apply some turmeric" said one. "Wash your face multiple times and avoid going out in dust" said another. There was no cream that wasn't suggested and no remedy left unsaid. But nothing worked. If anything, the tension seemed to make it worse and the small pimple had now swollen in size and my cousin was in hysterics! I tried to pacify her by saying she need to maintain calm, for tension would make things worse. I suggested her to breath in and out evenly. She made a great show of breathing calmly for a minute and burst out with rage. "As if I can sit calm with this wretched thing on my face! The function is so close and now my life is doomed" wailed my drama queen.

       Though I pitied her, some of her antiques were fun to watch. She decided to get a new perm, a front cut, so that her hair can cover her face. I thought it was ridiculous. "How would you know my pain?" she said as I kept on turning down all her so called brilliant ideas by saying they were stupid. Of course I knew how she was feeling. I had experienced it a few times myself. There is nothing great about pimples. If anything, they make you feel so low and make you lose your self confidence. You don't feel like going out or interacting with anyone. Even if there is nothing going on, you feel like everyone is staring at you and laughing at you. You just wish the earth would split up and swallow you. Those little demons are like parasites, which live off you and take away your life. Okay, that was an exaggeration. They don't take your life but they take away your happiness and peace of mind and it is almost the same. How frustrating that feeling of helplessness is, I know it all. But I wasn't going to say it out loud and make her wail even more. Instead, I tried to pacify her.

       Finally, a friend of her's suggested her to use Garnier Neem Face Wash. She assured my cousin that she had used it herself and felt the results. With a couple of days still left for the wedding, she had nothing to worry if she started using it now. Lapping up every assurance she gave, my cousin religiously followed her friend's advice. As days passed, her dramatics became less and finally to the point that there were none. Her antiques had stopped. She was again going on and on about how we would have an awesome time at the wedding. Was she the same one who was planning schemes to hide herself backstage during the whole function? It didn't look like that. Now that she had got rid of the wretched pimple and was confident about herself, she seemed like a totally different person. This transformed one was oozing with confidence as she planned various mischiefs to enjoy the wedding. 

       The pimple had brought unexpected turn of events. But once it was gone, needless to say, we enjoyed the wedding function to the peek.

PS: This post is written for IndiBlogger in association with  Garnier Pure Active - No Pimples No Marks.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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