Fresh - Five Sentence Fiction #14

    His gaze followed her hungrily as she moved out of the cafe, swinging the bag of food in one hand and texting someone with the other.

     He followed the unsuspecting girl silently, waiting for the right moment to strike.

     'Now is the time' he thought as he noticed her turning towards a deserted street and lurched forward to snatch her bag, scaring her in the process.

      He didn't stop to see her reaction; he just ran with the bag which had fresh food that the girl had ordered from the cafe.

      He would feel guilty later, he thought; but at that moment, all he could think was the anguish of his little boy, who had been lying hungry and sick since days, thanks to their poverty.

PS: This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction - Fresh and Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge.

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