The Great Indian Litterbug

      Have you ever heard of 'The Great Indian Litterbug'? Think before you answer. Because, when I introduce to him, you will definitely say that you have known him all your life! Still confused about his identity? Okay. Let me introduce you to him.

       There is a saying that 'Whatever you take from the society, you have to give it back to the society' The Great Indian Litterbug is the person who has taken this way too seriously. But alas! He has a twisted sense of humor and what he gives back, is not something that I am happy about! He has made friends with so many Indians, and everyone influenced by him is taking part in his grand Littering campaign, the sole purpose of which is to enhance the beauty of the roads, walls, streets; basically everything!

       Do you know the contributions of this Great Indian Litterbug? Take a break from your busy schedule and look around you. Lets look at the walls first. You might have seen pictures of walls decorated with graffiti art and admired it. You might have even wished there were such beautiful creations near your place. Though there isn't graffiti on your wall, if you look closely, you will find another kind of art there, thanks to the Litterbug. People chew paan and spit it on the wall. You should see them in action. They even take bets on who will spit it the farthest. The trajectory plays an important role. 

       Oh, that isn't all. Have you ever dreamt of walking on red carpet? Did you ever wish you could someday achieve that dream? Don't worry at all. The litterbug is here to help you. Take your eyes off your mobile when walking and look at the ground. By chance, if you are in a public place like bus stand, then even better. Look around you. Every inch of the ground will be covered with spit. Just when you think you spotted a clean space and are about to move towards it, someone infected by the Litterbug will squash your hopes and spit right on the spot of clean land you were eyeing. There, you got to see him in action! Now tell me, do you still wish to walk on the red carpet?

       Spitting isn't the only thing! The maids are also highly affected by this litterbug. The other day, my neighbor's maid, after finishing her work at their home, came out and threw the garbage right in front of our home! I asked her why she threw it there and she asks me back "Does the road belong to you?" I couldn't quite answer that question! Across the globe, rain is seasonal. But in our country, it is always wise to carry an umbrella whenever you are walking in some residential area. You never know when the Litterbug will be pleased and decides to bless you. You are walking in front of a house and the next moment you know, you are standing as a victim of the garbage rain pouring from the balcony, courtesy - the Litterbug!

        I would rather not elaborate about the condition of the public toilets. Because, they are the safest, for the Litterbug seldom visits there. Instead, he goes out and stands in front of the wall or a pole, like a dog, and does his work. So much for the 'Don't urinate here' boards, for they are the places which attracts the highest number of Litterbugs!

       All places of scenic beauty are now under the mercy of Litterbug. Last year I had been to a beach. Litterbug had reached there before me and what a welcome he had prepared. It was like he was telling me "I am the king of this land and you people are under my mercy!"

      There is no stopping him. Every one of the ten people you meet is a Litterbug. If there is one person who stands true to the 'No discrimination' principle, then its him. Public places, roads, foot paths, walls, glasses, cars, shutters; there is no discrimination at all. There isn't a single place which is spared! If there is such a place you know, then think again! Because before you know, The Great Indian Litterbug will reach there too. Beware!!

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