Mom and Facebook!!

       Facebook is a fun place when you have right kind of friends. The socializing, sharing, getting to know what is happening in each other's life, chatting; everything seems good. Sometimes, it is the best option to pass time. Everything looks good and happening. But what happens when your parents join Facebook? Well, that is when the real trouble begins!

       It all started when mom started learning computer few months ago. In the beginning, she used to say "These computers are not for me. I can never learn it. Leave it, it's a waste of time" My brother and I used to have a difficult time convincing her to learn. To make learning fun, my brother taught her how to use Facebook, so that there will be something interesting and motivating. After all, the thought of getting to know what her friends and family is up to, ought to pique some interest.

       Now, fast forward a few months.

Me: Mom, I want to use system.
Mom: Can't you see I am using it now? You go and read.

       After a few minutes,

Mom: Swathi!! Didn't I tell you to read?
Me: Mom! I am reading!
Mom: Don't lie to me! If you are reading, then who is liking pictures on Facebook?

       Oops!! Now I can't use Facebook as and when I want when reading. Were we wrong in teaching her? I wasn't sure.

       Few more days and she knew how to use Facebook perfectly. And started the endless questions.
       When mom first started using Facebook, I thought it was so cool. But now? I feel like smacking my brother for teaching her! He told me few minutes ago that he is planning now to teach her how to use Whatsapp!! What? Why? How? I couldn't even think of a proper response for that! If my occasional Facebook usage can cause so much trouble, what will happen when she starts using Whatsapp? Well, I just know one thing for sure. I will never be able to fake sleep and chat with friends till late! God save me!

PS: I do love my mom. But sometimes, just sometimes, the questions are difficult to answer.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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