Tiny Shoes

Priya looked around, a smile of satisfaction playing on her lips. The decorations were perfect. The pink and white balloons, the ribbons, the makeshift castles and the soft toys; they all fitted well with the princess theme. And little Jena was looking so beautiful in that Cinderella gown.

“You are a life saver” Emma’s voice interrupted her chain of thoughts. “I had searched so much for a gown but I could have never found one as perfect as this for Jena. You are one awesome party organizer dear” she went on. Priya beamed. “It’s my job Emma. And you know how much I love this” And Emma did know. After all, they were best friends. That is why she hesitated before saying the next line. “I know that. But that gown…” Priya cut her off before she could say anymore. “Don’t go there. It is Jena’s birthday and being her God Mother, this is the least I can do for her” her voice choked a bit but she recovered quickly and went ahead, calling the attention of the kids to start the party.

Priya was overwhelmed by the end of the party. Those happy little faces were the sole reason for her picking up this job. She loved being an event organizer. It was nothing else. She repeated the same in her head few more times but each time her resolve weakened and when she couldn’t hold back anymore, she rushed to her room. She stood in front of the wardrobe contemplating for a while but she opened it finally. It was beautiful, just like she loved it. There were so many beautiful dresses. Priya had loved buying pretty outfits for Pihu and dressing her up. She always looked like a princess, her princess. As she was about to close the wardrobe, a tiny shoe fell from the rack. The sight of it was too much for Priya to handle. She clutched the shoe in her hand started crying out loudly.

Emma, who had come to return the gown, saw Priya crying and rushed to her side. “I told you not to open that door” she said gently, as she put the gown back in the wardrobe. It was Pihu’s, the one she had worn on her last birthday. “I couldn’t hold it back after the party” Priya sobbed. “You know you don’t have to do this job if it is becoming too much for you to handle” Emma said as she stroked Priya’s hair. “But I love this job. Pihu loved these theme parties. Seeing all those kids smile makes me feel close to her” she replied in between her sobs. Emma understood it better than anyone. She sat there, consoling her friend, until exhaustion took over and Priya fell asleep.

She waited for a few more minutes before slowly taking the shoe from Priya’s hand. It was the same shoe Pihu had worn on that fateful day; the day when she had bid goodbye to this world. “A parent must never live through to see the death of their child” Emma thought as she put it back in the wardrobe and closed the door, hoping it wouldn’t be opened anytime soon!

PS: This post is written for BarAThon Day 5

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