Fragile Life

Rhea hesitated holding the phone in one hand and ghungru in the other. It had been her dream all her life to learn Kathak. But never had she got an opportunity.

During her childhood and for the major part of her student life, it had been about studies. “Study! You need to get a good job” they used to say.

When she completed studies, it was about earning money. Then it was marriage, settling down in new home, children… life was a rat race and Rhea had never given thought about doing what she loved. She was just going with the flow.

But a recent accident and a close shave with death had changed her perspective towards life. She understood how fragile life is and how little time she had to live for herself. Shedding the fears, she made a call and registered herself for the Kathak class.

PS: This post is written for BarAThon Day 3

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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