What You Don't Know

Anu rummaged through the drawer, searching for her car keys. First day in new town and she was already late. She cursed her poor memory for forgetting even trivial things.

A gust of cold wind made her shiver. She turned around to see the window open. She was in half a mood to leave it like that and rush to the office but the sound of the chair swaying irritated her.

Closing the window, she found the latch was broken. Of course, she had never believed the rumors about the flat being haunted by some old lady’s spirit. She knew it was just that – a rumor.

As she closed the window and rushed out of the room, a hand opened the window again. Maya was getting irritated with people walking into her flat and closing the window. She loved sitting by the window and waiting for her son!

PS: This post is written for BarAThon Day 2

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