Writing a Novella - A to Z Reflections

       When I did the theme reveal for this year's A to Z blogging challenge, I was sure of one thing - I wanted to write a serial story. I had always wanted to write a full length novel but when I decided to write a novella, I suddenly wasn't sure if I could churn out a novella of 26 chapters amidst my busy schedule. So I decided to write 4 serial stories in the course of A to Z challenge.

        I confess - I am never the one who writes posts well before the challenge starts. I am a student and I stand true to the rule of students - Always go for last minute preparations. That is what I did this time too. I didn't know what the novella was about, I didn't know what the next chapter would be. Sometimes the confusion was too much that I wanted to give up but the positive response and encouragement I got kept me going. And before I knew, I had finished the challenge, that too by writing a single novella with 26 chapters! I had even surprised myself.

       There are a few things I learnt during this challenge - never ever do last minute preparations. Yeah yeah I know I stick to the golden rule of students but still I have learnt the lesson. I was religiously writing and posting till 'T' post but then I had college fest to attend and I couldn't concentrate on blogging. It was the last fest of college life and I wanted to enjoy completely. As a result, my novella suffered. When I didn't post for 2 days, I got many messages asking if everything was okay. Trust me, those messages were what encouraged me to make time for writing posts even when I couldn't. A big thanks to all of you for showering me with so much love :)

       And as always, A to Z helps you discover many blogs. I have stalked a lot of blogs this time. I met many new people and some old bonds strengthened too. I loved reading the blogs of following people - Prasanna Rao, Sundari Venkatraman, Devika Fernando, Ruchi Singh, Shailaja V, Shalini, Shilpa Garg, Aathira, Shantala Nayak, Janaki, Vinay Leo, Soumya Prasad, Amrit Sinha, The Little Princess, Nibha Gupta, Suzy, Rajlakshmi, Cynthia Rodrigues, Geetika Gupta, Parul Kashyap, Vinodini Iyer, Vidya Subramanian, Vinitha Dileep, Sulekha Rawat, Eli Ert, Elli Stornebrink, Sheethal Susan, Sanch, Ina Tales, Corinne, Vidya Sury, Sushree Dash, Vishal. Sorry if I have left out any names. You know I love your blog ;)

       I had so much fun this April - writing and reading. Yes, I have missed out the reading and commenting from 'U' post and though I want to catch up, I don't know if I can. But I will promise to stay in touch from now on and stalk your blogs forever :P After all, I didn't make friends just for one month! So, lets keep in touch people. Hoping to see you all around. Till then, Happy Blogging.

PS: Many of you asked me if I have plans of publishing 'Leave Me Never'. I would love to do that but I have so much to edit before I can think of publishing. I just have one month of college life left. After that, I will give this novella a serious thought ;)

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Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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