And Some Fun - College Diary #3

       The best kind of fun happens in the class when the lecturers and students are on the same wavelength. In first year, freshers of all branch were herded in one building - STEP. It was our own world without any seniors. Some lecturers even stood outside the STEP building during break time to ensure ragging didn't take place. It was all fun and exciting. But the first real fun happened inside the class.

       It was time for Mechanical class. The lecturer knew how to create a lively atmosphere in class. We used to call him 'Chatur' because he looked exactly like Chatur from 3 idiots and even had a similar accent! Those were the days when me and my friends used to sit in the front row (Now that I think of it, it was the only year in my entire student life where I sat in the front row. For the rest, I have been a proud Back Bencher :P) There was a window near our row and a staircase opposite to it, on the other end. 

       We were a group of four and one of my friends was a popular target for ragging. That day, during the Mechanical class, 2 BBM boys were sitting on those staircase and staring at us (or at my friend in particular) My friend started fidgeting in her seat when she noticed it. It was an irritating situation but soon turned into an amusing one when our lecturer noticed them. He ignored them for the first few minutes but when they didn't move from that spot, he decided that it was time to teach them a lesson. He went out and called them inside. They half turned to run away but then realized it was of no use. He would catch them anyhow. So they walked inside with their head held high, like they were some kind of celebrities. And what happened next was probably beyond their expectation.

       "I don't like disturbance during my class" he started. We all thought he was going to scold them and then let them go. Even the guys thought the same and were smirking. But Chatur was cool. He went on. "Now that you have disturbed my class just because you wanted to gain the attention of girls, I will give you exactly that. The stage is all yours. Go on, lets see what you have got" There was pin drop silence for few seconds and then we burst out laughing. Now it was the boys' turn to fidget. They looked at each other and then at Chatur to see if he was kidding but he wasn't! "You can either sing or you can dance too" he went on quoting the options. The next 10 minutes were hilarious. Those 2 boys were given the taste of their own medicine. They were regretting coming near our class!

       After they said sorry for the hundredth time, Sir finally let them go with a warning not to repeat the same mistake. And they never did! We never saw them hanging around our class, which used to be their favorite pastime before. And as for us, well we had enjoyed this little session a lot :D Probably more than we should!

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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