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       People who know me well know how particular I am about things. I want everything to be in place and I always make sure that is how things are. But recently I have been so busy that I have stopped bothering about things and I am just going with the flow. Gone is the girl who used to crib about plans and discipline. I am just enjoying life as it comes. Yes, my schedule is all messed up and I hardly find free time on hand these days, but hey! I am not complaining.

       Few days back when I returned home late at night from college fest, dad asked me when I was going to recharge his net pack. I felt guilty because it was the third time he was asking in that week. I had been so busy that I had forgot about it completely! Of course he was angry that even after reminding repeatedly I had not done a small work and I was angry that he was blaming me when he knew how busy I was of late! That ensured a small fight and we both refused to budge. I slept without talking further that night but when I woke up, I felt bad. I shouldn't have shouted on him when the mistake was mine.

       The first thing I did after that was installing My Airtel App on both our cells. I taught him how to use it and now I don't have to feel guilty for forgetting things. It is one thing to forget your work and a totally different thing to forget others' work. Now the latter is taken care of, thanks to My Airtel App! It is not the only reason why I love this app. I have discovered few more features which I love to use.

       The first is obviously that it helps me take care of my Airtel Recharges easily. I don't have to take out separate time to make a trip to the recharge store or go online to do it. Recharging my cell is now just one click away. And it suits perfectly for my life style.

The second feature which I love is Airtel Surprises. With every recharge, you get a coupon. There are many apps which give away free coupons but what I like the most about Airtel Surprises is that it includes coupons of popular sites like Flipkart and Amazon. The shopaholic in me is definitely happy. 

       And the third feature that I liked is the Safe and secured payment of bills. I can easily pay my bills via credit card, debit card, net banking or Airtel money. The interface is user friendly too.

       There, those were the three features which I liked. Of course, I liked 'I want to' feature too! It lets you save the most frequent tasks on home screen under 'I Want To' tab. This app has definitely made my life easier. What about you? Have you used My Airtel App yet?

PS: This post is written for Airtel India.

Until the next post,
Keep Smiling :)

Swathi :)

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