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The Two-Faced Man!!

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       Mr Ahuja was hurrying around in his house making sure everything was in place. He didn’t want anything unusual to catch Shekhar’s attention. If he had one thing in his life, that was to be careful and make no mistakes. Because, in his work, mistakes were not an option; it could as well earn him a lifetime sentence. He ordered his servant to wind up the work soon and leave as he was expecting important guests. His servant didn’t speak much for he feared Mr Ahuja. He sensed there was something sinister about the man but he couldn’t pinpoint what. He just nodded and left once he was done with his chores.

       Not long after that, the doorbell rang. Before opening the door, Mr. Ahuja knew who it was. He could already hear Roohi’s excited chatter as she waited for him to open the door impatiently. His lips curved into a half smile and his eyes glinted. So far, his plan was working flawlessly. He forced a fake smile on his face as he opened the door and welcomed the duo. “Welcome Mr. Dutta” he said extending his hand. “Call me Shekhar” said Shekhar as he shook his hands. Roohi was not interested in the formal exchange. Her eyes were scanning the house, searching for her favourite pup. “Come on child. This way” said Mr Ahuja as he noticed Roohi’s impatience. He guided them through his mansion to the backyard where Roohi’s favourite pup was. Roohi ran towards and the pup leaped in joy as it recognized her familiar face. “She already is so attached to it” observed Shekhar and beamed, satisfied with his decision to gift the pup to Roohi.

       Jennifer felt totally powerless as Tara stared down upon her. Words weren’t needed; just her stare was enough to make anyone tremble. Such was the Ice Lady’s aura. Jennifer regretted to be on the receiving end of that stare. “This kind of indiscipline is not acceptable here Miss. You want a job? Then you adhere to the rules. Else I won’t think twice before finding a substitute for you. I don’t want to hear any excuses” thundered Tara as Jennifer opened her mouth to explain her story. “Your personal problem doesn’t concern me! And I advise you to leave them at home unless you want to be fired. Do I make myself clear?” she went on. Jennifer wanted to scream too. She was late just by a couple of minutes but she was wise enough to hold back her emotions. “Yes ma’am” she muttered when she noticed Tara’s rage increasing. “Good. Get to work” said Tara and left. Jennifer’s good mood had vanished. A day that had promised to be great was already turning bad. She badly wanted to smoke but she knew better. She didn’t want another lecture from the Ice Lady. She sighed and started walking towards the direction pointed by the receptionist, where she would be assigned her first project. Life was not at all easy.

       Shekhar and Mr. Ahuja sat chatting as Roohi played with the puppy. It had been an hour since Shekhar had come and Mr. Ahuja had taught them about the basics of taking care of the pup. Roohi had learnt everything with so much enthusiasm and Shekhar had no doubts that they would face any problem looking after the pup. After the session, he sat with Mr. Ahuja to talk while Roohi played with the pup. “You have a wonderful house” said Shekhar. He was pretty impressed seeing the mansion. He wondered how Mr. Ahuja passed time all alone in such a big house. He had moved in to this locality just a couple of years back and in that time he had never met anyone except Mr. Ahuja and his servant. Word had it that his wife had died years ago in an accident. That was one version of it. Some others even said that she was murdered. Shekhar looked around the house and his eyes fell upon the picture of the woman hung on the wall. A garland adorned the picture of the beautiful lady. “That must have been Mrs. Ahuja” wondered Shekhar. “Yes” replied Mr. Ahuja and Shekhar was startled. He didn’t realize he had said those words aloud.

        Mr. Ahuja stared at the picture of his wife as he expected for Shekhar’s next question. He was sure it would follow and it did. “I am so sorry. What happened to her?” Shekhar asked as expected by him. Mr. Ahuja remembered that night clearly; the night his wife had died or rather killed. He had come home late. It was their anniversary. He had promised to take her out for a date. He had expected her to be waiting for him and waiting she was. But her expression was different. She wasn’t her usual calm self. There were anger and fear written on her beautiful face. And it hadn’t taken much time for him to understand the reason behind it. She had found out his secret; a secret that had made her detest him. She had threatened to inform the police. She promised that she would make him pay for the cries of the innocent. She was threatening to expose his dark secret. He had desperately tried to talk to her but she was not ready to listen to his filthy excuses. He knew the game was going to end if he didn't act fast. Self defence took over and it didn’t take long for Mr. Ahuja to kill her. “What a waste” he thought as he watched his beautiful wife go limp. “You could have lived like a queen if you had kept your mouth shut” he muttered. He didn’t waste time, for he had to take care of the mess.  He called the police and lodged a complaint of accident. Some suitcases were exchanged and the murder was filed as an accident and the matter was closed forever.

       “Mr. Ahuja? I am sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable” Shekhar’s voice brought him back to the present. “No no. It is fine. It is just that I loved her a lot. She died in an accident on our anniversary” he said. Shekhar felt pity for the man. For him, it was evident in Mr. Ahuja’s voice that how much he adored his wife. He just placed his hand over his, trying to comfort him. Mr. Ahuja kept up the pretence. He didn’t mind the concern; in fact it was what he needed. If this continued, there would be no hurdles in his plan. “I would like it if you could join us for dinner tonight” said Shekhar. He felt sorry for the man who seemed so lonely. “That is so kind of you” said Mr. Ahuja as he looked at Roohi. “I definitely won’t mind coming” he said an evil plot started taking shape in his mind.


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